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  1. Don’t worry America your president will jump into bed with Kim Jong soon so he can get a political favour from him just like Syria, Russia and Turkey that’s the laughing stock you have allowed your president to make you America

  2. Journalism these days, picture of a person on a horse big things are gonna happen and of course it’s gonna be bad and everyone should panic

  3. Mr Trump, unfortunately you will have to pick a horse that isn't white and luckily for that horse and all of us you will be under no pressure to do it shirtless!! Kudos Kim Dung Fool..

  4. In America we would expect to see Trump riding a jackass in the Okefenokee Swamp. Since he is incapable of great things it just means we are screwed for another year.


  6. I swear people big hating on Kim Jong Un but I don’t see Trump old orange ass riding horses, he don’t even have real hair & he’s cash broke

  7. Kim is getting with it ? A video ?, next time put some music in the background, give him a n "F" for allowing Trump to cross the border on foot and back again. It's an olive branch on TV, but the future is waiting.

  8. Someone will soon be taking a dirt nap for not photoshopping his tiny legs to make them look longer…just sayin’.

  9. Where have we heard this story before? Trump "negotiates" with a dictator and gives away concessions to get absolutely nothing in return for the US, but may get something for himself. Russia, North Korea, Turkey, China. Hmm… I see a pattern here.

  10. Kim rode up a 9000 ft mountain on his horse. Ok. Fair enough.

    How'd the camera man and his gear get there?

  11. “A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab?”… That’s what this story sounds like. People who remember that moment know what I’m talking about. CNN is trying so hard to create news. Creating News Network needs to be their name. Maybe he borrows a green screen from CNN and made fake images like they have done on several occasions. No wonder this station gets ratings lower than reruns of TV shows from the 60s and cartoons.

  12. I am surprised they didn’t put him on a unicorn. After all, North Korea claims to have found their secret cave lair (sadly that part I did not make up).

  13. Stop speculating what N.Korea will do next and instead start campaigning for the removal of inhuman sanction imposed on the poor people of North Korea. Sanctions were only designed to affect the poor people and not its regime. Past experiences have shown that oppressive regimes thrive well under sanctions and external conflicts.

  14. Impeached and Disbarred, Bubba Bill
    rode Epstein's Lolita Express, at least 26 times.
    Got any pictures from that horsey?

    (No, not Chelsea! You know what I mean!)

  15. Why is she talking like a teenage gossip girl and are journalists allowed to assume? Isnt their job is to just report without making assumptions

  16. Democrat conspiracy theories runs rapid on Democrat Swamp News as they worship China and fear Kim Jong Un. It's obvious they're deeply corrupt totally insane!

  17. Notice that THERE ARE NO REINS! Kim has his hand in his pocket because that’s where he’s hiding the secret control panel for his ROBOTIC HORSE, designed exclusively to carry miniature nuclear weapons all the way to the USA (with a few boat rides) while evading radar detection. Once he puts on his cowboy hat, Kim is heading straight for North Dakota where he intends to personally wipe out America’s biggest arsenal of nuclear missiles. He may stop in at Mar a Lago to tell Donald he’s “such a putz” before he heads for home.

  18. Is this supposed to be a news program or a propaganda outfit for the extreme left. They can spin anything into Fables!

  19. The horse eats better than most North Koreans. Obviously so does kimmie. This fat little miserable communist thug needs to eat a bullet.

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