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Features and Review of the Bugaboo Donkey Stroller | CloudMom

February 26, 2020

Hi everybody. Welcome back to Cloudmom.com.
I’m Melissa. I’m at Albee Baby. This is the Bugaboo Donkey. This is a double stroller
that came out to a lot of fanfare, very popular, definitely on the higher end. I’m going
to walk you guys through some of the amazing features of this really, really high quality
stroller. And again, I’m a huge fan of the Bugaboo. I had a Frog through all my kids.
I’m still using it today with my two and a half year old. I’ve had it for ten years
without a single problem. So the quality of the Bugaboo is impeccable. If it’s within
your budget range, definitely take a look at this excellent stroller. So what’s going
on with the Donkey? Okay? Basically what’s going on with the Donkey is: you buy a frame.
You can, you buy one seat with it and a basket. You can also buy it to start as a double with
two bassinets or with a seat and a bassinet. There are different ways in which to purchase
this. But what it gives you is the flexibility to have one child and then to change and to
convert it to a double stroller for either an infant and an older child, or two infants.
So here I’ve got it in this position for a child. I have this nifty carrying basket.
Some people in New York City put their dog in here. Later on when the stroller converts,
this carrying basket can be held here as a nice, cute little additional shopping basket,
which is really nice. One of the things Bugaboo is really happy about is the fact that you
can now detach this seat with one hand by pressing down on those two levers here and
just lifting up like this. So it goes like that so it’s much easier. And what happens
with the Bugaboo is that all your different seats and pieces are car seat adaptors. They’re
all fitting on to these black pieces here. So that’s what you’re going to see during
the course of this video. So let me go over a few other features of this: incredible wheels
with enormous versatility. It’s definitely on the wider side. It’s got a very, very
high quality base, generous storage. You’re going to go in from the front. And let’s
look at something on this stroller, because this is what’s going to help you adapt it
from the single to the double position, three security latches. There’s one here in the
front. Let me turn this around. There’s another one here in the back. And there is
a third one here on the telescoping handlebars. I need all of those to be unlatched to move
this from a single to a double position, or from a double to a single. And this is what
I recommend: you can do this by just pulling out here, by pushing down this button and
pulling out, but I actually find it easier to just move the stroller on to the side.
Push down on this button and have it go back into that double position. Now here it is.
I’m in the double position. So my three latches were undone, I pushed here and it
went into the double position. And now I’m going to lock it again. And if it won’t
lock, what it’s telling me is that I need to expand it more. So one latch there, another
latch here, right here, and my third latch here on the telescoping handlebars. Now if
it won’t latch, it’s telling me I need to push it out more. So at this point now,
I can have two children, either two infants, an infant and a baby. Okay, or two toddlers.
So here I’m going. I’m pressing down here to show you guys how this works. And I would
now have another seat. I guess this is a boy and a girl. You can pick your canopy colors.
Let me spin around so you guys can see me fitting this on. These two pieces here are
going to fit very seamlessly into there like that. So now I’ve converted it to be for
two older babies. You could do car seat adaptors and put two car seats here. It’s very versatile,
but wide. I mean, this is not easy if you’re going to be in and out of small cafes. Okay?
But you’re getting a lot of quality. So I’m now going to show you how you can collapse
this stroller. Again the one-handed release, here I am, I’m holding my baby. I push down
on these two sides and I move up. Boom. That’s coming out. Other side, here’s my baby,
two sides. Boom. That’s coming out. And how do I collapse the stroller? I put my baby
down safely somewhere. Here are my telescoping handlebars, that means they move up and down
like this. You have to be in a position where they’ve clicked in order to lock them again.
When I’m going to collapse my stroller, I’m going to move my telescoping handlebars
down like this. I’m pushing up with my fingers on these two white pieces here like that.
I’m lifting up, and then it just folds forward like this. This is the collapse you’re going
to get. You don’t get a straight, you know, flat collapse with this stroller, because
there is a little more equipment involved. And here’s how I’m going to un-collapse
it: again I’m going to push up on these two white pieces. I’m just going to press
down here with my foot. Those are the basics of the Bugaboo Donkey. If anybody has experience
with this very high-end, excellent stroller, please weigh in on Cloudmom.com and share
your experiences or your questions. I would love to hear from you. We’re going to have
a lot more information about buying and all the features involved with this stroller on
the site, so click through to see that. And thank you so much for watching Cloudmom.com.

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