Family’s two horses stolen from barn
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Family’s two horses stolen from barn

August 22, 2019

also new tonight two horses stolen from a family’s barn in the Cypress area only to be found in a vacant lot nearby now the owner was to know who took those horses our jonathan martinez joining us live in the 12,000 block of Hofmeister road but the clues that could help catch the horse thieves Jonathan yeah bill you know the owners believe it is the same group of suspects who broke onto their property twice before this latest go-around though they tell us the suspects busted down a portion of this fence got the horses out and literally rode them down the road well they put that story on social media and it made the rounds fortunately not long after those horses were found just down the way this is cocoa now safely in their stalls where they belong Don Chamorro the owner of Isabella farm says she’s grateful to have cocoa in Nick back home I’ve been in Cyprus practically my whole life and I would have never thought any of this whatever happens the pair of Arabian horses went for an unexpected late-night ride Wednesday after thieves kicked down a part of a fence there are shoe prints on some of those boards over there where they try to kick those down and broke onto the property before taking off with the pair they jump on both the horses and then just walk out very nonchalantly security cameras were rolling the whole time catching two of the three suspects riding off you feel very helpless at that moment watching all that and just in shock Chamorro says it wasn’t until almost 14 hours later someone spotted the horses not far down the road left alone in the backyard of an empty home they went over there to see he took a picture and they said are these the horses I said oh my god yes that’s what those are the horses the horses have since been checked out by a vet tomorrow just happy to have them back in this industry there’s horses get stolen they you don’t see him again a lot of time so I’m blessed very blessed and thankful as for the thieves who took them though they’re still out there but tomorrow hopes not for long I think they’re capable of doing much worse and so I don’t think these people should be out I think they should be behind bars somewhere and the owner tells us Coco was recovering from a leg injury and that this may set her back a couple of months but beyond that both horses are said to be in pretty good health now she has filed the case with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office of course have you recognize those suspects or know anything about this case you’re urged to contact authorities who reporting live tonight from Cyprus i’m jonathan martinez KPRC Channel 2 News

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