Farm Animals – Spell Goat Horse Duck Pig Sheep Cow For Kids
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Farm Animals – Spell Goat Horse Duck Pig Sheep Cow For Kids

August 11, 2019

Narrator: farm animals bount bounta bount bount bount bounnnnnnnn [ Footsteps ] [ door opens ] [ door slams ] [ tractor starts ] Timmy>>Ha ha ha so cool ha ha ha [ engine sound ] [ tire squeal ] Timmy>> ha ha ha I tell you what [ tractor stops ] [ door opens ] [ door slams ] [ footsteps ] [ pigs oinking ] Ha ha pigs man, I like these pigs Do you know how to spell pig? Let’s see here it’s P I G That spells pig oink oink [ footsteps ] little white ducks quack-quack
quack-quack ducks now let’s spell the word duck D U C K That spells duck…lets see what other animals we have let’s go [ ducks quacking ] [ footsteps ] [ birds chirping ] whoa horse is so big I really like
horses this is so cool you can get on and ride
horses do you know how to spell of horse….it’s
H O R S E That spells horse ha ha I love horses [ footsteps ] Oh man look it’s a goat have you ever seen a goats eyes? it’s kind
of weird-looking its kind of slanted and it’s got like this little thing is it’s
just weird If you can get a chance to look at a goat eye make sure you do because it’s cool real cool all right Do you know how to spell goat? Let’s do it right now G O A T yeah goat goat goat goat goat what’s that over there [ footsteps ] Man, cows are big too I really like cows what if you can ride them like horses and whatnot that would be funny and cool do you know how to spell cow let’s do it
right now hey cow rhymes with now OK let’s spell cow C O W ok that spells cow that spells cow that spells cow ha ha Ha ha ha OK let’s go to the next animal in my farm Awe man, look at that there’s a sheep Do you know how to spell sheep Well let’s spell it right now S H E E P that spells sheep Do you know the difference between a lamb and sheep They look the same but a lamb is younger than 12 months if it gets any older than 12 months
then it’s called a sheep that’s why mary had a little lamb its fleece was like a sheep ha ha ha ok guys that’s it i hope you liked my
farm tour we’ll see you next time on…bye sheep lamb goat duck cow and a horse pig oink oink pig…..bye Timmy>>Until next time on Timmy>>Click the links below for more videos Timmy>>ha ha ha ha ha

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