Experienta Maroc – La mare in Agadir. Episod 1 (subtitrare engleza)
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Experienta Maroc – La mare in Agadir. Episod 1 (subtitrare engleza)

February 29, 2020

Hi my dears ones, I’m glad to see again and welcome to the new ones. This time I want to invite you to a trip in Maroc. I was in Maroc last year in November. When the cold weather is coming in Romania in Morocco is still summer, a late one. We wanted to visit Morocco earlier But last year we received a offer from Lidl Tour a very good price offer… and we said okay, we will have a trip in Morocco through Lidl Tour. After we have read some reviews regarding accommodation offered by Lild Tour we have found out is not what we wanted for accommodation. So, we said: Let’s talk to Lidl Tour, maybe they offer us only the flight. The flight was from Bucharest. and we will book our hotels by own. We couldn’t solve is in this way. So, we started to find a flight to Morocco. We couldn’t find a direct flight from Romania to Morocco. and then, I have broadened my search and we searched from Budapest. because from Budapest is a direct flight to Agadir. We have figured it out Budapest is a good option for us to have flight from it. Our way to Budapest has been a good one, we drove 5.5 hours, with a lunch break to Seged. I recommend this place for those who like Hungarian cuisine. We arrived earlier than we expected. The parking place is next to the airport. From parking place we only pulled our trollers to the terminal. and our flight was a direct one to Agadir. We planned to spend 7 nights for our holiday in Morocco The first one and the last one was booked in Agadir, because from there was our departure to home. We booked only one night in Marrakesh, after the first one in Agadir. Our plan from home was to visit Agadir, Marrakesh, from there maybe a short visit of Atlas Mountains then Casablanca and Rabat, and then back to Agadir on the seashore to visit their seaside resorts. We arrived in Agadir in the evening, around 8:00 PM We have booked a rental car direct from airport for our entire holiday in Morocco. We pickup the car up from airport and we drop it back on airport, so we didn’t had much stress with the transfer in Morocco. Pay attention when you rent a car, I’ve made a short video how to rent a car with tips and tricks and how to avoid problems. The link is somewhere here… take a look of it, after we picked up the car we drove to our hotel around 30-40 minutes without any problem. In Agadir is a very nice seafront promenade it’s a seashore alley with a lot of fun, Cocktail Bars, Restaurants and Terraces Bars. Unexpected, even Morocco is a Muslim country with no alcohol allowed, you can have a glass of alcohol drink there. In the morning of the second day we walked a little on the seafront promenade, we have visited the Bazar of Agadir, and we had a trip on the top of the hill on the north side of the Agadir. There is a Fortress and we enjoyed the view over Agadir. From the Fortress of Agadir we started our trip to Marrakesh, For our last night of holiday we checked in Agadir at resort “Palais du Roses” the Roses Palace! I believe this Resort at the beginning was a very nice one but now, because of lack of money or personnel this resort is a little bit degenerated. As recommendation in Agadir, you can travel for a late summer for a beginning of autumn in Romania because is a good choice for a summer resort. nice sea water, beach, sunbed, terraces, coffee shops, restaurant, everything. Overall, this was Agadir for us. If you enjoyed my video, give me Like please subscribe for the next ones, you’ll find the Subscribe button somewhere here.. Find it and press it! So that, you will be announced for the next videos from Morocco. I wish you a wonderful day. God bless you! Bye.

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  1. Extraordinar, ce frumoase locuri în Maroc. Cum știu atât de minunat să-și promoveze turismul iar România stă scufundată în pâclă de ceașă. Mă oftic foarte mult că de atâția ani nu am progresat cu absolut nimic sub pătura murdară a politicii. Treziți-vă dragi români de pretutindeni și din țară să mergem cu toții la vot să alegem oameni competenți și cinstiți. Atât de mult îmi doresc să avem și noi un Tursim cum merită această țară cu mulți Martiri și cei mai mulți Sfinți. Cât de special își promovează alte țări fantasticele locuri și cât de ospitalieri sunt, nu mai am cuvinte. Felicitări și vă mulțumim D-le Ing. Popa, nu numai că ne încântați cu aceste atât de importante și minunate postări dar, sunteți și un exemplu excepțional demn de urmat, de familie foarte frumoasă și unită.

  2. Minunat, Superbe locuri in Maroc ! Multumesc mult Mihai, mi-a placut foarte mult,
    O primavara minunata va doresc,
    Binecuvantari si multe salutari tie, sotiei si micutei domnisoare !

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