(ENG SUB)[VLOG_SOMI/EP2] 소미X포니X니키 인기가요 대기실에서의 특별한 만남!
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(ENG SUB)[VLOG_SOMI/EP2] 소미X포니X니키 인기가요 대기실에서의 특별한 만남!

March 1, 2020

(Special meeting
with Pony & Nikkie) (12M Followers) (5M Followers) (Famous Beauty Creators’
Inkigayo visit) (Where’s Somi?) (Staring) They’re pretty Oh~ The famous Make-up no no The pretty youtuber Hi~ Nice to see you Wow, that was
surprising experience It’s good to speak English It’s good that my
daddy is a foreigner I thank him so much
in such a moment (Live start) (Making a new friend) Why? Oh, it’s Sujin! Somi! Say hello, you wanted to Hello (shy) What~ She’s strange! Say hello~ I’m not like this.
It’s my first time She likes you so much,
you know, right? We were born on the same day Oh, yes Sujin and Somi’s first
gretting, first meeting! Congratulation (Photo) here? I’m so shy Picture on 1, 2, 3 I’m so blushed (Very good of their
new friendship!!) (Announcement for 1st place) (Where are you going?) (It’s been a long time to
see I.O.I’s three-shot) (1st place goes to Redvelvet) (Hug) Oh! What is it? Somi TV? really? No, it’s SBS V-log Oh really? Is there
such a thing? It’s not mine but
specailly for today It’s sad to be the
last broadcast but I’ll be back as
soon as I prepare so please wait for it and I don’t know if my V-log was fun but it’s super reality So please be generous
and watch it for fun I hope this good
opportunity comes again Thank you (Leaving) (Bye drone~) I went to eat a pork It was so delicious My stylists team Make-up team Hair-team Thank you so much and my precious dancers 7 brothers & sisters,
not 7 sisters they were my favorite For the best Inkigayo team who helped me very
well during the time And ‘THE BLACK LABEL’ family Thank you all of you It was Somi’s sincerity
at the company dinner Tada~ didn’t I draw it well? I drew very hard and organized it very hard If you see it It starts with the
birthday party Artist, Somi and moreover I drew very hard After organizing my comeback
moment with drawing I think it was a
very good moment So thank you Inkigayo team for
letting me make this good V-log and It’s the end of my first album. For people who might think like ‘When will I see Somi again?’ And also for me, who think like ‘When will I see
you guys again?’ I’d like to say
something to you! That is… I’ll write for you Please concentrate (SOM COMING SOON) Guys, Somi’s coming soon I don’t know when that will be But I’ll be back right away I’ll come to see you right away So, Don’t think
like ‘Somi’s gone’ ‘When will she come back’ Please keep you eyes on me Because of this V-log… Oh? The battery of a camera
must be dead now Anyway It’s so good thing to look back
and draw about my first album So please use these
drawings I prepared well And Thank you for caring me When I come back
to see you again, I’ll be wearing make-up Thank you so much See you later

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  1. 솜뭉치분들..❤소미 브이로그 1부는 여기있습니당!(ノ*'ω'*)ノ彡

    ❤(ENG SUB)[VLOG_SOMI] 인기가요 막방하는 날, 소미가 깜짝 놀란 이유는?❤


  2. Ese día Nicky y Pony hicieron un boomerang con los chicos de ATEEZ cuando los tuvieron a mano ahre, pero no iban por SOMI(?

    Me muero Nicki es muy alta!!! #YoEnLaVidaSoyPonny

  3. Im a super fan of somi since the produce101 era and I CANT UNDERSTAND THE HATE. Imagine going on two survival shows on such a young age, then almost 3 years without debut, Transfering to another company and debuting as a SOLO. STILL HATED HER DEBUT! WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE. If you don't liked the song then don't freaking listen to it! She worked hard for her place right now, and y'all still keep on bashing her as if you can do it better.

  4. I don't know what's the hate with Produce101's winner with their debut, Daniel and Somi has been pressured with their debut then when they already debut, people still keep on hating and bashing them. They don't deserve this, y'all haters are nasty & rude

  5. she's so cute and humble i love how she keeps saying that its not her vlog but SBS's AHAHAH. just hoped that she got a longer promotion because its obvious that she wanted to keep performing and be with her fans more

  6. Someone please save Somi's career. One thing after the other she has to deal with and it's sad. She's a kid with a dream and just gets stepped on over and over.

  7. Soyeon!!!! Soojin!!!! And Somi!!!! FRIENDS!?!! THEY ARE SOOO CUTE AND sOoJin Is a SHy BaBy-

    Maybe not a baby but y’all know what I mean 😂

  8. 1:35 its so funny cuz she is taller than me 169cm but seems short next to Nikkie cuz Nikkie is 190cm
    and im here with my 158cm

  9. im Afrikaans so when i heard them speak Dutch i was like wait hold up,are yourl speaking my native language? lol i can be so silly

  10. 솜아 바로 온다며ㅠㅠ 언제왕… 그리고 브이로그 꿀잼이다 유튭해주면 나 진짜 행복해서 기절

  11. this is not a hate comment
    you would think that after drawing for so long that her artistic abilities would improve but she still draws stick figures lol

  12. I was watching this video and i listened background song from Eun Jiwon ("I am on fire") Yayyy 🙂 i wonder if they were together in the backstage.
    Somi fighting, i love all your songs and i hope u comeback soon.

    Miraba el video y de repente escucho la música de Eun Jiwon en el fondo, asi que se presentó el mismo dia que Somi, me pregunto si ellos se reunieron atras de escenas.
    Somi animos, amo todas tus canciones (si se que son pocas pero son hermosas) y espero regreses pronto.

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  14. While there are obviously many controversial things regarding the Produce series. The one great side effect of it is the way it has connected idol groups and soloists socially. There are always reunions on the music shows anymore and it is so much fun seeing idols introduced to each other by their friends from those Produce shows.

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