Firing Up The Automatic For the First Time – Javelin Workhorse Tuf
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Firing Up The Automatic For the First Time – Javelin Workhorse Tuf

March 4, 2020

I’m going to fire up the automatic for
the first time coming up Okay so you guys have seen from the videos
everything that’s been done to this I feel like I’m at a good point towards
where I can just go ahead and fire this press up the first thing I need to do is
turn on the air compressor I’m gonna turn it on let it fill up with air and
then in the meantime I’m going to do some pre-flight checks go around make
sure I’ll have any tools laying around make sure there’s no cables that are in
the way and also I’m going to check all my connections make sure we’re good to
go then I’m going to open up the valve from the compressor let the press fill
up turn it on and we’ll see what we got okay the compressor just shut off I’m
going to go ahead and turn on the refrigerator
and then you’re just going to go ahead and open up the main line and start
filling up the system let’s see what we got here we’re getting a pressure over
here don’t see anything yet okay there’s no pressure at the press but do you know
that there is pressure my so what I’m going to go ahead and do at this point
is a justice regulator so what I’m doing at this point is I’m pull the cap up I’m
moving up this regulators that way know what air system making sure that oh
these arms everything is off on the press crank this thing up okay so I’m gonna open this thing up I can hear a leak inside of it we’ll see
a little green plant tortilla I need to pick that leeks that way compresses not
conflict Icahn on and all table up table downs working
when I turn print on I can hear one of the reasons I left this tab off I knew I
mix one of the lines with the little balls of the left so I’m going to turn the compressor off
for now open up this panel and see where this leaks coming from
I already know where the other leaf is coming from and I’m gonna fix those and
sweep that takes care of it so you can see here here’s where our leak is and
head number five by having to Nick that when I was putting it together
however deeper down inside here there is the Quick Connect that I put it together
with and when we’re trying to do is disconnected here quite find a way to
grab all the bit without losing it just cut it here and bring that hose and
connect that this quick connect rather than doing another connection I went to
movies will quick the next things on here
okay so I’ll cut off the bat in and I don’t know if you guys can see down in
there but right back there when we zoom in there’s the connections that I need
to make I am using my life spirits just a hole in place I’m not pinching it down
or any like that but I’m gonna press that other
in into that quick connection so the next issue is coming from this one right
here I may have to replace that connection no big deal
and go to Granger and get that for me come right there so I’m gonna go ahead
and take care of that as well you gonna pull the cable and see if I
can’t just reconnect it real quick maybe that won’t fix it maybe not
that’s not no big deal cheap parts alright so yesterday try firing
everything up letting the air go into the press there were a couple places
that had leaks so I really couldn’t do much of a test I did a few things
off-camera and obviously with the hoses leaking it’s just not going the work
they shouldn’t once a granger got the parts that I needed to however it is
here’s the parts that came off of it did have to get an adapter because they
were out of these parts but we have to get this thing going so let’s install
this part and do another test all right I combined this reducers along with this
fitting it’s all they had and I don’t really like doing this but when you get
this thing up and going and it’s going to go right up here so I’m gonna go
ahead and install that and push my TV back in there okay I had to cut these
tie straps off here threw them down on the floor
add them with a cross pattern I have to do that in order to get the fitting poun
got my hose back in so test number two start up let’s do it
alright first thing I’m going to do I’m gonna turn this thing on I’m gonna go down to these regulators
and set running at 90 I’m gonna bump it up to 120 for the manual says it needs
124 24c up in 20 CF and up and that has 25 so I’m gonna bump this up to 120 and
see what difference that makes all right I just called Howard technician there’s
a few issues going on there is one of these little T connections here this
thing does seem to be leaking here right there fill it here it looks like I’m
gonna have to make another run to Rangers see if we fix then the other
issue going on is printhead number one and three are not turning on
Howard told me to switch some of these little wires here on this valve the
second one here is for the first printhead and he said to just go ahead
and switch it over from switch 1 and 2 over and see if it does anything if it
does and that is bad I’m going to do that real quick see if that remedies it
if that is the case I’m gonna learn the Granger and get that as well the other
thing I need to do is adjust the spring because the table is
or hitting it and bouncing back so it has too much tension on it I’m gonna
adjust that as well before he gets here he’s coming this evening to help out
hopefully we can get all these things remedied tonight because we have jobs
that are due tomorrow and it is Thursday we have to get this stuff taken care of
I made a couple adjustments to the regulator’s he told me to set this one
at about 110 120 have it at 120 and then to bring this guy down to 40 print is
off right now but when I turned before we start Naren
still but I’m going to turn this thing off threat on when I do you activate you there too
doesn’t bang the one
a cries dude so one of the things we totally do is
pull this play on her head one if it’s not printing he said that we should be
able to hit the switch and see if the airs coming out of Buckley’s blinds I
got that little t-fitting off I labeled cables in here I did manage to get all
six heads working now that’s awesome part of the issue was these flood and
stroke adjustment knobs here or completely closed minor stuff now it’s
time to go to Ranger get this replacement part
I tried fooling with the shock over here because one of the issues is the table
was rotating hitting that spring and bouncing back so apparently it’s out too
much don’t know if it adjusted during the mood I’m gonna have Howard come and
just that tried fooling with it I don’t know how that works exactly but I’ll
learn when he comes out by the end of tonight Howard’s gonna be here at 8:00
should have this thing up and going and we
and print some t-shirt jobs I was just heading the Grainger
lost track of time I wouldn’t get to Granger until they were closer than
Howard just gave me a call letting me know that he is on his way so I’m just
gonna hook that t-fitting back up and I’ll head the grinder tomorrow
Howard coming in now I have to scramble to get some screens ready so we can do
some test prints anyways back at the shop
finally our just left maybe an hour ago a little dinner this thing is working
like it should be I’m going to show you guys a little bit of a demonstration
although I still got to do a few things like tighten down these pallets make
sure they’re the same distance and then we’re gonna do our first test breath now
let’s go ahead and turn this thing on and show you it go through its paces
alright I’m gonna turn the tower make sure that the table is underneath this
registration fork there I’m going to turn print on and I’m gonna turn each
single turn the flash on the foot pedal off that way we’ll just
run an auto I’m gonna go ahead and turn this thing
on I do have this flash off at the moment
but I know it works its brain Wow you can see how it’s tables up in tables
down and that index system works here I’ll get some better video in the future
when it is light out but there you go guys

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  1. Super smart going automatic, def stock female to female quick connect for quick repairs… When ur up next year love to send you trade work…

  2. Loved all the videos of this from buying to ordering parts to repair to it being alive! It gives great views to printers that they dont need to spend 50-100,000 on a new fancy press. This is by far the smartest business plan mano. awesome job!!!

  3. dang that's a nice setup with the compressor and all your air lines… that looks sweet!!! I'm jealous now, happy for you bro!

  4. How is your javelin so quiet? Mine is crazy loud lol
    It’s thuds when the table raises and lower and when it rotates it’s loud.
    Know anything it could be?

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