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First Reaction to MY HORSE PRINCE|Weirdest Japanese Games

August 23, 2019

*Shiiine Oh GROSS Ewww What on earth is that? Thud Thud Thud The movement is… Hurry up and stop it already… Hello Greetings Horse Prince ‘UmaPuri’ Yes, The Horse Prince Horse Princess? Yea…
– Is that how it is? I wonder… This game is seriously making headlines right now Which part is horse? Let’s have a look ‘Umako’ (Horsey girl) Such a cute name Shall we just go with it There’s no sound…ah, there it is Look it’s even properly got this mark here Same as here Yes, the bit of the horse’s hoof As expected, you’re a horse lover I’ve heard this is really amazing “On a country farm somewhere…” It’s a farm She was working super hard at her job But there were no hot guys at her workplace Since there were only old men She couldn’t fall in love “That’s when I realized it.” What did she realize? Chapter 1 – A Gallop of a Meeting When you think of Kings, they’re usually on a horse, so I’ve come to a farm
– What a reason! Gross what is that?
– An amazing character has arrived Is it not Mario? Well perhaps In some Nintendo game.. There was a character like this…MOTHER It was in Mother (Earthbound)
– I don’t remember that far In earthbound there was a character like this
– Was there? Looks like he’s appeared from a completely different game The style’s completely different huh Amazing “This is a farm with horses right?” “It’s a farm for competitive horses” He talks like such a country guy Do any hot guys come here to ride? hot guys?
– Well, not exactly men but.. “Young lady, are you here to see the horses?” NihongoGamer: “NOPE”
-“Uh, umm…yes that’s it” LIAR Look there’s one over there. You oughta go over and have a closer look Look, here he is Shiiine ohhhhh GROSS EWWWWW What is that?! That’s a horse Prince! NO Are you excited? In a different way it does excite you right? Hooo….Hot guy! HOT GUY! Hot guy?
– She’s officially recognized him as a hot guy It’s not a hot guy at all! She’s totally accepted him as a hot guy no wait…monster! So late! His name is Horatio (Yuma) N-n-not that, what’s up with his head? The head of a hot guy Does the horse look like a hot guy to you?
-Y..YES The ideal man Young Lady, could it be that your zodiac animal is the horse? Y…Yes Girls born in the year of the horse… are affected by an illness that causes them to see horses as hot guys Is there really such a thing? NO That’s why it says ‘according to the story book’ There’s no way that’s true
– She hit herself What’s all the fuss about? It spoke! It spoke… I haven’t seen you around here before What are you doing here? I just thought I’d come looking for hot guys Oops…I answered What…what are you exactly? Just a normal race horse Not true You are not normal. What’s normal about you? You really are noisy Do I really seem that unusual to you? Beyond unusual, you’re frightening! I’m currently experiencing something truly terrifying How mean… Still, I don’t dislike you. Still, I don’t dislike you He’s flirting! Is that ok? This is no good. It’s a mistake. He’s a horse! A horse! You ought to feed him something Feed? Feed! FEED?!
– What’s his feed? Hamburgers? There are carrots here so give him some What exactly that will look like…let’s see
– Let’s have a look! WOW!
– GROSS! sorry I need to quiet down
– This is ittttt Tap the carrots to feed Yuma Over time and through chat you can restore energy
– Chat?! Don’t chat With a horse Lots came out
– Carrots! So we’re feeding him? Oh he’s eating by himself…oh gross Oi
– What a shocking way of eating Did you see that? Shock! Amazing! Isn’t his way of eating so crazy? It’s insane When he’s eating The carrots shrink Wow Oh he’s out of motivation, let’s chat with him Chat? He’s depressed huh “How will the weather be tomorrow?”
– Choose an answer, what’s this? Doubt? It’s sure to be sunny How positive. I like that Are there different ratings like Good? What is this? Like the Charm missions in Doubt(Liar)?
– wow Do you now want to go out with this horse? Well, because it’s a horse Oh, he’s depressed again Let’s chat It’s here The Liar game questions What do you think about carrots? They’re delicious aren’t they? Well, they are, but that’s not what you wanted to say is it? Are there like, results better than good? There probably are So what is this? A game where you just keep giving him carrots? Do you like farms? This is most probably ‘yes’ right? I want to get a result like ‘very good’ “It’s a good place right?”
– Excellent! Yes!
– So there are results like that too So, if we keep feeding him what wil…whoooa What was that just now? The bond between you and horse bloomed How good for you It’s not bad is it, feeding horses She’s really into it now But it’s so sad isn’t it? This is his last feeding time Eh?
– The horse owner ran away I can’t raise them anymore How sad! If only there were someone to take over as the owner… Owning horses requires a lot of money doesn’t it? About that…how much money is require… Thud thud thud Oh GROSS The movement is… What is that thud thud Hurry up and make it stop! It’s coming this with incredible force! come on and make it stop! Make it end! Too funny Oh noooooo
– Thunk! Don’t do that In addition he’s a horse so his face is huge It’s arrived! The wall slam It’s wall slam this is So amazing This is… What do you think of this? The destructive potential of this image is incredible Wow If you only look here Ah, yes but it’s still… The leg is still there Yes yes yes, well, the ears are ya know Even regular hot guys Even the hot guys have cat ears sometimes If it’s like this… This is super, well, good If you hide it like this “What’s with this situation?” “The wall slam like out of a dream?” “Will you be my horse owner?” A confession? Nice to meet you, my owner “eh, did I become a horse owner?” It’s just a threat right? There’s time to reconsider right? It’s like returning a product
– return! Preview of next time Things develop and Umako is becoming a horse owner But she changes her mind and returns to the farm with the intention of declining the offer Umako then sees Yuma while training Because of the censoring here it’s even stronger Umako is astonished by what she sees The girl who fell in love with the princely horse with a human face HUMANFACE Hyuumann fesu Well, it’s not incorrect Look at Yuma getting prepared Chapter 2: The treadmill of special training Looks just like him! First liar Ah, the mother lover has arrived Using a ‘name’ plus ‘mama’ is just not ok is it? This person is definitely suspicious I’ll wash your handkerchief and return it There was a time when we would plan on returning your handkerchief but with a little fragrance But then when you get it’s like ‘what’s that smell?!’ Ewww You haven’t washed this at all have you! Go wash it again Asako? Who?

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