Epic Dirt Bike vs  Mountain Bike Adventure!
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Epic Dirt Bike vs Mountain Bike Adventure!

October 30, 2019

– Hey guys, welcome to Carl
and Jinger Family Channel. Check it out, one of
the Christmas presents that the boys got was they all got these off-road mountain bikes. This one’s Luke’s with his
little fuzzy teddy bear hair. – Yeah. (laughs) – The red one is Gage’s, and then Kyle got an awesome silver bike. So today we’re gonna do dirt
bike versus mountain bike. Because every day is a new day, – [All] Let’s make it an awesome one! – [Carl] There he goes! Whoa, he is really cruising, you guys. Where is he going? There’s the cone and there’s Kyle. (screaming)
Go! (cheery music) (light hearted music) Alright, we got our mountain bikes out, we got our quads out, we got
dirt bikes and everything. And guess what guys? I even have a special surprise. I brought zippy with us! So we’re gonna get the RC car out and have fun with it first. This RC car is called zippy. We’ve nicknamed this one
zippy and you’ll see why, because he is quick, huh Kyle? – Yeah! I really like it because
he looks like a race car. – Yeah he looks like
something between a dune buggy and like a Formula 1 Race Car, and he’s super quick. He’s got these little tires
with these nubs and grips, he’s got lots of awesome suspension. – [Kyle] And he’s actually pretty heavy. – He is actually really heavy,
but he’s low to the ground. He’s heavy because he’s made
of really good materials. So hopefully he holds up
better than our other cars which are breaking like every
time we take ’em out, huh? – Yeah. – So let’s see what zippy can do. Should we go do it?
– Yeah! – Let’s do it. Let’s see how fast zippy goes. You ready?
– Yeah. – You’re about to see why we
call this RC car zippy, huh? – Yeah. Three, two, one, go! (gears whirring)
Whoa! – Wow! – He goes really good in the dirt. – Whoo! Haha, that’s really cool huh? These things are so great. Wow, we should take him out
and do some jumping, huh? – Yeah.
– Let’s do it. Come on little zippy. We’re just driving him out
here and it keeps dying. I don’t know if the battery
is going dead on it or what, but we’re gonna try and see if we can get a little bit of racing with this guy, but he’s kind of having a
little bit of trouble today. See, so far he’s working okay, but he kind of doesn’t have the power that he normally should. Let’s just see what little
life that zippy has left and we’re gonna give him
some runs around this track and see if we can catch
a little bit of air with the little battery
we have left, okay? – Yeah.
– You ready? Let’s go. (gears whirring) – There he goes! – Oh, there we go. He’s trying. (dramatic music) Here he goes. – Come on. Come on, come on!
– Go, can he do it? – He’s doing it! He can do it. – Oh, no! See that? He didn’t even get to jump. He didn’t even go, aww, man. – Poor zippy.
– Poor zippy. We love zippy, though, right? He’s one of our favorites, huh? – If you guys love zippy,
comment down below. – [Carl] Poor zippy. – [Jinger] He has just
enough battery power to wiggle his wheels. – Just to turn his wheels
and say hi, that’s it. (Jinger laughs) Poor zippy’s got a dead battery, but the real question is, what’s gonna be faster? The mountain bikes or the dirt bikes? What do you think, Luke? – I think that the dirt
bike is going to be faster. – [Carl] Well, I guess it
depends on the rider, huh? – Yeah.
– Let’s find out. First thing’s first, we gotta set up some kind of a racetrack that’s fair for both mountain
bikes and dirt bikes. Luckily we brought some orange cones, so we can set something
up that’s really cool. We’ve got the orange cones, we’re just figuring out
what track we wanna set up. This is a good spot to start.
– Yeah. – And then maybe we’ll go to where that big turn is right there.
– Okay. – And then down the hill,
and then we’ll loop around and we’ll try and come right
back up here where we start. We’re gonna see, is a mountain
bike faster than a dirt bike? I guess it depends on the rider, it depends on the experience. But we’re gonna do Luke versus Luke and Gage versus Gage on a mountain bike versus dirt bike and we’ll see which one they’re better on. Here’s gonna be our starting line, and they’re gonna have to
race down the track here to the next orange cone, hang a left hand turn, go down the hill, across the little gully down
there where the other cone is, and then they’re gonna come
back around the turn this way, there’s the final cone, and then they have to make
it up this little hill and back across the finish line. And that’s gonna be one lap. First up we have Kyle. He’s on 80cc, what year is this bike Luke? – 1987.
– So it’s like really old. I think it’s actually older than that, it might be older than me. I don’t know, but this is Luke’s first motorcycle that he got. Kyle’s gonna ride it today ’cause his little Yamaha has a broken throttle. So he’s gonna ride the 80cc Honda. Are you ready, Kyle? – Yeah!
– Ready Kyle? – [Carl] What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments down below. Is Kyle going to be
faster on the motorcycle or on the mountain bike? – Either way, give him a
thumbs up for good luck, ’cause this is gonna be an awesome race! Are you ready?
– Yeah! – Woo!
– Okay. Should we give him a countdown? – [All] Three, two, one, go! (engine revving) – [Carl] You gotta shift, there it goes. (cheering)
There he goes! The first lap is underway, let’s see how he does
around the first turn. So far, so good. Oh, he’s not used to driving one that has a clutch, huh? He’s gonna be in first gear. There, so far so good. (chuckles) He’s definitely being
careful, that’s a good thing. He’s got his helmet on,
he’s going around the turn. Let’s see if he can find the next cone. Well there’s the next cone. He did, but he’s going the wrong way. Where is he going? There’s the cone and there’s Kyle. He’s supposed to come
inside the cone right there. – [Jinger] That’s okay, that’s okay. – [Carl] He’s playing it safe. He’s just taking the wide turn. Here he comes back around. – [Jinger] Come on, you can do it Kyle! – [Carl] We should’ve
explained you could stay inside the cones, huh? – Yeah, that’s okay. – [Carl] Here he goes,
we’re in the final stretch! (cheering)
Yay Kyle! – [Jinger] Come on, go, go, go, go, go! – [All] Yeah! – [Carl] Good job. – Dude, high five! – [Carl] You made it all
the way around the course. – Awesome!
– That was so cool! You did, you’re awesome. – You might get a faster time because you went way outside the cones. So we’ll see how you do on
your mountain bike next. I think if Kyle would
have been on his Yamaha that he’s familiar with, he
would’ve done way better. ‘Cause he knows how to shift it, he knows how to run the
clutch and everything. This was a different
bike, it was an older one, and he wasn’t quite clear on exactly how to go around the track. So he might actually go
faster on his mountain bike. I guess we’ll have to find out, huh? The real question, is the mountain bike faster than the dirt bike Kyle? Let’s find out. – Tell us down in the comments below, do you think he’ll go
faster on his dirt bike or his mountain bike? Ready Kyle? – [Carl] Let’s find out. Let’s give him a countdown. – [All] Three, two, one, go! – [Carl] There he goes! Pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal! I don’t know, he might actually be faster on the mountain bike. He is really cruising. – [Jinger] Look at him go. – [Carl] This is totally
surprising, isn’t it? Look at how fast he’s going, around the first turn. Oh I think the big hang up here is gonna be when he has
to come back up hill, it’s gonna be a lot more challenging. Let’s see if he, let’s see if he makes the turn. Oh he found it, he saw the cone this time. I think he’s gonna do a lot better. Keep going, Kyle! You go this! Oh that was a good little bump there. He’s coming around the flat area. He’s gonna be make it around the final turn here in a second. He’s starting to lose
a little steam I think. – [Gage] Go, Kyle, Go! – [Carl] Where are you going? Turn! Turn, come to us! (family cheering) This is gonna be the part that either makes it or doesn’t. Oh, he’s getting off the bike. – [Luke] Keep pedaling up the hill! – [Carl] Get off and run your bike. Run, run, run! Run, run, run! Run, run, run! Oh no, now I don’t know
which one’s gonna be faster. You gotta make it to the finish, go! Go, go, go! – [Jinger] Come on, let’s go. (Carl laughing) – [Carl] Yay! Let’s not all make fun of
Kyle or laugh too hard, ’cause you guys are next, right? – You looked awesome. He looked awesome. – [Carl] It looked awesome. Good job, dude. That was a long race, huh? High five for Kyle. Okay, Luke, you’re up next bud. (energetic music) Next up on the race track
is Luke on the Kawasaki. Are you ready, Luke?
– Yeah! – Press that Like button
for Luke, you guys. He’s gonna do awesome! – [Carl] I think you’re gonna
do awesome on your dirt bike. Are you ready? Let’s give him a count down. – [All] In three, two, one, go! – [Carl] There he goes! Whoa, he is really cruising you guys. He is really going for it
and taking this serious. Around the first turn. Oh he’s being safe, got his foot out, he’s doing good on the turn. Here he comes, he’s coming
around the flat area. Oh man, he’s inside the cone and he’s going across
the little gully now. He’s doing awesome. Oh, that’s a hard bump. You gotta be careful right there. Go for it, Luke! Here he comes around the last corner. – [Luke] Oh here we go, up the hill! – [Carl] Making a careful turn. Here he comes across the finish line! (cheers) Yay! There’s the finish line. There’s the finish line. There’s the finish line. Yay! (laughs) You gotta cross the cone, dude. You gotta cross the cone. Alright next up we’re gonna find out if your mountain bike is faster. (energetic tune) Luke are you ready to try and get a faster time
on your mountain bike? – Yeah.
– Ready Luke? – Oh yeah. – [Carl] I think you’re gonna do awesome, these are new bikes, but
let’s see how he does. Are you ready? Let’s do a count down. – [All] Three, two, one, go! – [Carl] He’s got a little
scoot start and there he goes. (chuckles) Go faster and shift gears! These are brand new bikes
they got for Christmas. They’re trying really hard. Let’s see if he gets a faster time. – [Luke] Down the giant hill. – [Carl] Here he comes
around the first turn. I can hear him.
(family cheering) I can hear him talking to the GoPro. He’s narrating his race. – [Luke] That is so fast. Oh, geez! – [Carl] He’s going way wide. – [Jinger] Get the cone, Luke! – [Carl] Let’s see if
she can get him here. – [Luke] This is crazy. – [Carl] Whoa here he goes! Bump, bump. Don’t let go, go fast! – [Luke] Go, go, go, go. – [Carl] Here he comes coming
around the final cone here. Let’s see if he makes
the turn quick enough. He’s still gotta make it
up this big giant hill. Let’s see if he can do it. Come on, Luke! – [Luke] It’s pretty soft. – [Carl] Oh I think he’s gonna try, oh no! Oh no, we’ve got a biker down! – [Luke] Gotta pick up my bike. – [Carl] Run, run, run! (chuckles) That’s the one big downfall
of these mountain bikes. You got it! You got it! (laughing) Yeah, go all the way to the finish line! You can do it. Let’s go, you got this! Yay! Are you out of breath?
– Yeah. – [Carl] That was a workout, huh? – Yeah. (Carl laughs) – That was really awesome. Gage you’re up next, dude. You ready? Better get your helmet on. (lively music) Last but not least we have Gage1Up. Are you ready to do your dirt bike round? – [Gage] Oh yeah. – [Carl] He’s got the experience of watching the other two under his belt. Are you ready to do this?
– Yeah! – [Carl] Alright you guys,
don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications
if you haven’t already to give Gage good luck. Let’s give him a count down. – [All] Three, two, one, go! – [Carl] Oh man he’s really cruising. – [Gage] Here I go. – [Carl] He might have
the fastest time yet. Let’s see how he does.
– Going to make my first turn. – [Carl] First turn,
he’s hanging to the left. Whoa, he didn’t even put
his leg out for safety, he went right around that
turn like it was no big deal. – [Brother] Keep going, Gage! – [Carl] Here he comes. – [Gage] And the little dip, let’s see if we can do it. – [Carl] There he goes! Across the bump, there he goes. He’s doing good. So far I think the dirt bikes
are really doing awesome. – [Gage] Going to the
last cone right here. – [Carl] There’s the last cone. This is where the dirt bikes really shine is coming up the hill. (family cheers) Yeah, and he flew across the finish line. That was a really good lap, you guys. (exciting melody) How do you feel, Gage? Do you feel like you
had a pretty good lap? – [Gage] Yeah, I feel
like I went really fast, but I don’t know, we’ll have to see. – [Carl] We’re gonna
have to see how you do on your mountain bike next. This is gonna be awesome. You’ve got your boots
changed out for shoes, and your bike changed
out for a mountain bike. Are you ready, Gage? – [Gage] Yeah, I’m so ready. – [Carl] Alright, this
is gonna be awesome. We’re gonna see if he
goes faster this time. Are you ready? Final lap, thumbs up for good luck. Ready,
– Three, two, one, go! – [Carl] Oh, we were all
counting differently. That’s okay, he’s going
and he’s going fast! Gage has been riding his
mountain bike all over town and doing awesome, so
he’s probably gonna go really fast this time, guys. I think he’s probably
the best mountain biker. – [Gage] There I go! – [Carl] There he goes. – [Gage] Down hill. – [Carl] Yeah, he’s cruising. I think he’s definitely
the fastest so far, at least of the mountain bikes. – [Gage] Now we gotta go around this turn and then up the hill. – [Carl] There he made it through the, oh he went a little bit
crooked on the bump there. Oh I can hear him
shifting gears down here, trying to get a better
gear so he can make it up this hill, I think he’s
gonna try and ride through it. Here he goes. – [Brother] Come on, you got it Gage! – [Carl] Let’s see if he’s the first one can make it up the hill. Stand up! Stand up and pedal! Oh no, Oh no! Wipe out! You gotta bring your bike, you have to bring your bike. The bike has to cross the finish line. (family cheering) (Carl chuckling) Everybody messes up on the last hill. Cross the line! Go! Go! Go! You made it! A little dramatic, don’t ya think? (laughing) Wow.
– [Kyle] That hill is so soft. – [Carl] I know, that was crazy. Good job. – Mountain bike on that
little part of the hill. – Good job, Gage. All of you guys went so fast
and did such a good job. It was awesome. (energetic music) We had such an awesome
time out here you guys doing dirt bikes versus mountain bikes. You guys tell us down
in the comments below who you think won and
which ones was the fastest. Click anywhere on the screen
in order to subscribe, or to watch more videos. And we’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Bye!

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