Exhausted horse collapses as cruel driver DRAGS it along a dirt road
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Exhausted horse collapses as cruel driver DRAGS it along a dirt road

October 25, 2019

This is the wickedly cruel moment a driver drags a tied-up horse along a dirt track before the poor animal collapses with exhaustion  With a rope slung around its neck, the flailing horse tries to dig its hooves into the dusty road to fight being pulled along by the car The uncomfortable footage from Villa Gesell in Buenos Aires province, Argentina, was filmed by the appalled people in the vehicle behind, who blasted their horn at the 44-year-old owner who could face abuse charges Their video, which has now been shared by the Pro Aid for Helpless Animal Association (APAADE), captures the horse’s awful treatment through the windscreen of their car The exhausted horse collapses after trying to fight being pulled along a dirt track in Buenos Aires province, ArgentinaIt shows a red car pulling along the brown-fur horse by the neck using a line fitted to its tow-bar The visibly distressed horse desperately tries to resist being yanked and furiously pumps its legs backwards RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next ‘We have got him in the paddock … and he is fine’: Racehorse Lazy horse melodramatically crumples to the ground and plays. Share this article Share But the car is too powerful and the horse’s hooves skid through the gravel and – exhausted – buckles on to the ground In case the driver had not spotted the collapsed horse, the men filming blast their horn to alert him As the car drags the horse by the neck, the animal flails and digs its hooves into the road to try to resistThe red car slams its brakes and comes to a halt before the young owner gets out of the car The horse, which is sprawled on the ground and panting, gets spooked as the owner approaches and sits bolt upright As the men filming drive past, they shout: ‘Poor horse, give it a bit of water!’The horse owner appears to try to pull the horse to its feet by the rope but the animal is left sitting on the ground After the horse collapses, the 44-year-old owner gets out of his car and tries to pull the animal upright againAccording to APAADE, the case was reported to the Security Secretary and local authorities identified the driver who is a 44-year-old man from Villa Gesell They are now investigating the case to determine if they can press charges against the driver for animal abuse The horse was examined by a vet who confirmed the animal was fortunately uninjured As the men filming drive past they shout ‘poor horse, give it some water!’ as the animal remains slumped on the road

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