Exploring An Island Of Horses! Mackinac Island part 2 // Versatile Horsemanship
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Exploring An Island Of Horses! Mackinac Island part 2 // Versatile Horsemanship

September 3, 2019

okay here’s our friend Klaus the horse Today we are going to drive a horse and carriage around the island so yeah with driving horses today we’re
harnesses and I know with riding horses they have settled so money do you know how to drive these
things just gas and brakes right yep the Lakeshore Road right today yeah
can I say hi – oh yeah Tovah do you guys want to pet them
before we get in you guys can pet them and say hi to them big boy hey he’s a little bit bigger
than ours isn’t he okay this is this dual traffic on this road yeah we see
horses coming this way or no carriages coming towards us they all know thank you
mom is officially driving what do you think Brandi I’m pretty excited I know
that I know that you know it’s his job and I don’t have to do much but you know
definitely a lot different looking at a big butt than our little buttons that we
got I think she’s talking about me are you guys excited what do you guys think this is kind of fun huh yes a different
experience so we got a nice is our man of the day you guys Brandi as our pilot
and then we have the beautiful red the mighty Mackinac Bridge that connects
mighty Mac so we’ve got like a view of the entire bridge I can’t think of a
better way this is something cool like you don’t get a chance to do this
anywhere else that I’ve ever been basically said hey horse carriage and
they said you know how to do this so we’re gonna go on up we’ve got our
passengers which is Klaus with bori bori John and we’ve got Tova Lynne yeah and
Tova and Brandi are dressed apart floppy hats they’re sundresses and we’re gonna
go around the islands we’re gonna check it out we’re gonna go through the island
we’re gonna go see the old cemeteries we’re gonna see the old governor’s
mansion and we’re gonna we’re gonna get this this big boy back safely and
probably get some ice cream well like you know just you know block
Mike and amongst bikes and coming down the hill cool because ace kind of squats
in the butt down cuz the breaching there takes all that he takes all the weight
from the breaching and he slows the vehicle down kind of cool that’s the
purpose of the breaching that’s the stopping mechanism he’s got one bug that
is just driving him nuts so ASA the Percheron I forgot to ask how old he is
but he was Amish trained and he’s one of the more get-up-and-go horses that they
have ace ways he’s been around 1800 pounds he’s a pretty big boy we’re
coming up on a cemetery day nice messy I wonder what that is up there what kind
of wagon is that up there no it’s a vacuum it’s yeah it’s a vacuum it – so
here we are just a meandering through the island and I can’t believe they just
they just give you a horse in the in a buggy and say okay go have fun so here
we are just roaming around on the island and checking things out but I all I can
think about is how many things could actually go wrong in this scenario I
mean I know what I’m doing so at least like I have some horse sense and stuff
they give people a horse that’s going to suit them so like this horse he’s you
know he’ll try a couple things and get scared of a couple things but some of
the verses they just know exactly where they’re going and they do 95% of the
work so yeah it’s just really interesting to me how like I get I can’t
believe they don’t have more rest so many things could go wrong here sorry yes you need to get over buddy so
a flick step on to the left side of the road he doesn’t like to be on the right
I think it’s really cool though to watch how his how the Britch and works going
downhill and how he really slows up and kind of had it tuk tuks is but in a
little bit to help with the load we got a couple those look like just like
Saddlebreds over there hey can I pass behind here is okay if I pass you okay
cool all right thanks you get a team of
Belgians there are those Saddlebred beautiful like that you’re looking for
help yeah I got Toba driving a pretty good job too it’s a great a great
driving lesson this is a good way to get some practice in on a horse that knows
exactly where he’s going so when we go home and start walking on
driving minis she’s got a good nipple in it because the minis don’t drive nearly
as guys they kind of like to go where they want to go so I make sure that you
keep on and you just you can’t just let this I loose a little bit and then he’ll
that’ll kind of help them turn there you go yeah but there’s a real comment so you
know now stay centered cuz he likes to go over on the left side for a drone so
we’re supposed to drive we gotta wait because there yeah boy great place see how he tips his head over there here
now let’s go straight oh excuse me which way to the Grand Hotel okay thank you dangerous honey
okay people on the way move over there’s a carriage behind you
move over oh look at those they aren’t fancy trotters oh boy look at this we’re
gonna go right by the Grand Hotel I’ll get that team their fancy backup
skills soon as we get to the bottom of this hello buddy Oliver okay buddy you ready to hop back on my
lap you some more driving start to your driving awesome okay so he likes to go
this way we got to keep them straight don’t grab on real fight just like just
like I am yep you both tight I’m gonna help you a little bit okay just so we
don’t lose them yeah I think it’s a little tight but you have to have them
grip these rings like your life depended on okay line we’re gonna shorten up our
lines so we shorten one of the time yeah slow down I’ll let go your face good boy
now it’s even trying to us that’s really a whole team’s of elgyn okay now we get a turn right there don’t
we Thanks so Bodi we’re gonna make a big
turn so I’m gonna take the line all right there we go
ace no one’s looking at me anything oh we got a big team sitting right there hey these people better not try this
concludes our carriage tour and our route was about 90 minutes we all agreed
that this was a fantastic way to get to see the whole island and we definitely
recommend Jack’s livery stable for a carriage tour

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  1. Can I call my first trip to a horse riding supply store, where I only purchased two things, a "Tack Haul" lol? They had allot of socks just like the two places I've seen you go on your channel. I bought a helmet, and a helmet bag. Wearing one is mandatory at the Therapeutic Riding Center where my Natural Horsemanship class is. I really enjoyed part 2 of the island! Have a great evening,

  2. Ace reminds me of one of the horses I drove in philly 20 years ago. Makes me a little teary eyed, I loved that horse. Also a little nostalgic.

  3. ACE: "Does this carriage make my butt look big?" @ 9:54 He also kind of gave the stink eye to the cargo load on the bed of the carriage he had to go around @ 14.25 Very funny!

  4. That was truly a fun ride! You're a good driver too. Ace is so beautiful🥰. How long do these horses work before they pull them off to cool down? Looked like he was starting to sweat by the end of your ride. The scenery was gorgeous.

  5. Pretty cool ride.   I've been looking at some Percheron /quarter horse colts that are for sale, I thought they would be good for roping bulls with and then make a team, only problem is that I already have a lot of horses.  lol

  6. Ah yes! God I miss that island. Lived in MI for several years and only got to go once. This video makes me wanna go back home T_T

  7. What an amazing tour Brandi! Such a beautiful place! I think I've just added this to my list of places to go 😁. My daughter would love this! I'm telling the hubs! Lol. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️ The kids did a fantastic job driving! They look like professionals! Hope you enjoyed your trip! 🥰❤️

  8. as a carriage driver in texas i as well am shocked they just let anyone drive a horse and carriage (cool for me when i go visit since i do this for a living lol)
    also very great to see people appreciate the carriage industry instead of spew hatred, we care very deeply about our horses and we say we make dreams come true

  9. That's the same place my husband and I went to rent a carriage and horse. And since I'm the horse fanatic, I got to drive.

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