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  1. I have two!!! Well kinda mixed that is their base breed but they are Spotted Drafts which is basically its own breed.

  2. Loved this vid, one of my fav horses. Those two seemed to have a special connection it beautiful to watch. He seemed to know she loved the breed! 💕👍

  3. Good lord, why doesn't he go on the bit….at all?

    Also, at 6:43 you were walking DIRECTLY behind the horse. That is an absolute never do and is taught to the most beginner of beginners. That is seriously bad horsemanship on your part and is very bad role modeling for your viewers.

  4. Wait!!! It says RIP, was he elderly, does their size mean shorter life span? I rode one when I was a kid, thought my legs would snap off.

  5. I always enjoy watching the draft horses at our New York State Fair. They are magnificent creatures. I have seen any Percheron.

  6. The guy who is starting my Andalusian gelding soon recently started a Percheron gelding. This horse was 19hh! A huge big softy.

  7. Hi Eva! What a fun and interesting video! Just curious: you never revealed why you are interested in those kind of horses, or did I miss it?

  8. I rode a full Belgian draft for a little while. . .most comfortable horse ever. My mare is half Belgian, half TB. She got the big feet and bone of the Belgian, but the spirit of the TB. You need a drafty Eva! I'm so sorry to hear Napoleon passed away. 🙁

  9. Living in Canada on a farm, I know how highly regarded all draft breeds are here. They work and are calm giants. The drafts and gypsy breeds were horses with jobs in the past. Other breeds would never have been able to carry a man fully suited in armor into battle.

  10. Percherons are everywhere in America! A very popular breed here. Used by a lot of people as work horses! You cannot drive anywhere in my area without driving by a field with a team of Percherons hooked to a plow, working hard!

  11. The bit almost looks nonexistent on Napoleon…. But, we love that! hahahaha. Napoleon looks absolutely beautiful, may his majestic soul rest in peace 💕

  12. It's quite amazing how different the build of the French Percheron is compared to those in the US, especially those bred for the wagon hitches. They are much taller and leaner with a lot more knee action. Seems like the black ones have also eclipsed the grey in popularity here as well. I think because they're easier to color match…

  13. Eva you look beautiful on that horse and he is the perfect gentle giant. That must have been an awesome day!!

  14. So much fun to see you and Jesse working together ( “ Dynamic Duo”) and when Matt is with you and Jesse, I call you the “Terrific Trio”

  15. I love percharon horses I have ridden 2 draft hoses. One was a mare named Ted's and my mare named Midnight Eclipse who was Percharon and quarter horse. I just love them..

  16. Wow, so odd that Holland has so few Percherons. Our next door neighbor has one and they are abundant here in America.

  17. Horses like that should be driving, not ridden. A light draft like a Friesian or a Gypsy Vanner, much better under saddle.

  18. Greetings from USA..My personal favorite is Clydesdale Draft horse !! loved video,. Thanks for sharing !! G

  19. Owned a beautiful black Percheron for 21 years…the most wonderful horse and ride. I showed her dressage and western and her specialty was trail riding…she loved it! Unfortunately I lost her in December 2018 we believe to complications of Lymes Disease. Hardest thing I’ve ever done to see her for the last time and my heart is still breaking.

  20. Love the videos with Matt, Jesse and you. You remind me of The Three Musketeers, one for all and all for one. Thanks for sharing.

  21. oh my gosh I saw and was able to pet- scratch a percheron gelding at a house I was looking to buy. OH MY GOSH he was Gi-normous. He was absolutely massive. Taller than this one and black. Love them!!!!! So glad you got to see one. They are worth seeing in "person".

  22. I thought that little kid was Jesse standing next to the horse and I got confused on why Eva was taller than him 😂

  23. I fell in love with this beautiful, sweet horse in the span of an 8 minute video, but now I see he has passed away and I am so sad.

  24. I'm from France yas ! I really love Percherons though, it's an amazing draft horse breed !

    PS : Napoléon is so cute ❤️ 😍

  25. Not sure they make best riding horses. Dressage not in the cards, jumping , not really. Nice hunter hack I guess but what would you do with it…..Vaulting……

  26. Gees hes bad in the front legs and shoulder.the off side leg is twisted and the shoulder is set incorrectly
    Percheron are used in australia to make anti venin

  27. I have Shire's one his 18.3h named George and 5 years old and the other one 19h+ Cadw and he his 4 years old

  28. Omg i am right there with you!! Coldbloods are the way to go!! Such magnificent animals. Thanks for sharing!!!

  29. Omg what a beautiful horse I think he has a lot of love to give he’s a beauty hugs and kisses to him Napoleon !!!!!

  30. Napoleon's owners must be devasted by such a sad loss of such a beautiful animal in his prime so obviously loved. My thoughts go out to them. Perchons and all draft horses are such beautiful gentle giants on the whole. Kind regards to you and Napoleon's owners.

  31. Where would the history of the whole world be without ANY horses? If the huge breeds didn't exist, how could all the early wars been fought? I am a Thoroughbred lover, hands down!

  32. I was watching one of your older vlogs of July 2018 on the white perc horse, was wondering if you have ever tried or seen the black Friesian horse they are absolutely beautiful. And wondered if Matt or Jesse have ever tried or seen this horse perform. Just a curious question Rusty in OK

  33. When the blonde boy was riding and then Jesse kissed Napoleon i was like OMGGG what a beautiful transaction from boy to man lmaooooooo

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