Fixing a Horse that wants to Swing His Rear in the Box – Allen Bach Team Roping Tips
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Fixing a Horse that wants to Swing His Rear in the Box – Allen Bach Team Roping Tips

August 22, 2019

You guys probably thought maybe I was fixing to go
pick a fight with him, but that ain’t what it’s about. It’s about pushing the right buttons at the right time,
and doing it with the right amount of pressure. Right here I was pretty aggressive with my rowel. I know right where my rowel is by the way. He’s thinking about trying to move his hip around on me. It’s a matter of respect, you know, in a way. See, he’s been let get away with that so doggone long that he’s gotten spoiled. I sometimes will come out here away from the box. And it’s kinda like if you can’t do it out here,
you’re probably not going to do it in there. But meaning, you should be able to ride your head horse or heel horse straight forward up the railroad tracks, so to speak, and keep him straight back between your legs. Even out here, he’s somewhat wanting to… I can feel him wanting to disengage his hips Just kinda watch my right leg, and
I’m trying to talk him out of it, so to speak. I’m trying to get a little bit of respect back into him, where he’ll quit pushing on my leg so much. And your left leg is just loose? Laying there? Well, when I get back to right about there, I’m actually,
be like I’m putting my thumb in your ribcage. I’m pressing pretty hard. But I’m not, I’m not you know, like jerking and kicking kind of a deal. You see, some guys, because they lose self control and lose their patience and then it comes out on their horse in the box. Because they can’t get nothing done,
so they get frustrated. Um, don’t be that kind of a roper. Keep your cool. Kinda like, If you need to produce something in there, come out here first and do it. These horses, they’re smart. They know the difference. That didn’t really… Probably felt like I’m wasting your time a little bit.
But that didn’t take too awful long to fix him, right? This is a lot what I would look like at home roping. Like once I get my head, shoulders and hips where I want them, I’ll relax and leave him alone. That’s kind of a reward. Just us leaving along,
leaving him alone is a reward. Sit there with relaxed legs, everything.
So they chill out. And then, when I want to… I almost every time will do this here.
I put my hand down on his neck. Touch him with my hand right there. Move him forward.
Move him back straight between my legs. which now he’s starting to… kinda gotten over his little spoiled deal there,
and he’s got some respect for me. He was a little bit losing respect for, ah, his rider. You have to maintain that. You gotta be buddies with them, and you gotta leave ’em alone But you have to maintain respect in your horse. You can tell when a horse gets spoiled and starts disrespecting whoever is riding them. Does that all makes sense to you guys? Same deal heading. That little habit of… Can you imagine if you do that over and over every day? That horse gets a little bit nervous.
You could feel him getting tight. There’s nothing wrong with letting him step forward a couple steps and relax and chill just for a second. Like I said, you see it at the NFR all the time.
But, you know, no one explains it. It’s just a way for him to take a deep breath, so to speak.
When we run steer after steer off of them,
they need a little bit of a break there. It’s kind of huge though, like me putting my hand on his neck right here, letting him disengage right when I want him to. A real test, by the way, is, you know how most of the time if you ride a horse all the way out of the box, when they really want to spin their rear end out, if you can take him all the way out to here, and keep him between your legs, then you’re really doing something. and I make all my horses, not only take a couple of steps forward, but when they know they’re out there, they know they’re not trapped any more by the back fence or this fence, and they’ll usually spin out on you. I want them to really listen to me, and trust my feet and my hands and I want to be able to control my horse’s body even out there. I mean, if I want to go all the way to the back end and back them straight into the box, I want to be able to do that.

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