Experience Mountain Horse Farm in Naples, NY
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Experience Mountain Horse Farm in Naples, NY

October 25, 2019

It’s more than just a place to stay it’s
it’s an experience. So if you come stay with us and you can expect luxurious rooms with private decks and jacuzzis. You can expect glamping in
teepees. You can of course expect our beautiful
and inspirational horses and there’s cows to cuddle with. So a lot of people
say the combination of things you have is not making sense or unusual but to me,
all those things fit in the same puzzle everything we do is about feeling good
so that’s kind of, that’s kind of the general theme here, wellness. We do wellness
retreats where you would stay with us for three or four nights and then we
incorporate this very inspirational program that includes the land, includes
the horses, and includes the cows. It includes mindfulness, nature, maybe
finding your way. The way that we we interact with our animals here is a
little bit different than you would see at most places. We are very much
passionate about having them living a life as natural as possible. Which means
that if you’re interacting with them and it doesn’t involve any riding, everything
is done on the ground and the horses are at liberty so they are free to move
around just like you. So instead of it just being a place where you go for an
overnight, it’s a place to to have an experience. We would love you to
reconnect with nature with our horses and the cows and also to reconnect
with yourself and with the person that you came here with.

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