Everything: Clunky Deer Rolling – PART 1 – Game Grumps
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Everything: Clunky Deer Rolling – PART 1 – Game Grumps

August 18, 2019

Arin: Hey, I’m grump. Dan: I’m not so grump. Together: -and we’re the Game Grumps! Dan: What’s up everybody, hope you’re ready for everything. Arin: Yeah, we’re playing everything.
Danny: Yup. Arin: Dan asked me what we were playing today, and I said everything.
Dan: Yup. Arin: And I don’t think he understood… Dan: No, I wasn’t ready for everything-
Arin: … exactly what I was talking about, Arin: But, uh, this is everything-
Dan: Also this turns into a Jewish Star of David… Dan: Boop- right there.
Arin: Literally just came out today- Dan: Whoa, really?
Arin: Uh, yeah-
Dan: [excited] Everything just came out today?! Arin: Yeah, everything. Arin: Uhh… Hopefully this goes up pretty soon after that.
Dan: Yeah.
Arin: Um… because this is- Arin: -uhh…
Dan: ‘Cuz what else is going to come out after this? Arin: [chuckles] This is a doozy! Everything is loaded.
Dan: All right, well. Thank God. Arin: This one- this one’s a doozy. Arin: For sure.
Dan: Wh- wha- I don’t know anything about this. Arin: Th- Sh- Good.
Dan: Other than that we just made a star. Dan: Whoa!
Arin: [reading] This game belongs to… Arin: Uhhh… Arin: How about… Dan: Fun… Dan: Fun… Fungi… Dan: Fungin- Fungins… Dan: Funginster… Dan: Funginstein. [laughs] Dan: [through chuckles] Okay.
Arin: [proud] Funginstein.
Dan: Got it. Dan: Ooh.
Arin: So here I am. Dan: Ohh, is this going to be like a, uhh… Dan: A Spore kind of thing, where you start… with nothing?
Arin: Sure. Arin: Ooh I can think! Arin: [reading] Is this the beginning?
Dan: Oh fuck, this is heavy… Arin: Whoa dude. I’m flyin’ through space or whatever-
Dan: -feel like I’m smoking weed again. Arin: Oh, I get it now. I’m thinking! Arin: [reading] Where did I come from? Dan: [gasps]
Arin: Look at me go-
Dan: Whoah Arin: I’m a beautiful comet flying through the stars. Together: [reading] When did this start? Dan: Like… two minutes ago. Arin: [through laughter] Yeah… Dan: Whoah! Arin: [laughing quietly]
Dan: Didn’t expect you to be a deer… Kind of a quick jump there. Arin: [through chuckles] So, I’m a… I’m a deer now. Dan: [through laughter] What the fuck is this?? Arin: [still laughing quietly] Here we go… Dan: Is this gonna be a mixture of like, really… [Both laughing loudly] [Dan claps while still laughing] Arin: I’m a Rocky mountain elk. Dan: Uh-oh!
Arin: [reading] Press X near thought icons Dan: I’m getting some real Amazing Frog vibes from this… Arin: [reading] if there’s no thought to open, hold X whe- when moving to speed up Dan: [bursts into laughter again] Arin: I’m gonna speed up.
Dan: Okay. Dan: [laughing]
Arin: WOOOOOOH! Arin: Here I go, baby!
Dan: Oh, and they- Dan: They put in the *thadadup*, *thabadup*, *thabadup*… Arin: Hey, a rock.
Dan: Uhh… the sound effects… Arin: [reading] Press X near thought icons-
Dan: [reading] -to listen to thoughts. Arin: Yeah… I got to find some other–
Dan: [wheezes a laugh]
Arin: Oh, here we go. Arin: There- there’s more deer.
Dan: Okay, cool… Dan: [busts out laughing]
Arin: Now we’re running as a deer pack! Dan: Oh, awesome.
Arin: We’re all together. Dan: [laughing]
Arin: Hey, you want to join me? Cool. Dan: [through laughter] What genius thought this up? Arin: Here we go, togethe- oh, they didn’t join me.
Dan: Aww… Arin: Hold on, I gotta… I gotta get these fucking deer to join me.
Dan: [through laughter] Okay. Arin: Could you join me please? Dan: [laughter]
Arin: Maybe- maybe hang out with me? Arin: [reading] Press X near thought icons- Yeah, I s- wha-
Dan: Dude, the beginning… Dan: fuckin’… totally did not prepare me for this-
Arin: C’mere, c’mere, c’mere! Deer! C’mere! Arin: I want- I want- I want you to be my friend-
Dan: Forget it, man. Arin: Is that a thought icon over there? What is that? What is going on over here? Dan: Oh yeah, there’s something important happening, off in the distance.
Arin: I gotta speed up. Dan: [through laughter] Why is everything upside-down?
Arin: Wooooo-hoooo! [snorts a laugh] Arin: This is way better than Zelda.
Dan: This is awesome- Dan: Yeah, absolutely.
Arin: Aw, I ran into a brick. Dan: It’s gonna give, uh, Breath of the Wild a real run for its money. Arin: Yeah. Where is it? Oh, there’s the thought icon- Arin: Oh what’s this- what’s this?
Dan: Oh, oh, oh. Dan: A tree… Arin: Is that… somethin’ I can interact with?
Dan: [laughing] Arin: Nah, let’s go over to the thought icon-
Dan: Seeing you nose planted in the ground is the best Arin: [chuckles] Let’s go over here Dan: *thabadup* [laughs] Arin: Man, super realistic, I gotta say…
Dan: [still laughing] Dan: [still laughing] Arin: Are- are they joining me now?
Dan: I don’t know.
Arin: Where’s that one goin’? Arin: Ah, okay, cool.
Dan: Oh, that’s- that’s the important one. Dan: [clears throat] Excuse me Dan: [reading] Is this all there is? Is this all there should be? Arin: Yes.
Dan: Yeah, I don’t know, actually… Arin: Join me. Oh yeah, we’re together now!
Dan: Aw, sweet.
Arin: Cool. Arin: Join me! Arin: No? Alright…
Dan: No, well, cool. Arin:At least I got my- my deer-
Dan: Hello, squirrel friend…
Arin: Aw, he left! Arin: He left me! Oh, there’s another one! Let’s go over here.
Dan: Oh, alright.
Arin: See what’s going on over here Dan: [chuckling]
Arin: Hi! [laughs] Dan: Well, this is amazing.
Arin: This world is beautiful. Dan: Oh, yeah, go to this that we- yeah Dan: We blew right by this- this puppy.
Arin: But it wasn’t… okay, cool. Arin: [reading] Remember this place and remember what you are- Dan: [interrupting] I’m a deer!
Arin: [reading] Keep it in mind as you go beyond here. You might need to find a way back to it.
Dan: Okay. Arin: So I gotta remember this- Arin: -statue or whatever the fuck it is.
Dan: Alright.
Arin: See, w-what else? Okay, let’s go here-
Dan: Oh? Arin: Find some more thoughts!
Dan: Okay… Arin: Hold on, rock outta my way.
Dan: [constant stream of “eh’s”, “oh’s”, and other noises] Arin: There we go.
Dan: Is this beta testing or-? Arin: Wooooo! Dan: -this is exactly the game that they wanted?
Arin: No, this is the game.
Dan: Okay, great. Arin: [reading] My parents keep telling me to grow up, but I don’t know how to grow any faster. I’m trying! Dan: Aw, I know the feeling, brotha. Keep doing your music. Arin: Wooooooo! Dan: Whoa-
Arin: Well, who else is thinking? Who else can I listen to that’s thinking around here? Dan: Th- oh- there’s one.
Arin: Yeah, how about one over here. Dan: *thadadup*, *thabadup*, *thabadup* (hoof noises) Together: [hoof sound effects] Arin: This is what it’s like to live in nature, dude.
Dan: Yeah I know, you think I’ve never natured?! Arin: [reading] You’re off on a great adventure. I wish I could join you. Maybe one day I’ll be able. Arin: Thanks, buddy.
Dan: TO, “-able TO”.
Arin: No, he just said able. Dan: Oh. Dan: You’re- you’re just differently abled.
Arin: That’s all-
Dan: Oh, there’s one okay- Arin: ‘sup, buddies?
Dan: ‘scuse me, ‘scuse me. Arin: What’s up, everybody?
Dan: ‘scuse me, pardon.
Arin: You guys wanna hang out? Dan: No, they don’t care about you, dude! Just- Arin: But I’m cool!
Dan: Keep goin’! Arin: But I’m- [huffs]
Dan: Keep goin’ to the thing.
Arin: But I’m epic. Dan: Yeah, whatever, no one thinks so… Arin: Dude?! Why you got to be so cold?
Dan: [laughs] I don’t know. Arin: Here we go, what’s up- what’s up with here? Arin: [reading] Hi funginstein! You finally found me.
Dan: [interrupting, laughing] funginstein? Is he jewish? Arin: [reading] Finally, we’ve been waiting here for you for such a long time! Arin: [reading] Notice my thought has the thing icon- look out for others with this Arin: [reading] We’re here to show you what you’re able to do, and help you navigate everything. Good luck! Arin: Alright, let’s find more people with the that icon.
Dan: Cool.
Arin: Oh, there’s another thought. Dan: *thabadup* (hoof noises)
Arin: Woooooo hoooo! Dan: I just wish one time in my life- Dan: I could be driving… along like a… side of a cornfield-
Arin: And you see this? Dan: [laughing] -and just see this tumbling past. Arin: [reading] Nobody will believe me, but I’m telling you. I’m a clone- Arin: [reading] I’m not the original. There are literally hundreds of other rocks here that are identical to me. I’m not crazy! Arin: [reading] This is all true. Nothing you can say can convince me I’m real. Dan: Okay, rock!
Arin: He’s having an existential crisis right now. Dan: Yeah-
Arin: That rock.
Dan: Mm. [agreement] Together: [quietly making hoof noises and giggling about them] Arin: [quietly, laughing] The fuckin’ sound effects… Dan: I- It’s really fucking funny.
Arin: What’s up, buddy? Dan: Hey!
Arin: You wanna hang out? Dan: What’s the difference between regular thoughts and these? Dan: [reading] Everything sings. Singing is how we all commu- things communicate. Dan: [reading] Singing helps things find or avoid one another. Dan: [reading] It deepens bonds between some things and separates others. It’s how things announce their existence. Dan: [reading] So… sing! Sing all day long! Dan: [reading] I want to hear what you sound like, and so does every- everything else. Dan: [reading] If other things hear you, they might sing back! Arin: [small gasp] I gotta sing!
Dan: [reading] Sing to other animals! Dan: [reading] Press the R3 button when near! Arin: Alright, alright- [excited] [in-game horrible elk noise] Arin: Whaddya think? Whaddya think?
Dan: You’re beautiful! [in-game horrible elk noise]
Dan: [laughter] AWWHH (imitating) Arin: Let me just shove my face in the ground [in game elk noise] [in-game sheep Baa back]
Arin: Yeah, you like it?!
Dan: Yeah! Arin: Whaddya think? [in-game elk noise]
[in-game sheep Baa back] Arin: Yeaah! You guys are on my side, right?
Dan: Uh- yeah. Arin: You guys are down with the sickness?
Dan: Mm-hmm [in-game elk noise]
[in-game sheep Baa back] Arin: Niiice!
Dan: Sick! Arin: Alright, see ya.
Dan: Peace out! Arin: Where’s the next- oh, here we go. Here’s a tree. Together: [making hoof noises and giggling] Arin: Hey, look, a whole pack of- whatevers!
Dan: Yeah! Check out! Arin: Hey, hey, hey, hey! How do you like my singing? [in-game elk noise]
[in-game sheep Baa back] Arin: Yeah, you’re into it!
Dan: Yeah, you dig it, you dig it! Arin: Ooh ooh! My, my- My kind! [in-game elk noise]
[in-game elk noises back] Dan: [snorts a laugh]
Arin: Yeah, are you into it? [in-game elk noise]
[in-game elk and sheep noises back] Arin: Hell, yeah! Dan: Yeah, you know you are! [reading] Some things will help you on your journey. Other things are just thinking about themselves and the situation- Dan: [reading] they’re in. You can trust all of them, or none of them. Dan: Whoa.
Arin: So I think- Arin: [reading] It’s up to you.
Dan: It’s up to me. Arin: Where’s it- where’s the next whatchamawhoozit? Dan: Like the-?
Arin: Like the next diamond.
Dan: Right there. Arin: I want to start gettin’- getting into the meat of this game, If you know what I’m sayin-.
Dan: Oh, yeah, absolutely- Arin: The- there’s a lot more to Everything than just playing as a deer. Dan: Is that right?
Arin: Yeah.
Dan: Okay. Arin: Hey, what’s up? Dan: [reading] Hey, how far back do you think Rocky mountain elks go? Dan: [reading] you might not always feel it- Dan: [reading] -but you look trillions of generations of Rocky Mountain elks- Oh, wait. Dan: [reading better] But you- but it- you TOOK trillions of generations of Rocky Mountain elks getting mixed up all the way back to forever. Dan: [reading] It’s incredible you made it through and finally arrived here. The other Rocky mountain elks around here are reflections of you from back then, Dan: [reading] -each with their own dreams and their own lives to live. Dan: [breath] I wish you were giving me this Dan: c-conversation ass-first…
Arin: [laughing] Dan: [reading] As you meet other Rocky mountain elks, you’ll sometimes feel inseparable from them, and find where you really start and end is up to you. Dan: Well…
Arin: [reading] Other Rocky Mountain Elks… Join them by pressing or holding square when close.
Dan: Neat! [in-game elk noise]
[in-game elk noises back] Dan: Oooh, he’s in love!
Arin: Join me! Arin: All right, we’re together now.
Dan: Okay, great. Arin: Finally, I have a fucking troop.
Dan: Yeah. Dan: Hah- Finally I’ve got a running crew of One Other Thing. [in-game elk noises]
Arin: You like it? Yeah, you fucking like it, don’t you.
Dan: Rock and roll.
Arin: Let’s find some more elk! Dan: Yeah, they’re there.
Arin: Now, I got my troop going. Arin: Hey, what’s up babies?
Dan: ‘Sup, girl? [in-game elk noise]
[in-game elk noises back] Arin: You like me?
Dan: Girl? Baby? Arin: Aw, she like me.
Dan: Yeah, she’s down. Arin: Aw, yeah!
Dan: Yeah, so down. Soo- Arin: Yeah, look at us! Look at us!!
Dan: Yeah!! Dan: [singing] Rollin’ with the homies- Arin: Yeah, yeah, come on. How do you- Oh, oh, did I get him?? Yeah, I got him!!
Dan: [laughs] Arin: Look at me. Oh man, I got so many homies right now!
Dan: Yeah, you got a sick running crew. Arin: Yeess!! Dan: [making hoof noises and chuckling] Arin: What do you think? Yeah, you like it! Yeah! Fuck yeah.
Dan: Wow. Arin: Dude, we’re all hanging out.
Dan: I love it. It’s kind of sweet- Dan: Oh, here’s a cluster.
Arin: Yeah, give me one. Give me one in here. Gimme, gimme, gimme! Arin: Ye-es!
Dan: [chuckles] Arin: Yes, my troop grows!
Dan: Yay! Arin: My fucking posse! Arin: [in his voice that he does] Oh, my posse-
Dan: [laughs] My posse. [in the voice] My posse! Arin: Look at- Oh my God! We’re so large!
Dan: Yeah- Arin: Come with me!
Dan: Heh- get that crew to join you! That’s a whole crew o- [bursts into laughter] Arin: Join together!! Dan: Woo!
Arin: Band together!! Dan: This is weird… Arin: [laughing] Dan: Heh- What is happening right now?
Arin: We will conquer the world! One elk at a time!! Arin: What about you guys?
Dan: Yeah! Arin: Look at them! There’s so many of them!!
Dan: Oh my God! Oh my- Oh my God! Dan: Oh my God. Oh my- Oh my God. Oh, Jesus Christ!
Arin: Yes!!! Yes!!! Join me!! Arin: Join me!!!!
Dan: [laughing] Together: [laughing] Arin: We are together as one!
Dan: Holy crap.
Arin: One unit! Arin: One Elk Unit.
Dan: You’re like a big ball of elks that just keeps rolling- this is like very Katamari. Dan: Good God.
Arin: I’m just collecting more and more. Arin: This is life dude.
Dan: Yeah, this is something like life.
Arin: [snickering] Arin: It’s just a metaphor for how life is, dude.
Dan: Mm-hMM
Arin: More. More. More friends! Arin: What about you guys? You don’t want to join?
Dan: Oh, yeah, no, they’re cow friends. Dan: Yeah, they, they’re in!
Arin: Nah, they’re not into it. Dan: No, they’re not in?
Arin: They’re not into it. Nah. Arin: Gimme more! Dan: Wait, there’s a thing. Talk to that rock.
Arin: [reading] There you are! Arin: [reading] Over time you might find- Arin: [reading] there’s no right or wrong path to take here. Arin: [reading] As you explore you might feel that parts of you need to go their own- Arin: [reading] direction, because you can’t control everything at once. At least, not now. Try letting go of a few things. Arin: [reading] Release some Rocky mountain elks by pressing or holding circle. Arin: [loudly] Why would I want to do that? Arin: Why would I ever want that? Arin: Release them. Arin: Now, I am smaller.
Dan: Goodbye! Arin: I am a smaller troop.
Dan: Goodbye! Arin: Look at us run…
Dan: [giggling] Arin: Freely, beautifully- into the wild. Dan: It’s so magical.
Arin: What if this was just National Geographic? Dan: Dude, I fucking wish!
Arin: [narrating] The elks roll peacefully across- Dan: [laughing] Yeah.
Arin: -the plains. Arin: Hey, what’s up?
Dan: [narrating] No one… has any idea how they do that. Dan: [narrating] Especially with horns and whatnot.
Arin: What’s up? Hey, hey, what’s up? Dan: Talk to that guy.
Arin: I want to talk to him…
Dan: All right. Dan: Yeah, who can even tell which one you are anymore? Arin: Uhh… Arin: Am I pressing the wrong button? Arin: Oh, he joined me. Great. Seeya!
Dan: Great. Super. Dan: Well you know what, next time on Game Grumps!
Arin: Next time on Game Grumps? Dan: We should- we should play this for another… at least episode or two. Arin: [laughing] Ookay.
Dan: I- I’m- Dan: I’m curious.
Arin: You’re entranced?
Dan: I’m en- Dan: I’m intrigu-ed.
Arin: You got it. Dan: Yay!
Arin: Let’s do it.
Dan: See you then!
Arin: Next time. Dan: Bye! Arin: Yeah, you’ll enjoy it. This is- this is the tip of the Iceberg.
Dan: Really?

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