EVERYONE HATES EVERYONE | Ultimate Chicken Horse #2
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EVERYONE HATES EVERYONE | Ultimate Chicken Horse #2

August 10, 2019

(Mark) Alright, fuck thaaaaat shit
(Jack) Fuck this shit :{ (Mark) Fuuuuuuuck (Mark) Theee… *confused markimoo* (Mark) No. (Mark) I’m gonna fuck the arrow (OW!!)That must hurt 🙁 (Mark) over here. Cause this – this fucker. (Mark) This fucker. :/ (Mark) [quietly, to himself] Okay… (Bob) Uh… (Bob) I see. I see. I see…. (Jack) Everyone went for bombs this round? (Bob) I see. (Mark) Yes! (Mark) Bob, no! (Wade) Bob. (Mark) Bob. Bob, no.
(Wade) Bob please. (intensity intensifies) (Mark) Bob no! (Mark) BOB NO! (Mark) Bob no! [laughter]
(Bob) We can’t have it be too easy, can we? (Wade) BOB! (Mark) You big… (Mark) Dick.
(Wade) Oh wait, someone just destoyed – oh…well… ok. (Bob) You know, there are no hockey pucks OR arrows down here. (Bob) It’s fuckin’ amazing. (Jack) What?! What did I get killed by? (Mark) I dunno.
(Bob) What did you get killed by? (Mark) I dun- I dun- I’m not gonna ask. (Mark) Arrows coming’!
(Bob) Oh God (Mark) Arrows are comin’!
(Jack) Wait there’s hockey.. (Jack) The hockey pucks falling from above! (Jack) Fell down and killed me!
(Mark) [shouts] WHAT!? (Mark) What hit me?! (Mark) A hockey puck came from the le–oh.. (Mark) There’s a hockey thing from the left
(Wade) Nooo.. why’s there that (Wade) hockey pu- [extremely agitated] GOD, BOB!
(Mark) I forgot.. goddamnit . . . (Mark) Ughh… Bob…
(Jack) And that one hit me on the ground! (Mark) [chuckles] (Bob) They’re on the same level (Bob) You just have to duck under em’ (Mark) No they’re not! (Mark) They’re not on the same le–oh they are on the same level
(Bob) Yeah they are (Mark) Okay.. (Mark) This is bullshit. (Bob) *weak* You just have to duck under them . . . (Mark) OH SHUT UP BOB! (Jack) *Giggles* (Mark) I’m blowing everything up! (Bob) *weak* you just have to duck under them… (Mark) FUUUCK this shit. (Wade) MARK I JUST PUT THAT. . .
(Bob) *laughing* (Mark) I don’t care! (Bob) *laughing* (Mark) Fuck it! (Mark) BOB NO!
(Wade) *groan* (Bob) How- How um… (Bob) How much do you guys enjoy using the elevator? (Jack) *laughs*
(Mark) *giggles* (Wade) That’s the only way I ever go ever. (Bob) Ah, you know what? (Wade) Bob…
(Bob) Let’s just close off… Let’s just close off this (Bob) Let’s just close off… Let’s just close off this (Wade) BOB! (Wade, yelling) BOB!!! (Bob) Everyone is so salty, I don’t understand.
(Mark) *laugh* (Wade) Because you’re so sadistic! I thought you were the, like, nice one! (Bob) You know what… (Jack) That’s the thing, everyone thinks Bob’s the nice one.
(Mark)*laugh* (Bob) You know what, no roof, no roof stuff, how ’bout that?
(Jack) He is the real asshole (Mark) The black hole already d– shut down the roof stuff. (Bob) You can jump around the black hole, I think. (Mark) You can jump around a black hole. (Jack) There’s fucking glass there? (Jack) Ohhhhh! (Mark) A… ah… (screams, high pitched) AAAH FUCK NO! (Everyone laughs) (Mark) OH GOD NO! (Mark) OH FUCK! (Wade) OOOOH NOO! (Mark) Oh, god! (Wade) Why is Mark dancing? (Everyone yells at once) (Mark) Oh I’m dancing! *enlightenment* (Mark) Did I make it? (Jack) *moans* (Wade) NO! (Mark) What?! (Jack) How did you make it? (Mark) But am I dancing? (Bob) I think you’re just wibble-wobbling there (Mark) YEAH! Postmortem! (Wade) Postmortem? (Mark) YEAH! (Jack) Postmortem win? (Bob) Wade, you pushed him into it. (Mark) *Laughs*
(Wade) Oh, God… FUCK! (Mark and Bob laughing) (Bob still laughing) (Bob) Yeah okay this- this area needs to be harder..
(Jack) Fucking hell I didn’t know the glass killed us
(Bob) It’s not accept- (Wade puts down another arrow)
(Bob) Oh you dick! (Bob) *Laughs* Wade is in “fuck it” mode.. (Jack) Yeah.
(Mark) Hang on… (Wade) NOOOOO-HOH! *all laughing* (Wade) You always take away my happiness! (Mark) Good! You don’t need that much happiness. (indistinguishable mumbling) (Bob) Fuck that. (Mark ) Ooh… (Bob) Come here lol-ovator. (Mark) AH! (Wade) OOOOOOH! (Mark) WOOO! (Mark) Yay! (Bob) I’m riding a lol-ovator (Mark) *laughing* But Bob I thought you shut down the lol-ovator (Bob) Nope. (Bob) Lol-ovator-
(Jack) AHHHH FUCK! (Mark) *Maniacal Laughter* *more laughing* (Mark) *laughing*
(Bob) Oh, Mark, you actually made it?
(Mark) Yeah! (Mark) Yeah! (Wade) Yeah, he made it. (Mark) *cackles* (Jack) Damn it!
(Mark) Yeah! (Wade) He just jumps over the stupid door! (Mark) That’s what you’re supposed to do! (Wade) Well, I’m taking that away. (Mark) Well, the door? Thank you! I don’t want it there… (Wade) No, not the door, the roof part. (Mark) Oh okay… (Bob) Oh my God, Jack…
(Mark) Oh jeez…
(Wade) Oh come on! (Jack) Fuck you guys. (Mark) OOH JEEZ! *extended laughing* (Bob) Come on now. *more laughing* (Mark) There’s no way! (Bob) That’s a little bit much I think… (Wade) What do you mean? (Mark) *laughs* (Jack) You guys have bombs… (Jack) Mark what did you put?
(Wade) Just the door maybe Bob, just the door (Mark) I haven’t placed anything yet – I’m just waiting to see what Bob does.
(Jack) *mumbles* (Bob) We can play the spikes!
(Jack) Oh, you sneaky-deaky. (Bob) Oh you douche bag! *laughing*
(Mark) Now everyone has a chance!
(Bob) Well… (Mark) Success is good! (Monkey Mark) Ah ooh, ooh fuck. (Mark) Woah fuck. (Jack) Oh shit, SHIT! (Wade) OH NO my stupid- (Mark) (high pitch) OH NO, NO NO NO NO NO
(Bob) *laughing* (Bob) The fucking ice is fucking me up. (Bob) The fucking ice is fucking me up.
(Mark) *laughs* (Wade) Everyone has a chance, as we all screw up and die. (Bob & Mark) *laughing* (Mark) Hey I can..
(Wade) NOW EVERYONE CAN WIN! (Mark) I-I can’t help what you guys do but-
(Jack in background) Oh oh oh, oh oh (Jack) Oh it’s so close,
(Bob) Huh- oh god dammit.
(Jack) Ooh it’s so- it’s so close- NOHOHOHO (Mark) *laughing*
(Bob) I’m dead? Why did I die? *Mark continues laughing* (Mark) Jack, what did you do? (Wade) Oh my God… We have two people that’ve vanished alrea-
(Mark) Oh man… (Mark) We got this, we got it… we got it.
(Jack) I wanna see what the coin does.. (Bob) I think it probably just gives you more points, right?
(Jack) Ah, that sucks then (Mark) Wait, points? (Mark) Oh, I’ll put a coin down (Jack) Yeah, you get like an extra buffer at the end of it. (Bob) Oh no!
(Wade) Thank you Bob. Nice failure… (Bob) Wade is still cheating. (Bob) Just saying…
(Mark) Wait, why is that there? (Mark) Why is this here? (Wade) No no it’s fine!
(Mark) Why is that here? (Wade) It’s fine! (Wade) No! (Bob) Mark, now you have to destroy the platforms. Yeah! (Mark) Oh – ohhh…
(Bob) Yeah, You can only destroy one platform at a time. It’s bullshit. (Mark) Oh, Ok. Well, that’s fine. Makes it a little even. (Wade) No! (Mark) Yeah yeah yeah yeah! (Wade) Jack.. Jack! (Mark) Yeah yeah yeah! (Jack) Woo! (Wade) Whoa…
(Mark) Ooh… (Jack) Ah shit.
(Mark) Ooh… (Bob) Whoa, oh the thorns kill you?
(Bob) Fuck! (Mark) Oh, oh, god damn it, the fucking ice! Fuck the ice! Fuck dat ice! (Mark) Fuck dat ice, fuck dat ice. (Mark) Die!
(Wade) No NOOO!!
(Mark) Die! (Wade) That stupid thing!
(Jack) Fuck! (Mark) *laughing*
(Bob) *laughing* (Mark) My victory is assured! (Bob) *still laughing* (Mark) Oh man.
(Jack) We’ve one turn left! (Mark) My, my-
(Bob) Hey, Wade doesn’t have any points yet. (Wade) No I don’t! (Wade) No I don’t!
(Jack) It’s amazing. (Bob) *laughing* (Wade) Mark… please…
(Mark) What? (Mark) Let’s make it a little harder. (Mark) Can’t have this be too easy. (Wade) I destroyed the thing blocking the goal there so it should be a little easier to go- (Mark) Oooh
(Wade)Bob… Bob! Bob Bob Bob!
(Mark) Yes, yes, yes, yes. (Wade) Bob! Bob!
(Mark) Yes! Yes! Yes Bob yes! (Wade) Bob! What is wrong with you?! You sicko!
(Mark) *More Yes Bob’s* (Jack) Yes! (Bob) Uuhh
(Wade) Bob. Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob listen!
(Mark) *Yes Bobbing* (Wade) Mark’s gonna win Bob! You’ve gotta stop him! (Jack) You’re gonna block the arrows. (Bob) Oh I am gonna block the arrows, that’s a good point, that’s a good point. (Jack) And then Mark wins! (Mark) Put barbed wire on the ground. (Bob) I got an idea, I got an idea. (Jack) Hehe- black hole!
(Mark) Hahaha what the fuck! (Wade) Bob! (Bob) Here, or here? Or like here? (Wade) Not there!
(Jack) No- not there (Wade) No no no no no no! Oh God… Okay do it… (Mark) Alright fine Bob. Be that way. (Bob) Yeah I like that! (Wade) Well Mark, how do you enjoy your victory? (Mark) Well I- I know that things are… times are- AWW FUCK THE THORNS! FUCK THE THORRNS! (Wade) I JUMPED RIGHT INTO GLASS!!! (Bob) *laughing*
(Mark) Uhh this is so stupi- (Mark) Jack, you better die! Jack you better fail and die! (Mark) Good luck! What are you gonna do? (Jack) *jump sound* (Jack) I dunno… (Bob) You know what? I’ve thought better of this (Wade) I think the elevator’s the right way to go
(Bob & Mark) *laughing* (Mark) I think you’re all boned. (Bob) Honey no! Why Honey? (Mark) You’re all screwed, you’re gonna die! Have fun in death. (Mark) *high-pitched* WHAT?! WHAT? WHAT?! (Wade) YES! YES!
(Mark) What?? Noo! (Mark) Noooooohh! (Wade) Yehehea baby!
(Mark) But I was gonna win! (Mark) You asshole! (Wade) yes!
(Mark) Oh! that’s such bullshit!
(Jack and Bob) *cheers* (Bob) Yehehehea! Did I pass Mark?
(Mark) Ooooahh Fuck off! (Bob) Did I pas- Awww (Mark) Euuugh (Jack) Yes! (Wade) I got zero Points! :,D (Mark) This is such bullshit, I was gonna win! This is suuch bullshit (Bob) *laughing in the background* (Mark) *sigh*
(Jack) Soo happy about that! (Bob) Good job everybody!
(Mark) Oh eat a diherhck! (Mark) Be happy! Happy in helll! (Wade) You guys wanna do more? Oh! oh! Yeah go back to the roof, go back to the mansion, there’s a question mark box. (Mark) What?
(Bob) What is this? Speed runners? (Mark) What? (Wade) We can unlock either a new level, new character, or skin or somethin’ maybe get a new level (Mark) Maybe we shoulda done party mohode… XD (Mark) Oh! what is that? (Wade) We need to get this box (Mark) Okay, whatever (Bob) Where’s the box?
(Wade) Right here, I-I’m I’m just gonna put a platform to get to it there (Bob) I don’t see a box… (Wade) Well it’s there for me
(Mark) fffffuck you! (Bob) I don’t see any boxes.
(Jack) Do we all have different boxes? (Wade) Yeah, go ahead and get your box too Jack, it might be skin for you or somethin’. (Jack) But skins are boring! We need new levels! (Wade) Well it might be a new level! I don’t know! I don’t know what it is! (Mark) Well how many levels are there in the game? (Wade) Uhh I think there’s two that I haven’t unlocked (Mark) *quietly* Bob? (Wade) Bob? (Wade) Bob!? (Bob) It’s do-able
(Mark) It’s helping! (Jack) Hey! (Mark) Whoaaa (Mark) Horse’s bow tie unlocked! (Jack) Sheep party hat unlocked… Really? -__- (Bob) Uhmmm (Wade) I got the waterfall level! (Jack) Guys it’s literally impossible!
(Bob) *laughing* (Bob) I-I have fought, I have fought hard at this (Mark) Yea! (Jack) Ah you fucks!
(Bob) Oh you did it! (Mark) AHAHAHAHA!
(Wade) Will your elevator go through that wo- yea I guess it will (Mark) But how are you gonna- Ahahhaha
(Bob) Oh no!
(Wade) *laughing* (Bob) God dammit!
(All but Bob) *laughing* (Jack) You got crushed! (Wade)Bob was crushed by his own surmises! (Mark) Yaay!
(Bob) God dammit! (Mark) Wow
(Wade) God! look at- Oh my God!
(Mark) Hhoh my God! (Mark) I don’t remember doing that! (Bob) Alright, well if it’s gonna be like that, It’s gonna be like that I guess (Jack) Yeaaap uh, pure dick moves right now. [concentrated silence] (Jack) Oh God mouse, why?
(Bob) *laughs* (Bob) Mark and I both went through the same thought! (Mark) *laughing* (Mark) I don’t even know if this can work! (Wade)Wow! really?!There’s no way to get to the Goal!! (Mark) There is a way… (Jack) Mark did it last time!
(Mark) Yeeeah (Wade) BOB Bahb, Bahhb…
(Mark)Bob *laughing* (Jack) Put it on the other side! (Wade) Boooaaahhhhbb! (Bob) D’ya… D’ya want it to be more reasonable? Do you want it to be more reasonable? (Wade) yea!
(Mark) Yes please, thank you Bob:( (Jack) *in the back ground* Son of a bitch!
(Mark) Yeaaaaa!! (Mark)YeeaAAaah! (Jack) Fuckin’ hell!
(Mark) Yea! Oh o’ Yess!! (Jack) I’ll give ya that one, That was awesome!
(Mark) Oh! Uh I- I didn’t even know if that was gonna work (Mark) But Yea! (Jack) Y-You’re constantly being sucked into black holes (Mark) Hehe all of my fleece is being sheered (Jack) You know what? Fuck that! End the level!
(Wade) New level! (Mark) New level??
(Jack) You can go into another level, and then majority wins (Bob) Oh, you totally can
(Mark) Whooaoaahh! What?? (Bob) Holy Shit!
(Jack) Oh this one’s cool!
(Mark) Oh, it’s so cool! (Bob) This is pretty cool!
(Wade) Does the water do anything, I wonder? (Mark) Probably, Probably pushes you down
(Wade) It’s over here Bob, it’s up top (Wade) The goal’s right there. (Mark) How? How? How? (Jack) I’ll start it off and be nice. (Bob) Yea, We need some platforms
(Mark) Yea okay. (Bob) We’re gonna have to work a little bit together *chuckles* (Mark) Well okay if your doing that (Bob) Well let’s not go crazy (Mark) Yeah
(Bob) Yeah hang on now (Mark) Ok (Mark) We’re not going to make it too easy though
(Jack) What if the water pushes us down (Mark) Make it a little difficult. Y’know a little challenge here (Jack) Turn it around (Mark)OH oh
(Jack) We’re not gonna hit that here (Mark) Oh no *high pitched* it’ll be fine (Mark) It’s good (Mark) It’s not too hard
(Jack) It’s like the easiest level (Wade) Booaaahhhb
(Mark) Yeah it does look like happy wheels, I was thinkin’ that (Mark) Yar
(Jack) Yeah that’s a good idea, put that there (Mark) Good idea (Mark) Gotta be mindful. ok (Jack)HUUAAH! (Jack) Oh No!
(Mark) Ok (Wade) AHHHHGG!! (Mark) *chuckle* Well Bob
(Jack) I don’t know the sprint button on keyboard (Mark) Well Bob
(Bob) Wo-up (Mark) That was an interesting- Uh Oh NOO! (Mark) WHAT THE FUCK! Why did I just get- Why did I fall off
(Everyone else) *laughing* (Mark) What the fuck? (Mark) Did you you see that it just like slid me off
(Bob) Ooaah. YEAH! (Jack) Yeah you “slipped” (Mark) Well wha-wha How?
(Bob) I did it (Jack) I’ll admit that I suck (Wade) *subtley* oh my god
(Mark) Nice door (Jack) Yeah well now you have a buffer you’ll have to wait (Mark) *tiny burp* it’s good, it’s a good, it’s a good door (Jack) Yeah don’t fuckin’ insult my door, bitch
(Bob) Uhh (Mark) I said it was a nice door from the beginning. I literally said nice door
(Wade) It’s a good- It’s a very nice door (Jack) You said it facetiously
(Mark) You don’t know what facetious means (Jack) You said it like *imitating mark* That’s not a nice door, you said it like
(Wade) All right who are we waiting on Bob (Mark) Bob. (Mark) Heh. who, who Bob are we Bob waiting on Bob. Bob (Jack) Who are we Bobbing on right now (Jack) Who’s Bobbing right now (Bob) I got a little question mark box so I’m actually (Wade) Oh yeah go get it definitely go get it (Mark) Oh yeah have fun (Mark) Have fun! (Jack) Have fun over there haha (Jack) Have fun losing (Mark) Pfft… have fun being stuuupid… (Wade) You got to pop the balloons on it.
(Jack) HUARRHGGHH! (Mark) Woah.
(Jack) Oh god, I almost ran into it!
(Bob) Oh wow, I did not see that that existed… (Jack) FUUUUUUUUCK! (Mark) *Giggles*
(Bob) Bye everybody!
(Wade) OH Wow wow wow (Mark) Okay. (Bob) SHIIT! (Jack laughing)
(Wade) Oh ok
(Jack) You did (Jack) the same thing I did?
(Wade) Woah oh OHHHH AHHHHH (Wade still screaming) (Bob laughing) (Mark) Ooo — Okay, we’ll I’m gonna (Mark) take my time — oh shit (Mark) and see it pushes me around, it slides me around (Mark) I don’t like it
(Bob) it does!
(Mark) Woah Agh! Okey (Bob) oh OH oh
(Jack) AGH!
(Mark) Woh- Agh! Okey (Bob and Jack noises continue)
(Mark) EERRUGGH! (Mark) K waiting on the door (Mark) ok- there we go (Wade laughs with Mark) (Bob/Wade laugh)
(Mark) Just in case, just a little insurance! (Laughing) (Mark) You never know!
(Mark) Thank you
(Wade) Well done (Bob) Ha ha HA ha
(Jack) We’re underdogs (Bob) Ha ha HA ha! Ha ha ha HA ha!
(Mark) Oh god (In his laughter Bob increasingly spirals into madness) (Mark) I wanna put down a coin just because like (Mark) I like this platform being up here, so (Mark) Sorry bout that
(Bob) You guys wanna see some shit? (Wade) Yeah (Bob) I made some shit (Jack) Oh I don’t know how to rotate (Wade) Oh, oh no
(Mark) Oh god Bob how are we gonna jump on that?
(Jack) Oh it’s me *silence* (Wade) Oh god that — that’s
(Mark) Yeah! (Mark) Nice!
(Wade) That’s gonna be a b— oh Jack I (Wade) already put an arrow down! (Mark) that’s good (Jack) Eh-HUH! (Wade) AAAGH!! (Jack) Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god… (Mark) Woah, oh god, oh, fuck AAGH! Fuck! God damn it
(Wade) How are you supposed to do anything? *screaming* (Mark) Holy shit
(Jack) I’m scared! Bob hold me! (Bob) Why are there so many arrows? You Dick! (Mark) Oh, I see, yeah, there’s double arrows (Wade) *giggling* (wtf are you even saying Wade) (Mark)*making chicken sounds like Wade*
(Bob) I’m never gonna get my goddamn balloon box (Mark) I’m, I’m just gonna, I’m just adding a whole bunch of coins …first come first served (Bob) uhhhhh… (Jack) yeah, destroy the cliff, Bob! (Mark) Aw that’s not fair (Jack) Gotta get on that first honey, HUAH (Jack) This first honey actually helps (Bob) Yeah cause you don’t slide off the end. (Jack) SHIIIIT (Bob) *laughter* (Mark) Ho, Ho, Ho! Ho-okay. (Bob) Does it still help? (Mark) I got-what? These coins do nothing! Oh, no, they’re attached to me, … I gotta get to the end, shhhhit (Bob) *screaming* OHNO HONEY! Oh, honey.. (Mark, followed by everyone) *screaming* (Mark) GODDAMIT, fucking hockey (Mark) Aw, I’m not looking out for it (Jack) That’s boo-hockey! (Jack) OH and there’s no points! (Bob) Oh yay (Wade) That’s because we’re all, assholes to each other (Jack) No points? (Jack and Mark) Whaaaaaat? (Mark) *screaming* NO Mon- points? *murmuring* (what) (Jack) *murmuring* fuu i duno man (Mark) I’m not confident in my jokes, man (Mark) Alright. Uhhhhhhm (Jack) If I were you I wouldn’t be either (Mark) *aw of sad* Hurts my soul (Wade) What what, what (Jack) Aw, now I’m saaad
(Wade) WHAT
(Mark) Now I’m sad (Mark to Wade) “What, what, what, WHAT?” (Mark) I was trying to make it interesting
(Wade) What? (Wade) What? (Mark) What, what? (Jack) You’re gonna block the pucks
(Wade) OHGOD (Bob) No, the pucks are below that (Bob) I wouldn’t block my pucks, pucks are my babies (Jack) Ohh, FUCKFUCK, fuck my ASS *duck screams* *more screams* (Mark) I saved your life, Jack! I saved your life (Jack) Yeahh, I’m so fuckin, ta-“thankful” for that (Mark) Aren’t you though?? Why arn-chu? (Jack) FUCK (Bob) NO (Bob) I made it off! (Jack) *Whee!* (Wade) *laughing* Bob still can’t get his question mark box (Bob) Cause you guys are dicks!
(Jack) Fuckin honey! (Mark) I even put coins up there for you
(Wade) I keep snorting (Wade) I don’t snort when I laugh, but I keep doing it (Bob) You know what? (Mark) This honey was a good idea.
(Bob) NO fun for anybody *aw* (Bob) I like that idea (Wade) None fun? (Wade) Did you destroy my platforms?
(Bob) Did you explode my honey platform? (Jack) YES, cause FUCK that honey platform
(Mark) I put another honey (Mark) I made another honey platform-NOMAHHONEY (Mark) MAHHONEY
(Jack) There’s no honey on it (Mark)There’s honey on it
(Wade)There’s no honey on it (Bob) It shows honey… This is honey. There is no honey– (Jack) *Cuts off Bob and starts laughing* (Wade) WHATT? NO HONEY?!!
(Jack) I have seen honey, and this is no honayy. (Mark) NO NO BOB thats my honey!! There’s honey thare ;(. (Bob) I saw no honey…
(Mark) There WAS honey there.. (Mark) God dammit Bob! *giggles* (Wade) *Ear rape* NO I GOT TO THE HONEY JUMPS! (Jack) oh fuckin’ ice-ice platforms really? (Jack) OOOH suck all of my lower intestines (Wade) poor jack always hits my traps (Bob) Oh hey there ice platform gah! Jesus! (Bob) Oh god no why (Jack) NO, NO, NO I refuse to let this happen. NO (Wade) There’s no way this is gonna happen. (Jack) NO. (Bob) yes with all the (Jack) right up the arse
(Mark) that’s such bullshit (Bob) oh my god (Bob) So you think this part over
here should be easier Mark?
(Mark) Yes! Please yes Absolutely
(Bob) Gotcha, gotcha (Jack) I like how now you have to
destroy the platforms to destroy the ice To destroy the honey I had to destroy the platform (Bob) I don’t want mark to do is jumpy over nonsense anymore (Jack) Good. I mean he’ll still do it.
(Bob) I can do better – I can do better than that (Jack) yeah put a black hole there
(Mark) *giggles*
(Bob) I’m thinking this will help (Wade) Oh no! FAA
(Bob) Have fun (Jack) do you love pain? Are you a sadist?
(Bob) No I just hate all of you (Wade) has somebody not placed yet? (Mark) I haven’t
(Wade) Oh god from from the ashes comes Mark *laughing*
(Jack) He placed it upside down (Bob) it rotates back and forth
(Mark) OH no FUACKK god damnit (Mark) I forgot to hit my sprint button *various screaming*
(Bob) oh god they’re both ice fuck on me *screaming and laughing* (Wade) we really hate each other (Mark)this is such bullshit HUAAAAAAA
(Jack) This is aggravating now (Mark) it’s adding more coins
(Bob) have a really funny idea but it’s going to take more than one around to execute I want to see if this works (Mark) uh-huh *doesn’t really care* Jack no, Jack no no Jack
(Bob) Trust me it’ll be hilarious *evil laughter* (Mark) Nooo what’s wrong – Bob is going for a question block over there (Jack) then why do you keep going for your coins
(Bob) I’m never ever going to get it
(Mark) I’m helping Bob insentivise
(Jack) Fine. Fine. Fine. huaaah Oh fuck my ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Bob) NooOhho oo god damnit
(Wade) oh oh NOT the honEY (Bob) oh my god
(Wade) oh my god Mark *rip my ears*
(Mark) it was way away it was not there on my screen! What the fuck? (Jack) it was way away from you
(Mark) *aggravated sigh*
(Wade) Two people have made it to the end (Wade) Two people have made it to the end (Bob) All right everyone ready for this? This is gonna be awesome. (Mark) How awesome
*doesn’t believe you*
*Jack despairs*
(Bob) It’ll be awesome
(Mark) okay (Mark) a little of this
(Bob) interesting
*Mockery ensues*
(Wade) I think Mark is just trying to make pathways (Mark) Yes like we’re sposed to
(Bob) I don’t want anyone to win I’m tied for 1st right now (Bob) I don’t want anyone to win I’m tied for 1st right now that’s fine with me
(Wade) *offended* Bob what about me (Bob) oh it totally worked I constructed something amazing
*confused Jack*
*They fail* (Mark) Fuckin ice (Bob) alright ice, be cool ice, be cool (Jack) just push ya straight off ya *Cheers*
(Bob) Oh hockey puck fuck you (Mark) you were so close Bob, so
close (Bob) I was gonna get up there
(Wade) you were gonna get up there (Jack)I hate this level so much
(Mark) well we made it
(Bob) we made this happen
(Jack) I made some of it (Jack) you know what? Fuck you guys. Fuck you guys (Mark) what you gonna do?
(Jack) you’re gonna have to work together (Mark) all right then
(Wade) Bob, Mark (Mark) bob ba bob barr Bob barr Bob
(Wade) Bob no, Bob
(Jack) Geeeezus *pauses* I regret my decision (Mark) I regret my decision to record with you guys *don’t lie mark*
you assholes are assholes
(Bob) I’m blocking the arrows, you’re welcome Mark *Wade dies*
(Mark) Oh your body is blocking the arrows thank you for that
(Bob) you’re welcome *Caveman noises*
*Dies* (Mark) Fuck your fire hydrant bullshit.
*Everyone else laughing* *still laughing*
(Mark) God damnit
(Jack) I love it
(Wade) *through laughter* Nobody can wIN (Bob) Why didn’t I get trap points for that? That was a really good trap
(Wade) *crying* cuz no one won! (Jack) *lisping* that was awesome
(Mark) Can I just attach – can attach this to this? *no* Aw damnit (Wade) we aren’t even winning and yet
we’re all including just putting down more traps
*Bob laughter*
(Mark) *channels darkiplier* shut up (Bob) that one’s not gonna turn that one’s gonna block it from turning. you just ruined everything
(Mark) I’ll blow it up for you Bob he messed it up blow it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(Jack) Aw… (Mark) ya ffucked it! Ya fffucked ita up.
(Jack) Why would it stop it from turning? (Wade) why did you destroy the one that wasn’t on the honey?
(Mark)because it’s not supposed to be on the honey. *derp* it’s supposed to be on the honey.
(Bob) If it’s not on the honey it’s just in a stationary spot *realization*
(Mark) who put the barbed wire on the saw
blade (Bob) I’m over complicating
*everyone* oh my god (Wade) Oh sorry guys.
(Jack) Wade… Wade you made it too hard. It’s impossible – or maybe not *laughing* (Bob) how the fuck did you just do that?
(Jack) I don’t fucking know *screams of the dying*
(Bob) No barbed wire, why? (Mark) Good god…
(Jack) Fuck the ice. (Jack) Fuck the ice! Fuck my ass! (Mark) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
#septiplierisreal *dying and laughing*
(Wade) See it is possible. (Mark) yeah .. Bearly *rawr*
(Jack) I like how I said impossible then immediately made it.
(Mark) Alright, this is the one do we make it harder or possible
(Bob) Harder is fine with me *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)* I will get someone who makes it past that point a gift (Mark) okay that’s that’s acceptable (Bob) a little bit of a gift
(Mark) acceptable, acceptable (Jack) Eugh. (Wade) We’ll take it I guess.
(Mark) Alright so…
(Jack) Alright whoever makes gets the coin. (Mark) and I just want to make sure that no one does jumpy ju-jump-jumpy -ness *engrish Mark* (Mark) right here (Mark) they gotta under, you gotta go under
(Bob) yeah that seems fair
*silence of concentration* (Jack) fucking high – high higher fidrent *fire hydrant* *wade died*
*exclamations that can be taken out of context* (Mark) just- wheres that, there it is
(Jack) OH no
(Mark) Okay hang on (Mark) wait – just gonna… playin it safe… woah app DUCKING, ANND YES
*disbelief and disappointment* (Mark) Oh the coin did noth- oh the coin did a LOT. HOLey shit
(Jack) Jesus *Mark cheers*
*Jack is jelly* (Mark) OW *laughter*
*talking over each other*
(Mark) *whispers* its okay (Jack) I’m gone, bye.
(Mark) Okay.
(Wade) Jack’s not having any fun (Wade) all right what’s with up there
(Jack) Hey you didn’t have to play with a fucking keyboard. *Jacking raging*
*Everyone laughing* *Markiplier noises*
{Bye love you all, thanks for reading my caps}

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  1. Jack didn't die from the falling hockey puck he walked into the thorns and touched them a little bit so he died

  2. Jack: I'm out. I'm out.
    Wade: Jack's not having any fun
    Jack: Hey, you didn't have to play with the f-cking keyboard.
    Wade: Neither of you launched the game right.
    Jack in a silent and raging voice: I DID. IF THE GAME WASN'T SHIT!

  3. I love how smart Mark is he is a very intelligent being that deserves to have more credit than he currently has!

  4. This would be funny if you did a part 3 with the Game Grumps and got to see what Ross could do. The Hell would be risen.

  5. Wade: putting things down to make the level easier for everyone.
    Mark, Jack and Bob: undoing everything and making the level harder

  6. this is gonna be sad so don’t read ahead of you dont want to-

    I’ve made a realization, that one day, all your favorite YouTube creators will stop making videos. One day, your favorite musicians will stop as well. If you’re younger than them, you’ll have to live all those years without new content :/ one day, mark will be too old to make videos, while people like me that are younger than him will have to live those years without him….

  7. The story made of BETRAYAL!
    And also: Rage, salt, ruined friendship, Mark, Jackass, BOOOOOOB NO!, Kenny, yelling, hate, cringe, kinda thing like fun, bombs, black holes, doors, hydrants, arrows&bows, spikes, circular saws, flags, hockey thingis, ice, elevators, fans, springs, coins, platforms, bums, bumbuns, racoons, sheeps, horses, chickens, chicken choken nuggets, weed, red hair, dye, glasses, hardedness, old houses, starts, ends, wins, failures, bullshit, sheepshit, racoonshit, horseshit, chickenshit, death, nos, yeses, ultimates, coop, quiestion marks, bowtied horses, waterfalls, announcements, striped thingis, wheels, glass, booper doopers, babs, cinnamon, bread, toasters, toasts, shooting thingies, underdogs, A keys, portals, goals, solos, traps, fecishouseness, destroying, honey, another yellow liquid with no explaining, poo hockey, a-holes, b-holes, b-h-holes, cliffs, intros, outros, good music, barrels, spinning box-thingies, bad platforms, fucks, bitches, ashes, meat, trees, wtf's, screw you guys's, tank wheels, turns, thorns, stairs, русских слов, points, pages, inventories, attaches, attacks, blowing, exploding, spiked wires, easiness, suffering, falling, falling off a cliff, webs, headphones, sky, facial hair, boogers, skin, bones, hair, dyed hair, dying hair, t-shirts, rooftops, MiniMusicMan, Crazy La Paint, rules, dancing, and other normie bullshit.

  8. I want to be the Bob of my friend group.
    Looks and sound like the nice one.
    But i am the sadistic one ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. 13:35

    B: Laughs at Jack's failure

    .5seconds later

    B: Falls S H I T!!!!

    J: Laughs at Bob's mistake
    Just the way he said it was so funny to me!

  10. This has given me lovely new ideas for Super Mario Maker 2.

    I can already see myself sitting back and watching everyone burn.

  11. It’s two in the morning and I just watch a livestream of literally just yoshi screaming for half an hour. This is the closest thing I could find to intelligence

  12. I think my favorite win for Mark is when he got the postmortem win. I know they didn’t notice and thought that Wade shoved him into winning, but really it was the fact that right as he died he entered the boxed “Goal” area around and atop the flag. Mildly makes me irritated they didn’t notice it, but oh well. Still one of my favorite videos by these amazing and hilarious guys

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