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First Horse Bath!

August 10, 2019

– [Bryan] When you’re kid wakes up from a very refreshing nap. – Dad! Dad. – What’re you doing crazy kid? I guess you could say the
nap served its purpose. (childish gibbering) (“Tribe” by Daily Bumps) – Good morning! – Good morning, guys! We’re on a special mission today, right? – Yeah. – Me and Oli are off to go see Nacho! When we see him, we’re
actually going to attempt to give him a bath. I have not given him a
bath since I got him, and he is just very dirty. He’s not disgusting or anything. I mean, I brush him and
clean him every day. But, I think it’s time
for him to get a bath. It’s a nice warm day today,
so we might ride him first, but then, we’re gonna
give him a bath, right? – Yeah. – How do you think it’ll go? – I don’t know. – Do you think he’ll like it? – Yeah. – Are you gonna scrub
him all up and use soap? – Yeah. – Alright, let’s go do it. – Hi, chickens – [Missy] Do you see the chickens? We’ve got all kinds of friends out today. This is Duchess, and here’s Billy, he’s like
I want to be on the camera. Do you like Billy? – No. – No. He’s kind of afraid of Billy. Billy does like to headbutt kids that are smaller than him, so. C’mere. C’mere. (Missy laughs) Here, oh, ah, shoot. Maybe this one? Oh, nope. They run too fast, huh? – So while Missy is giving
Nacho a bath for the first time, Fin and I are just hanging out. Huh, Fin? I was letting him play in the courtyard while I was getting some work done in my office and I couldn’t find him, then I found him sitting on the rock. I was like you are so cute. What are you doing now? What are you doing now, mister? You want to sit on that one? – Yeah. – Okay. – Ooh, whoa. – Whoa. You’re so cute, buddy. (giggles) What are you doing, Karma? Karma and Luna obviously have found some sort of plant that they like here. I keep catching them eating
different stuff in the yard, and I don’t know what it is. They act like we don’t feed them, and we do, twice a day. (chuckles) What? You’re leaving? So, Fin just decided to leave. Bye! – Bye. (relaxing guitar music) – [Missy] So I had full intentions on riding Nacho before I gave him a bath, but he is filthy. I think today is a little
bit warmer than usual, and so he was a sweating a bit. So I was like, you know what, we’ll just skip the ride today, and we’ll just give you a bath. – Boo! – Are you ready? – Yeah! – We got all our supplies. You’ve got shampoo,
conditioner, detangler, and all kinds of stuff, a few other things in a bucket. So we’re gonna give him a bath, and I’m hoping he does good. I think he’ll be good. Are you gonna be good in the bath? Yeah? (chill upbeat music) (giggling) – [Bryan] What’s Luna doing’? Is she lickin’ your feet? – Yeah. – Luna, are you givin’ his feet kisses? (chuckles) So it looks like you took your socks off, so Luna could kiss your feet, right? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Fin and I are eatin’ some grub today. I made him a peanut
butter and jelly sandwich. Do you like it? – Yeah. – Can you show me how you
take a big, big bite of it? – Yeah. – Okay. (chuckles) As he’s got his
dirty socks on the table. (laughs) Nice, dude. The boys have been loving homemade peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches. For a while, they were
eating those Uncrustables, but they love these now. And Oli actually asks for these ones. (childish gibberish) Yeah! (chuckles) I’m eating like this quinoa, protein, chicken, adobe bowl thing. Been trying to keep it a little light, just because I am really,
really, actually really close to my goal weight. And I know I haven’t talked
about this a whole lot, but ever since November I’ve
lost about 30-35 pounds. My goal is basically
to be under 200 pounds. I want to be the weight I was
when I was in high school. I feel amazing and I’ve
only been drinking LaCroix, so I haven’t drinking any
soda or anything like that. And basically just watching what I eat, and trying to not only eat
better, but eat a lot less. And it’s been working. It’s been really, really
nice to actually see. (yells) What? (roars)
(roars) (laughs) I feel like just feeling better is motivation to keep going
and to keep doing this. So I’m excited, we’ll see. And if it happens, I’ll keep
you guys updated, you know? They did just start selling
Girl Scout Cookies, though, didn’t they Fin? – Mmhm. – Yeah, and I had to walk past Girl Scout Cookies the other day, and I said, “No, thank you!” But I felt really bad
and it was really hard. (chuckles) Because I love me some Girl Scout Cookies. But I know if I buy the box,
I’ll just eat the whole thing. Right? Can I get an amen? My favorite cookies, though,
are probably the Thin Mints. (sighs) I put the whole box in the freezer, and they’re like little crispy chips, and they’re so amazing. So yummy. But you guys should let me know, what is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? And I can read your comments, and maybe it’ll keep me
away from buying a box. (laughs) Speaking of lunch, I think
it’s time to feed our fishies. I’ve got some fresh shrimp. Ope, they didn’t get really a lot. There we go. There you go, guys. (chuckles) (light upbeat music) I’m pretty sure Fin just made the biggest mess in the world. (laughs) Can you wipe your hands
and face off, please? Thank you. (chuckles) – Alright, Nacho is looking so clean, huh? He just has some conditioner
left in his mane, and tail that I need to get out. He is so clean. He was so dirty. I saw so much dirt comin’ off you. And he actually did really good. He doesn’t love his face
getting wet, and stuff. Which, I mean, who does, right? I’m pretty much used to it
when I give my kids baths, they don’t like their
face getting wet, either. (smooches) But yeah, Oli’s been such a good help, and we are almost done, huh bud? – Yeah – Almost done. (laughs) (light upbeat music) – It’s wet. – [Missy] What? – I’m wet. (waters spraying) – Ah! (water sprays) (Missy squeals) Hey, stop. (both laugh) (gasps) No, no! Don’t spray me, spray yourself. (giggles) Spray yourself. – No, you! – No, I’m not. (static) – Oliver! I will literally soak you right now. Do you want me to soak you? (water jets) (Oliver laughs) (Missy giggles) – Spray me now.
(water sprays) (laughter) – [Missy] Alright, you are all clean. Now you just gotta get dry. Looking good. I’mma do a really pretty braid, before I leave, and tie it all up, so it looks good after it’s all dry. That sound good? How you doin’? Are you soaked? – Yeah (Missy giggles) – Did you have fun? – I’m trying to– There’s something in shoe. – Oh, is something in your shoe?
– In this ones. – You’re such a cowboy. (chuckles) – [Bryan] Alright, Fin, it’s nap time. Do you wanna say ni-night to the vlog? – Yeah. – Say ni-night, camera. – Night. (laughs) – You’re just crawl in, all in your own, in your clothes?
– Yeah. (laughs) – Fin actually slept in today until 8:40. It was unprecedented and amazing. So he’s getting a little
bit of a later nap, but it’s probably perfect for
him right now, he’s ready. Alright, put this kid to bed. What do you see? (gibberish) (gasps) Is that a raccoon in there? And a bear? (gasps) There’s a little bear! (chuckles) Do you want to sleep with him tonight? – Yeah. – Yeah? Okay. There we go. Ni-night Fin. – Ni-night. – [Missy] Alright, Nacho’s all done. His hair lookin’ good and I did his tail. I went ahead and kinda
pinned this all down, ’cause he’s got a lot of
short hairs that fray up, so I’m hoping this might help. We’ve got a cool little brad here. Goes all the way to the bottom. Lookin’ so cute. How do you feel, Nacho? I did a little shave
around his little nose, so I really like that. I think that looks really clean and nice. Do you like that? Is that good? (giggles) I think he likes it. (laughs) Alright, you ready to go in and go eat? (patting) You look good. – [Bryan] When your kid wakes up from a very refreshing nap. – Dad! Dad. – What are you doing, crazy kid? He’s literally just
running around the yard. (gibberish and spitting) So now you have lots of energy, huh? (spitting) (Bryan chuckling) You’re so silly. Whoa, there we go. I guess you could say the
nap served its purpose. (childish gibbering) (motorboating) (Bryan laughing) (Fin gibbering) (Fin spitting) Ooh, look at these lemons
on our tree, you guys. They look so good. Careful, Fin. (gibbering) (laughs)
– Bye! Bye! – [Bryan] Don’t these lemons look so good? They look ready. (Fin spitting) (happy acoustic music) Alright, you guys, that
is all for today’s video, but if you enjoyed it be
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turn on your notifications. We’re still kinda tweaking
our upload schedule a little, but we have been taking like
Mondays and Wednesdays off, or Tuesdays and Thursdays off. We’re kinda just gonna
see what works for us, but so far it’s been amazing, and we’ve been able to take
a little bit of headway, I think, into moving
forward for the future. So thank you guys so much
for all the support on that, I really appreciate it. We just had a really chill day today and there wasn’t much else going on, so I thought I’d end the vlog, but thank you guys for watching. Leave a happy, friendly comment below. We’ll see you tomorrow, mañana, bye. Boop. (“Tribe” by Daily Bumps)

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  1. When you said you walked by the girls scout cookies… and Iโ€™m sitting here eating a box of them ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ณ

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