English Tutorial – Horse & Stone/Kůň a Kámen #103 KCD|Kingdom Come
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English Tutorial – Horse & Stone/Kůň a Kámen #103 KCD|Kingdom Come

October 28, 2019

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The aim of this tutorial is to get a horse. In Mrchojedy. My job is to steal it there. Here is a camp of soldiers I’m not going there now. Here it is, I will not go there now. I’m going to Mrchojedy. The stud. I’ll try to steal the horse. And deliver him to where I have to. Here are nice horses. I’ll see who I’m supposed to steal. I’ll try it. They are in the paddock,
that’s pretty stupid. I have to go this way,
I do not know … I see. So. The bushes are terrible,
It is not visible at all in the green. I have to go to Talmberk somewhere else. This was not the way. I will go to the castle and
hide the horse there. And I’ll see if it stays. I see. Of course. So now I don’t know … The horse is here,
I dismounted. I save the game and see
what will happen. Or if I sleep, we’ll see.
When I get back. Or if I sleep, we’ll see.
When I get back. It’s morning … you always
mess up the door. I’m in Talmberk and it’s too early. I got up too early. The black stolen horse is still here. I will go eat. And first I go to the quarry. These people are still asleep at this time. I eat everything I can eat. I give this to a dog. I’ll take my horse. I’m going to the quarry. I’ll stop by the tanner. Save the game. It’s a beautiful sunrise again. I need to find a tanner. He is the other side. He’s not awake yet. Clearly. I’ll wait here. So here it is. Here we go. And now we’re going to the quarry. Let’s inform about the stone. Well, you see. I need to go back. Back to Sázava. Here stands a beautiful row.
This is a sample. Cleaner row for cauldron. Well yes, you must first go to Sázava and then return to Talmberk.
It must not turn around. When you turn around,
then you miss one task. Here I say goodbye. Looking at breakfast workers in quarry. And in the next tutorial I’ll take the horse to the miller. Then I go back to Sázava, I’ll see where I’m going. Thank you for watching and
have a nice afternoon.

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