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  1. Hi motul

    I am live at the tropis temperature is about 100~105 celcius sportbike 600cc..some said the 300v is the engine oil for race track only no good for daily riding.

    Some also said the oil will break down quickly,normaly i change my engine oil is about 3000~4000 km, its ok with 300v can keep the range and do they job?


  2. is higher viscosity number means better performance/less wear in higher engine internal temperatures as well? while being on the track and revving hard engine oil heats pretty much.. so in that case is it better to use fully synthetic 5w-30 or 10w-60?
    thank you..

  3. Please help motul I want to use motul fully synthetic engine oil but it's not available in 20w40 grade which is recommended by Yamaha I have R15 in India ?

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