Errant : Hunter’s Soul – How to get Horse Fooder
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Errant : Hunter’s Soul – How to get Horse Fooder

September 2, 2019

Hello Hunters, Welcome to Errant : Hunter’s Soul We Meet again in My Channel, GAMES NEVER TIRED In this time I will show you How to get Horse Feed It’s called Forage Horse favorite fooders In Fact, you can feed horse with anyting (fruits,vegetable, and another food) I give her Thatch and its increased 2 maturity That’s the horse age, its still youth stage this horse age is growth, lets try to feed her Thatch increse 2 maturity let’s try Tea Tea increased 15 maturity see,..its become youth stage let’s try another horse,.. It’s still Growth Let’s try to feed her Tea Let’s try another food,.. I will give her truffle increased 30 maturity And than, Let’s try the true horse food (Forage) How to get it? Just click obtain First, it’s from store Exchange In Chacha’s Treassure I will show you latter And than, from Market Purchase it costs 230 gold and 330 gold only 2 forage on market Maybe they don’t know how to get it Third, you can buy it with gem Just for Cash Player I will show you about Chacha’s Treasure Just click and than you will auto move to NPC NPC in Morning Wind and another region beside Nelson You can got Forage with trade it with 1 lucky horseshoe Orchid=increase horse lifespawn Laurel=Breeding horse And than how to get lucky horseshoe? First, open stable and than choose horse with low stats I will try this horse you must release the horse click that icon I got 1 But not all horse can give you lucky horseshoe you must read before release her see,.. it dont have lucky horseshoe you must read what are you got before release her Let’s try that Forage Yeah I got 1 Forage Lets try to feed some horse with forage wow, increased 100 Maturity Tea 25, Truffle 30,Mushroom 15 Pinaple 15 Coco 15 Thatch 2 Lavender 5 Its become Prime Stage Growth Stage – Youth Stage – Prime Stage – ????? You need 1 stage again to breed horse That’s it how to get horse fooder Thank you very much see you on the next video Dont forget to subscribe, like, and share this video So I can make some video again See you bye bye

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