Episode 10: Far Apart, but Close at Heart (Appu – The Yogic Elephant)
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Episode 10: Far Apart, but Close at Heart (Appu – The Yogic Elephant)

August 16, 2019

Music We dare to believe That we can And we will Cross every ditch Every valley And every hill Music UGH! That was horrible. I know a banana grove, not far from here. I am hungry. Why are you looking at me like that? Why are you all backing away from me? You were in a cage at the Zoo… And…we got all our meals on time… So you were never hungry. When you feel sad… Sing a song. Think of happy things And Sing along. When you feel sad Sing a song Think of happy things And Sing along. We are friends, and I would never hurt you. We know that! We’re friends. I would rather starve than harm you. Friends! Friends. Friends to the end. What do we do for food? Eat the fruit Silly, not the leaves. Mmmm!!! This ….is the best fruit… I’ve ever eaten. Mangoes. Try this, Igress. Wow!!! This… is the king of all fruits Mmmmmm… true Use the hand sanitizer before touching your baby brother, Neena. My hands are clean, Ma. We have to be extra careful Neena Until your little brother has had all his shots. He is only 5 days old and can fall sick easily. Put your safety belt back on, Neena. We love you sweetheart. We want you to be safe. Hello little fellow Soon you will be home, and in your own little bed. I think he should stay in our room with us for a few months at least. Of course! Where else would mommy leave him? Mommy won’t leave her baby’s side… No she won’t! No she won’t! Ahh and think about all the attention and All the pampering he’ll get. Gifts, visitors and more gifts! People will go ga ga over my little one! He’s one precious bundle of joy! Now, who’s mommy’s itty-bitty munchkin? You are, oh! Yes you are! Aww…My cutie pie! Aww… Mr. Dreamy eyes! I miss you, Appu. I wonder if Neena has ever tasted mangoes. She would love this. Look what I found Delicious berries! They’re a little …mmmm Tangy. Those are gooseberries! I’d love tosee Neena’s face when she tastesthose! How about adding some gooseberries? Uh-huh… No, thank you…don’t like mixed flavours. They’re yummy-yummy Don’t overdo it. Won’t be great for your tummy. Now what would go well with my berries? Bananas! But the banana grove’s been destroyed. I wonder who did that…. The tree eating monsters. They cut down trees and destroy the forests. That’s sad. What happens to the animals who live in the trees? They lose their homes… And their families. They took me away from my family too… Men with nets and guns…I was very small I was born at the zoo. It was my home. Just curious… Why did you want to run away then? The call of the wild… I think. Animal instinct – A need to be free. I dislike cages. Me too. I love being free in the forest. And you love all the fruit. That I do. Let’s look for a banana grove. Bananas this way! Wow! That’s some super-trunk Thanks! I can see it. So can we! Wow! How did that happen? It’s exactly what I was seeing in my mind. Wow! Did you just create this ? I don’t know How did I do that? It’s a mirage Oh no! There goes my banana- berry medley. Nope. Follow me. Why is he crying? Baby has dropped his soother. Stop barking Tiger. I have a headache. Tiger! Drop that. Aneeeel! Naughty dog! Drop that Tiger. It’s baby’s. What a nuisance… We will have to sterilize it again. We’ll be back soon, Neena. Finish your homework while we are gone. Keep an eye on Tiger. No mess like last time, please. I’ll take you to the mall for some ice-cream, when we get back. Can we go to the forest instead? You don’t get ice cream in the forest. I don’t like going to the mall. It will be dark by the time we get back. The forest is not safe. Don’t try going to the forest alone, Neena. Be good… Don’t bring the house down. I miss Appu. I miss him too.At least he could understand my barks. Are you barking because you are jealous? Far apart, but close at heart What will Neena & Tiger do next? Watch the next episode to find out. Two moons rising A star is born Darkness melts And fear is gone. I dare to believe That I can And I will Cross every ditch Every valley Every hill. Your heart will sing With the mountain breeze. Your wishes will rustle The leaves of the trees. We Dare to believe That we can And we will Cross every ditch Every valley And every hill.

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