Enhancing Your Horse’s Trail Performance: Jogging in and out of Obstacles
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Enhancing Your Horse’s Trail Performance: Jogging in and out of Obstacles

September 2, 2019

So, I’m going to make these 6 foot boxes and it’s
better at home if you actually have 6 foot logs drawn out so that we don’t have this little
overhang but we will make it work. So, now I’m going to have you lope around, lope through
the box, stop and rollback, lope through the box and then we are going to start stopping in the box. So, if
it says you have to stop a horse in the box they mean exactly that. You have to maintain
your lope stride to the box. And then just real easy, we’re not going to shove it down her throat. I will just have you trot back through there because I
want you to have a little bit more distance Good. Very nice, now I want you to trot back and stop in the
box. So, when stopping in the box here’s where your spur stop can help a little bit but we just have a
good verbal “whoa” on our horses. Good. Just sit, walk back out. So, that was a little ugly how she
kinda slung her head around but it’s gonna make her a better horse. So, just keep practicing and jog in a nice
little circle and come in and say “whoa” again. The biggest penalties that you see here are a horse
stepping out or a horse leaving a foot out. If they leave a foot out it’s actually just a break
of gait, which would be a 1 point penalty. Good. And if they step a foot out it’s a 5 point penalty. Yeah, 1 2 3, stop. That is a good point because
that is exactly right, because you count the feet and you stop on 4. So, try again. And
you stop on two at the lope. Just jog in and she would say 1,2,3, stop.

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