Fight to Release ASAP Rocky From Swedish Prison
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Fight to Release ASAP Rocky From Swedish Prison

August 25, 2019

hey stop Rocky is a situation in Sweden Sweden’s a great country they’re friends of mine ASAP Rocky is the American rapper sitting in a Swedish jail since Sunday he’s facing assault charges after this fight outside a restaurant in Stockholm where he was on tour that’s him in the white hoodie many many members of the African American community have called me friends of mine and said could you help he arrests is causing an uproar because the rapper says he was acting in self-defense after getting hassled by two young men who wouldn’t stop following him they keep following Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West are personally lobbying for the rapper’s release even Melania is getting involved actually the one who knew about ASAP Rocky was our first lady right she was telling me about can you help ASAP Rocky you want to give a little while are we working with State Department and we we have to get him home soon [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Orwell got it wrong. Fascism and the Future isn’t a jackboot stamping on a human face forever.
    Fascism is an African American rapper and his entourage stamping on the face of an Afghan refugee in Stockholm forever.

  2. trump wants ASAP Rocky treated fairly in Sweden but has encouraged police brutality against Black people here in America. He's an opportunistic fraud.

  3. You can hear me you're the dumbest thing in the world and I hope you never ever exist. cuz you cheated for womans and now you're making everybody have an apostle life because I'm having a great time but when you came everything was worse no wonder you were going to be in jail

  4. He committed a crime in Sweden.. let him pay the damn price.. We dont care if he is in jail.. he deserves it.

  5. “That’s him in the white hoodie” They’re both wearing white hoodies you could’ve just that’s him in the green shorts.

  6. I am from Sweden. I saw Rocky and was freaking out inside but I was not gonna start following him. But what he did is wrong. U must study the laws of where ur going first before doing anything like this. In Sweden we have had piece for centuries in both world wars. Sweden is one of the most safest countries on earth and the children there can go anywhere they want by them selves. Even the malls. There r two main things wrong with this:
    1: it is setting A BAD EXAMPLE.
    The children of Sweden r being taught to be respectful and obedient. They r also learning how to defend themselves but this IS NOT THE WAY.
    2: Since it is such a safe country, when ppl see this, they start becoming afraid. That is obviously not a good thing as for Sweden wants their citizens to feel safe at all costs. U don’t just go to a country and start fighting on the streets IN THE CAPITAL CITY OF THE COUNTRY. The Swedish police have been very successful cleaning up the streets from these fights. But this is all bringing it back.
    If u have any questions comment and Ill try my best to answer.

  7. Only reason he’s in jail is due to this being the first time in Sweden that a Muslim assaulting someone actually got their ass beat. 😂 ASAP rocking may be the only man in Sweden currently.

  8. How can Sweden is friends with him when he had attack Sweden before. He probably made the situation worst. He can't even talk how can they send him to talk to the prime minister in Sweden. Sorry I would not want him talking or representing me.

  9. A little jail time has never hurt anyone, just dont drop the soap or its gonna be assoap and its gonna be rocky.

  10. OFF: 0:43–0:45 Find the addicted one, who couldn't wait until the interview ends and win a government harassment as price!

  11. I always thought a fight was one on one. Once more people join in, that's considered being jumped. 3 vs 1 is a fight?

  12. We do not care about any fool from the USA.
    We only care about our Arabs and Muslims. Hail to Swedistan.

  13. It must be very hard for Americans 🇺🇸 to understand that it exists country’s that even rich 🤑🤑🤑 people go to jail

  14. Absolutely ridiculous. They told that dude to leave them alone like 50 times. He started the assault on them ,asap ended it. I hate that guy, what a wimp. That other dude should be the one in jail

  15. Kids literally dying in cages under this administration and THIS is what they spend their time and energy on. Obvious pandering for black votes is obvious.

  16. To all the black people watching this and still voting for the Democratic party. I have one thing to say to you.😆😆😅😂😂😅😆🤣🤣😂😅😆😅🤣😂😂😅😆😅🤣😂😂🤣😆🤣😂😂😅😅😅🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😅😆🤣😂😂🤣😅😆🤣😂 You're stupid.

  17. After all of his on-going racist ,hate filled , lying tweets that continue endlessly he is now trying to hide behind Melania's skirt ?? How ridiculous is this embarrassing publicity charade.

  18. Privilege can no longer be denied and all of these involments to defy the process of trial must be holted, since this is not Otto W. and no ones life is in danger.

  19. For ALL of the Blacks who call President Trump a racist. BAMMMM, WHOOPS THERE IT IS!!! Hey First Lady Melanie, good looking out for #A$AP Rocky

  20. Seems like there’s video evidence. They’ll probably just finish the investigation and let him go. Lame publicity stunt.

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