Explaining the Model Horse Hobby to Non-Hobbyists
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Explaining the Model Horse Hobby to Non-Hobbyists

August 15, 2019

There comes a point in every hobbyist’s life
where they have to answer the dreaded question… So… what’s up with the horses? During which your mind will race and
you’ll blurt out an eloquent answer such as: It’s… my thing. It’s my weird thing. So to help ease that anxiety a bit
today we’re gonna touch on the wonderful world of explaining
the model horse hobby to non-hobbyists! [cheering] It’s like model trains, but horses It’s like dollhouses, but horses It’s scale modeling, except… just
horses I mean, if you want to be real there’s no
exact point to them they’re just pretty Well then tell me that when you stop
buying loads make up you don’t wear At least I’m not spending my money on drugs! [SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY] They’re not toys, ages eight and up dude! If one is extremely limited or well done
people will literally pay thousands of dollars for it Oh, so you don’t believe me huh? yeah yeah Boom. You owe me twenty bucks. So some people repaint and we sculpt them into totally new positions and, like, it’s
truly an art form. And you can actually do things with them besides just letting
them sit there on a shelf. So there are these model horse shows… Crap. No, you don’t go up them across the
table… So there’s two main divisions: there’s halter and there’s performance. So halter is when you just place the horse on the table and
its judged on its breed and its conformation and performance is when you tack it up and you put it in a little scene that’s reminiscent of a real-life thing a
horse would do. If you want really good tack for performance it’s literally
going to cost you, like, five hundred dollars for really nicely done top-quality set. Yeah, I know your real horse’s saddle cost less than half of
that, but how about you try making one of those suckers that’s the size of your
palm and get back to me on that? No, there’s no halters or mini handlers
in the halter class… it’s.. it’s just… it’s just the horse. Okay, they’re not… they’re not all the same!
They’re all hand-painted, sometimes they can get scratched in the box, it’s not
all the same horse being judged at the same time. It’s kind of… like an art show? I guess? So you don’t win money but you
can win other models that are worth lots of money! And then we basically try to
win colorful index cards that allow us to travel hundreds of miles to the
national championship show so we can try to beat other people’s really nice horses!
And don’t even get me started on Breyerfest… It’s this weekend in Kentucky where
thousands of people all come to this place to buy and sell and trade model
horses. Oh my god, there’s this hotel, it’s called the Clarion. Everyone opens up
their rooms and they sell horses out of the hotel rooms, and the hallways are
just crammed with people and you just… you have to see it to believe it. It’s crazy. Okay, I have sufficiently freaked
you out, haven’t I? Just… cool? Next time just… just don’t ask. It’s okay dude, he didn’t mean it, I swear.
It’s okay.

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  1. my freind's ask me why i have the horses and can we meet at breyerfest this year pls
    btw lov your videos i have wach every single video you have on your channel

  2. great video πŸ™‚ and yea pretty much all the non model horse cllectors think that they are toys … sadly,..

  3. Another great video from you! πŸ˜€
    I don't know why it seems so hard to explain the hobby to others when there are lots of people that have hobbies like collecting dolls and model airplanes. It's really not all that different!

  4. Thank you so much for making this video! πŸ™‚ Every collector knows the struggle. lol! I can show this video to non collectors in case they don't understand my explanation of the hobby. Thanks again!

  5. Haha, cute video! I collect horses AND dolls, so I've got alot of explaining to do! Plus I'm a grandmother, so I'm always getting mean comments about how I'm a grown adult who still "plays with dolls."

  6. Oh my word! You are, officially, one of my newest heroines! This is a struggle I have lived with ever since I started collecting!

  7. love this video it is so funny your still my favorite youtuber i am not to far be hide you with years i have had breyers since 2007 can you do a video on calkes ?

  8. I got my friend collecting he's in love with one of my bodys I have thankfully he hasn't seen my entire collection.

  9. The drugs are a good point…my son buys very $$$$ things and I say ''but at least you don't do crack or heroin ''

  10. someone told me breyer models are not worth it I told them that make up is not worth it they hate me how

  11. Omg this is so darn true xD I can’t even begin to speak when people ask me why I have 550 plastic things on shelves…. I hate those people so much xD

  12. to add on not many people realise that breyers are part of the historical society of america as well as society of conservation of wild habitat and ancient breeds of horses that wouldve already been extinct if it weren't for the donation given by both parents and advid adult collectors. P.S the verg first breyer was made in 1950 during the korean war.

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