EQUISTIX® Equine Sports Massage Tool Review
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EQUISTIX® Equine Sports Massage Tool Review

August 17, 2019

CASEY: Hi, I’m Casey.
I work in Product Development, and today I’m reviewing
the EQUISTIX Equine Sports Massage Tool.
What I love about this product is it allows me to give
my horse, Bolero, the benefits of massage but right at my
own fingertips. So obviously it’s not designed
to replace a massage therapist or if you’re using one,
this could be you know in addition to what you’re
already doing but it does make it very easy to get your horse
the benefit of that right in your barn. I have not run
into many other products like this.
I think this one is pretty unique,
but it’s very easy to use. So the stick itself is pretty
bendable which means that you can use it and it kind
of works on your horse’s muscle groups so makes it pretty easy
to use it on this hindquarter, over his top line,
over his neck. I found my horse in particular
loves his hindquarter done so that’s typically where I’ll use
it on him. The stick itself is about 30
inches long. It has these really soft handles
on the end. So again it’s pretty comfortable
to use. And then there are nine of these
movable rollers with the soft little nubs that give a really
nice massaging feeling. I’ll admit I was sold
on this product when a friend of mine used it on my back.
You can’t even imagine how good it feels. This product
is perfect for anybody who’s looking to do a little bit
extra for the horse’s muscle health.
Certainly if you’re looking to implement a little bit
of massage, or if you’re using a massage therapist you know
it’s just an easy way to get a little bit of extra support.
In terms of cleaning this, if it does get a little bit
grimy you can just hose it off and then hang it to dry
by the hand strap. I’m Casey, and my horses is thrilled
that I use the EQUISTIX Equine Sports Massage Tool on him.

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