Five Nights of Freddy’s VR – This game is NOT scary #2
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Five Nights of Freddy’s VR – This game is NOT scary #2

August 23, 2019

WHAT’S UP GAMERS IT’S GAMING TIME ya’ll thought i was scared of a video game made for children?? i don’t think so i’m gonna play the game, and i’m gonna beat it, i’m gonna kill it and it’s gonna be easy aaaibebibiebiebiebe alright let’s go okay this should be great i’m already touching my- HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO IT my fingers are not-a long enough why are my finger not long enough there we go there we go VR is great guys, definitely buy a VR headset it’s working seeming-less-ly – thats a word – okay okay it works okay now it works okay it’s all cool right? are we still going? alright cool look at it, this is working pretty well okay summer night three and this is where the fox come and i have to keep my eye on the fox and that’s fine can i drink SLURP SLURP SHUT UPPP STOP CALLING ME I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE INSTRUCTIONS I DON’T CAREEeeEeEEeEeE SHUT YOUR PIPPYPOOPYPAPIPOOPIPAPPA GOdDAmit AND YOU– WORTHLESS look how fast i can change cameras now this is way better there look at how fkin fast i am brah alright where’s the jungle brother – there he is alright there you are I SEE YEOUW I SE- I ??? where’d the chickin sh!t go? where’s the sexy mama there she is, there’s my girl THAT’S MY GIRLL she’s freaking me with her eyes i can’t wait to see her *richard* okay there she is – HE* is help me im looking at you i’m looking at you alright where’s the chicken where’s my chicken ba- SHE’S COMING she’s coming to papi

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  1. Go back to norway. The land that No one likes…..
    I still love you pewds and i will always.even if im norwagion……half swedish

  2. Pew die pie. You will never see this comment but… I quite enjoyed this video/the last one and would appreciate if you could continue thank you for your time.

  3. Hey guys!! I have a YT channel pls check it out. It is not rly good cuz I just started but pls just give me a chance it means the world to me

  4. “I cant wait to see her d*#^” wad the best part of this video

    Btw felix u funny af i look up to u everyday, for example… someone insults me at school? I grab a cupcake and throw it at them, while screaming “worthless”

  5. 12:34 Markiplier: Gets jumpscared because he dropped it
    PewDiePie: casually puts cupcake on Chika's crotch without anything happening

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