Family Guy – Brian Enters Dog Show
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Family Guy – Brian Enters Dog Show

October 23, 2019

Alright Brian now if we’re going to get you ready to compete in that dog show we’ve got a lot of training to cover lets Begin by doing some work with the clicker oh yea I’ve seen these you click it when you want me to do a trick and then I get a treat so I Associate the two no I use it to punctuate my jokes now Brian you’ve got a run over and be good on all fours If Nathan Lane can do it so can you? Okay ha ha But maybe we should just focus on getting ready for the show well Look who wants to be prepared You’re a regular beagle Scout wait shouldn’t I be the one who clicks if I like the joke? You can’t just click after everything you say if it’s funny, I can and so far. They’ve all landed, unlike the planes on 9/11 See no click that one was in poor taste. Not funny. You know I was supposed to be on one of those planes Yeah, me too How you doing You feeling good because this thing is gonna come down to the arbitrary whims of whatever Elderly volunteers were able to get transportation here on a Tuesday. Yeah, right hey watch it the hell’s his problem careful That’s your competition his name’s max. He’s a four-time winner and kind of a crowd favorite Okay start the dog show yes you all want to start the dog show. Don’t you? Battle to it for the males and as our judges tabulate the results we can now announce our female division the winning bitch for the 10th year in a row is Katherine Heigl Thank you. Thank you. No, but for real. It’s that dog Ellie over there And our winner in the male division is brian Griffin yes Man thank you for all your help Stewie. I really couldn’t have done it what’s going on? This this is it it’s happening right here right now, uh-huh They have to certify the union Brian stud is ready to mount please turn up the lights what no no the opposite in fact It’s someone maybe turn on some some Drake or the weekend. He’s blowing it. You can’t do it quagmire. What are you doing here? Oh, I have an all-access pass to anything in this town. That’s sex-related offering manual assistance Commencing Union, okay, okay, thanks, man, but you know I I got this I got this If you just just give me a second to get like a scenario in my head um maybe a hot babysitter who needs to pay for college so she Can somebody please shut those dogs up this specimen is unable to perform. Please bring in the boxer? I’m sorry Brian, but this is what I was trying to tell you I’m sorry too, but I see now that you were right I’m just not sure how this could work or or how our relationship could fit into your world. Hey, let’s talk I guess this is goodbye. I guess it is. I’ll always remember you Brian I’ll always remember you Willie. I promise to name one of the puppies after you. Let’s just cross our fingers It’s not one of the ones he eats Thanks that means a lot, okay? We’re at the part where he bites down on the back of my neck so we should probably wrap this up. Yeah Whoa Max’s grandfather may have been a horse come on. Let’s just go home, okay? Is this the romantic ending you were hoping for look that was a tricky situation? All right the lights the people watching if it hadn’t been for all that trust me I would owe to set her world on fire no way you didn’t even start the fire Oh, no, that’s you bacon preschool Chris. No see Val a young Lois German guy lots of dogs are Arthur valentine we didn’t write an ending so we’re all together trying to make it better They didn’t write an ending for what the heck. I still take the check the check the check Mom kill the jaywalker

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  1. How do hod have ended stewie gos to timetable machine gos before Max dos the thing and kills max Whit a gun ¯_(ツ)_/¯ that's what I think that do you

  2. I was about to comment how stupid it was to mix breed purbred dogs and then I remembered what show im watching and how nothing makes sense

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