English Tutorial – Stolen Horse/Kradený kůň #104 KCD|Kingdom Come
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English Tutorial – Stolen Horse/Kradený kůň #104 KCD|Kingdom Come

October 27, 2019

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I’m at Talmberk Castle. I’m going to do a job with a stolen horse. The black one, that’s him. My goal is to take him
to the miller Vojtech. Let’s do it won’t be quite easy. Ah, let’s use verbosity. Well, great. So great, luckily they
didn’t take the horse off. Otherwise, it would knock me out. Because I play it for the seventh time,
because of the stupid Windows. So you managed to get out of the castle. And let’s go. When you steal a horse, so avoid cities, to all the guards. Well, now … my job is just … Take this horse away to the mill, which is quite far. It’s a black horse ride. In front of me is a pub in a clearing. It takes a while to get
there with the horse. In Hardcore mode I have to ride everywhere. I’m on my way to the mill now, down. The game cuts and twitches. Here we are. So I have a new task. The horse is gone. I’ll be back. Back to Talmberk. To learn about the Kumans, other camps. And I could go on other combat tasks. So the same way back on another horse. I drive through a pub in a clearing. I continue to Talmberk. And I’m in the village. You see there is a reward or a fine on me. The first guard I meet, will stop me. And we go to the castle and continue. It’s completely crazy today. With that rendering. We’ll find Mr. Bořek. So yes. I will leave a new task with
the camp for the next tutorial. Thank you for watching and
have a nice afternoon.

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