FIFA 19 World Tour – Odell Beckham Jr. x A$AP Rocky | PS4
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FIFA 19 World Tour – Odell Beckham Jr. x A$AP Rocky | PS4

August 13, 2019

FIFA World Tour.
Yeah. What up, doctor? Shout outs to real ODB. You know, you can
add the “J” if you like. Every time I see him, I just
look at a fellow pretty boy, you know what I’m saying? So you can set it
up with no fouls, no nothing. I’ve been playing
FIFA since, like, 2001. Like, I’ve been
playing it for a long time. Yeah. I played board games
like Sorry and Clue. What was the first sport you
fell in love with as a kid? It really was soccer, but
I’ll tell you the truth. I told my mom when
I was 4 years old, I’m practicing for Sundays. I was going to be
playing football. I’m gonna call him clean. I was always trash at sports. But when I was
about eight, nine, I really wanted to
play football, bad. Short pass. Long pass. Yo, why you laugh, say
you don’t know how to play, bro? I think FIFA is
just international. As a matter of fact, I had David
Alaba and a couple of his people from Bayern Munich
come over to the crib. Two of them couldn’t
speak no english at all. Me and my boy
played them two-on-two, and they were like cussing
in German the whole time. We couldn’t understand anything, but you can understand that they
was getting their *** whooped. Dang, you good boy. Bro, how you did that, bro? What settings you got
on your controller? I feel like I catch
a lot of heat just because I’m so different. I got a blond top. I wanna hit them folks. I wanna dance.
I wanna have a good time. I like making people feel
like you can always be you. It correlates to
where I’m at in hip hop. Wear whatever you want. You have loop earrings.
You have hoop earrings. You got diamonds on your teeth. You’re a rock star, bro. It don’t matter if they
got a uniform on you or not. You’re a rock star. There ain’t too
many of us out there, man. The man right there.

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