Eric’s trail Herriman UT (*New Trail*)  | Fast, loose, rocky, doubles
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Eric’s trail Herriman UT (*New Trail*) | Fast, loose, rocky, doubles

September 3, 2019

woah! Hey, it’s Eric with Ride Labs, I’m here with Stephen (with Dirt Church), what’s up? [what’s up!] We’re out at blackridge reservoir and we’re going to go up and check out the new section of Eric’s Trail And also we heard the other day when we were out here we might have accidentally missed part of Mustang Loop which is really good, so… We’re going to go see if we really did and how good it is, we’ll let you know Let’s go ride! Horny Toad! It’s a little guy Oh, sorry, scared him out put him in your swatbox! I should Here you go buddy he likes being on my finger K, so this is supposedly the “better mustang loop” last time we did the not as good part, I dunno we’ll check it out for ya yea! So this is the part of mustang that we missed It’s just this tiny little loop around the tip of this hill but it has some chunk in it, it’s fun, it’s worth doing I’m going to lap it a couple of times, I like it woah! whoa ho! haha You have to nose-bonk into that thing yea! woah! yea! haha! all right, thanks for watching! That was a fun trail! What did you think Stephen? Oh, that was a blast! It’s going to be fun as it wears in a little bit more and the features become a little more clear yea, I love those doubles and weird rocks into jumps and stuff some cool stuff Yea, once I’m not riding it blind Once you can remember where some of those things are [ yup exactly ] yea, so get out there and start riding it and it will break in for all of us. Thanks for watching guys!

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  1. It is a pretty fun trail. Been on it a couple times now. Towards the bottom, at one of the last switchbacks, it looks like there was a trail or could be a trail that heads away from the switchback. Wonder if they could utilize it and make a complete loop that goes back to the pond instead of riding through the neighborhood.
    Are you two going to do any more live stuff?

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