Family Guy – Mr Quagmire’s horse
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Family Guy – Mr Quagmire’s horse

September 4, 2019

Chris, there you are. We need to talk. What, are you walkin’ a horse? Did Quagmire get a horse? Oh no, here we go. I want a horse! Peter, it’s not a horse. Chris, what the hell is that? Oh, this is Mr. Quagmire’s horse gimp. What is a “horse gimp”? It’s a sexual fetishist
who derives erotic pleasure from dressing in horse-themed
leather gear. Want to see me feed him a carrot? Absolutely not. Hell yes. Chris, this is no job for a teenage boy. You have to quit right now. I can’t quit. I’m actually
good at this job. Plus, I’m making decent money. You could work at the pharmacy. Quiet, Triscuit! Ooh, hook me to the plow! Chris, I have $1,100 in a
paint can in the garage. Just take that, and we’ll
never speak of this again. Okay. Great. Now let’s all go home. Well, that’s what I get
for horsing around. Ah, your joke wasn’t funny enough.

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  1. The only time I'm happy is the first 5 seconds in the morning. Before I remember who I am and what my life is about. Anxiety. Disappointment. I don't know if there's an afterlife. But who cares? Nothing could be worse than this meaningless march through my empty days.

  2. You know, as much as I hate Quagmire and the idea of working for him, I gotta say Lois was a lot worse in this scene. Chris told her that he likes the job and is making good money, but then she bribes him into quitting his job. Lois is just the worst.

  3. Family Guy, got an idea for an full-length direct-to-DVD Family Guy special call Lois's Sexmare and it's also a follow-up to the season 9 episode, And Then There Were Fewer.

    Lois is having one great dream after another until one night, she have a special dream and to her surprise, Diane Simmons is back, but in a brand-new dominatrix-style Playboy body, and have hard erotic sex with her as revenge for killing her (but Stewie shot Diane in one first place without Lois knowing) and Lois doesn't like it one bit and she'll keep doing that because she'll be in Lois's dreams forever with no way to kill her because she's already dead in real life and she also have a slutty Pamela Anderson sex devil to make thing more erotic than ever for Diane. Now Lois needs to find a way to get out of the sexy problem and get rid of Diane once and for all so Lois can have fun dreams again. Even get some help an sexual female team of dream expects.

    The 2D animation needs to be solidly outstanding, the cast and characters needs to be likable, the music needs to be fantastical and everything else needs to be a direct-to-DVD masterpiece to date that Family Guy fans alike can all agree on that this Family Guy special event is not only an erotic masterpiece and an unbelievably fun erotic masterpiece to remember, a god-forsaken amazing direct-to-DVD animated masterpiece and also a sexy Family Guy event of the ages, but it'll also be the greatest, if not, THE absolute greatest and overall spectacularly kinky Family guy direct-to-DVD animated masterpiece ever created, period!! Respond if you like this idea.

  4. 0:53 that's the kind of humour that made me love Family Guy because it's a clever joke. Family Guy is a witty show but I find a lot of their new material is violent/bloody gross gags that are just stupid.

  5. It would be better if lois was in the horse outfit and the person waking her around was mistress vieda, misty, or Dr.Amanda rebecca

  6. Did anyone else notice that the horse gimp has the same eyes as the retarded horse from the episode where Peter gets the "gay gene"?

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