Facts About Horses For Kids

September 20, 2019

facts about horses you have you ever ridden a horse or fed a
horse horses are really cool animals and they love humans as much as we love them
here is some cool information about horses for you horses our four-legged animals that have
been around us humans for a really really long time they once represented a
major way for humans to get around as they were used for transport they also
performed many other jobs for humans over the years you there are over 300 different breeds of
horses wow that’s quite a lot when you think of a horse horse breeds come in a number of
different sizes colors and have cool different skills there are three main types of horse
breeds hot bloods are fast horses that are just there for speed and racing cold
Bloods are generally bred for strength and heavy work warm Bloods are a
combination of the other two types and are often used for writing competitions
the scientific name for the horse is Equus ferus caballus did you know that there are lots of
different names for horses well there are and it all depends on whether they
are male or female and how old they are here they all are do you know all of
these names full a baby horse less than a year old yearling a young horse
between the ages of one and two Colt a male horse less than four years old
filly a female horse less than four years old stallion a male horse older
than four years old that is not a gelding gelding a castrated male horse
mare a female hose older than four you horses with different coat colors have
different names here are some of the main colors you they light reddish brown to dark brown
with a black mane tail and lower legs chestnut reddish color with no black
gray black skin but a mixed coat of white and black hairs black entirely
black sorrel a type of chestnut with a very reddish coat done yellowish or tan
coat Palomino alight golden color Pinto a multicolored horse with patches of red
brown white and or black you horses are animals that graze and they
mostly eat hay in grasses they also like peas and beans fruit like apples and
we’re sure many of you have fed them carrots they like these too the pony is just a small horse there are
certain breeds of horses that are small and these are called ponies the only wild horses that are not
extinct are the pro Wolski’s horses which live in China and Mongolia they
are nearly extinct and are actually highly endangered that’s really sad
these are horses that live in the wild that actually come from are descended
from domesticated horses they are called fuel horses horses have excellent senses including
good hearing eyesight and a fantastic sense of balance there are four basic gates that indicate
the speed a horse is moving from slowest to fastest they are walk trot canter and
gallop have you tried any of these horses can sleep standing up or lying
down now that’s quite weird imagine sleeping standing up humans first tamed horses around 4000 BC
wow that’s a long time ago parce writing is often used as a form of
therapy for people with disabilities horses are still used today by the
police how cool is that the horse’s hoof is always growing and
needs to be clipped farriers are people that specialize in taking care of horses
hooves and putting on horseshoes now you know a new word there’s everything you need to know
about cool horses they are beautiful animals that can really help humans do
you know any other facts about horses that you can share with your class you

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