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Fizzy – G1 My Little Pony ‘n Friends

February 29, 2020

♫My little pony, my little pony♫ ♫Frisking about as spring unfolds♫ Be careful! Stay alert! Say hi to the bushwoolies for me! Into the castle, everyone, the smooze is coming! What’s smooze? Will we like it? Is it something nice? What’s wrong with you? What’s it look like, bubble-head? No, I’m stuck with it, big-mouth! Yeah! Stuck with it! Stuck! We can’t give up hope! You couldn’t help a skunk stink! Leave me alone! Gee, even her twinkle is gone. And I’m going with you! Unicorns are good luck! And good company, too! Hope the Moochick’s home… Mr Moochick! Mr Moochick! The Moochick never leaves the safe confines of his Mushromp. I’m sure he’s here somewhere. He has to be here! Maybe he’s here, but he doesn’t want to see us. And who, may I ask, are all of you? I’m known as Wind Whistler. And I’m Fizzy. We’re little ponies! You do remember! How could I forget? You gave us the Rainbow of Light! It worked, I presume? It worked great! But it’s gone now. The smooze got it. Do you have another one? [giggles] Wow, that’s terrific! Yeah, it’s not so easy to replace. But you can do it, I know you can! ♫But what you’re looking for♫ ♫Is paradise!♫ We’ll take it! ♫It’s paradise!♫ Oh, thank you! ♫It’s paradise!♫ Oh, it’s beautiful, Mr Moochick! Off you go, off you go! Time is short! Take your map, and your Paradise Estate, and good luck to you! You’ve already given us good luck, Mr Moochick! Bye-bye! Thanks! I’m going with you. And me! Don’t forget me! Great idea, Wind Whistler! Good thing you came along! We’ll make it for sure now! We’ll just– Bubble down, Fizzy! We won’t get anywhere if you don’t stop talking! Sorry, it’s just that sometimes, I get so
excited I– Follow me! Gee, I don’t see why a little pony can’t be enthusiastic, once in a while. Smooze! Run for it! Get on! That way! Can you jump it, Fizzy? Gosh, I don’t think so… I can! Get on! What about Fizzy? Not to worry! I’ll just use my unicorn magic! Wow! Come on! Hold on! It’s easy to be courageous when helping others. Gee, Wind Whistler, that’s beautiful! I love the way you talk! But where’s here? We’re lost, I just know it! We’re not lost, Shady! Relax! We’ll never make it through the forest! Yes we will! Fizzy! Fizzy, come back! [roaring] I wish I could disappear like that! What a wonderful place! These flowers are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! [sniffs] Smell so sweet… Oh my goodness! Awesome! Maybe it’ll go home… Maybe we should go home! Oh, it’s unbelievable! I never dreamed anything could be so beautiful! And we’re already late for the celebration! I think… aren’t we? We should be getting close to Flutter Valley. Oh, I hope we don’t miss the celebration! Run, Spike! Get help! Not so fast, dragonbreath! C’mon, little ponies! Move it! It’s the flutter ponies! What is it? Thunder? Drums? Heavy dancing? [rumbling] It’s a landslide! What are they? I’ve never seen anything like them before. [screaming] I’ll make a parachute! Oh, Fizzy, thank you! Oh, we’re safe! Thank goodness we’re safe! Yeah, yeah, safe! Gee, I wish we could have some apples. Yeah, apples! Me too! I want one! Gosh, Wishful! That was terrific! You mean all you have to do is make a wish and you get what you wish for? Gosh… Nah nah nah nah nah! [giggles] It’s not working, Surprise! I’d make a bubble, but what good would it do? Let’s get ‘em! Wait, Gusty! There’re too many stonebacks. Why don’t we ask the flutter ponies to help us help the furbobs? [laughter] What happened to brave and tough? Well, I’m pretty sure we’re tough… You said it was filled with colourful flowers and green trees! It is! I mean, it was? I mean, it used to be… Surprise! [screams] Surprise! What are you doing here? Nice try, little ponies, but you’re mine
now! [laughs] What are you gonna do with us? Oh, I’ll think of something. But how do we get past Ahgg? [Ahgg shrieks] I have an idea! [whispers] Oh no you won’t! I won’t do it! Nope, uh-uh, nope, uh-uh! Please, furbob! You have to, it’s our only chance! Yours too! Ok… but this better work! Close your eyes, furbob! I don’t wanna get any bubble in them. It’s working! Good work, Fizzy! Way to go! You can open your eyes now, furbob! [laughs] Hey, this is fun! Why don’t you let us go? Yeah! That’ll show Hydia she shouldn’t make fun of you. Oh no, I couldn’t do that! We have an idea, Draggle! We’ll teach you some pony magic! You will? Sure! Then you can make Hydia proud of you! She’ll think you’re the greatest! ♫Pony magic is the very best of magic♫ ♫The kind of magic used for doing good♫ ♫It really comes in handy when there’s trouble♫ ♫If you can do what Fizzy does, and bubble!♫ ♫Pony magic is our favourite kind of magic♫ ♫We know you’d use our magic if you could♫ ♫Imagine just how much you could improve things♫ ♫If you could be like Buttons, who can move things!♫ ♫Pony magic is the greatest kind of magic♫ ♫Gusty here can cause the wind to blow♫ ♫With pony magic, our kind of magic♫ ♫Who knows how far you’ll go?♫ [giggles] Gee, what a shame! Bye Draggle! Seeya! Yeah! Gee, we were only trying to teach her some magic tricks! If only Megan were here. She’d know what to do! Gee, are we ever glad to see you! Same here, Fizzy! Oh no! The sun is gone! Without some more sunlight, the sunstone will fade forever! It’s terrible! I didn’t see that cloud before… It just magically appeared! [stutters] I was forced to come here, by Squirk. Oh. Who’s Squirk? No, unicorns can only wink out through empty space! Yeah, we can’t wink through stuff like this
net, y’know! Maybe I can untie us! Try it, Buttons! Hurry! Our house! You’re gonna wreck it! I’ve never tried to make such big bubbles, Megan. You can do it, Fizzy, go for it! [grunts] Wow! Wow, this is neat! Terrific, Fizzy! Now make one for Danny! Make your air bubbles, Fizzy, so we can get out of here! Just stop flooding the land, Squirk, and we’ll do whatever you want! Maybe you’ll even be… you know, a good ruler! Here goes! She’s stopping the flood! Do it again, Megan! Make it go away! But why did you destroy the Flashstone, Megan? A power like the Flashstone can be used for evil too easily, Fizzy. Shoo be do, Shoop-shoo be do! Shoo be do, Shoop-shoo be do! What’s wrong, Fizzy? I wanna cross the water! Use the rocks! I’m afraid I’ll fall in. I think I’ll just wink across! Capture them, now! Fizzy you’d better make some bubbles, quick-quick-quick! Gusty, you blow them at the troggles! C’mon, right now! Ok, but I didn’t know this was a party. [yelling] A few troggles are still loyal to Grogar. They told him of my plan to help you. Well, that wasn’t very nice! Fizzy, you’ve got to make that stuff in the crack bubble! Ok… Hey, it’s working! Look out! Wow, terrific! A treasure chest! They’re very pretty… Hey, wait a minute! Where are we gonna get a ball to play with? No problem! Watch this! Here it comes! I got it! I got it! I got it! I go– oops. You got it alright, Gusty. No sweat! I’ll just make another bubble! I only wish I could make bubbles that are big and strong enough to keep from popping! Wow, look at that! Gee, pretty! Can you do it again, Fizzy? Ok. Ribbon, Whizzer, Lofty, Lickety Split, Danny, and Molly, you get the baby sea ponies to water. The rest of you, come with me to the Mushromp. You think they’ll be ok? It’s up to us to make sure. Right… uh, how do we do that? By getting to the Moochick and finding a way to make it rain! Come on! Woah, the Moochick wasn’t kidding! That troll’s bad news! ♫What do you give to a troll♫ ♫To make him feel impressed?♫ ♫How about a nice fake fur?♫ Once we get to the top, how do we get the Heart of Fire? I suggest we traverse that overpass when we encounter it. Huh? She means we should cross that bridge when we come to it. Oh, right. We just came to it! And there isn’t any bridge! How are we ever gonna get it? Now what do we do? It’s too far for me to wink to. Hmm… Fizzy! You can’t reach it, but maybe one of your bubbles can! Yeah! They’re still real big and strong ’cause of the wish I made! If you send it close enough, perhaps we can retrieve the gem! Megan! The bubble’s so big, it’s hard to control! [screaming] Oh Megan, Wind Whistler, I’m so sorry! That’s alright, Fizzy, we got the ruby! It’s so nice to have everything back to normal. You said it! I got my old bubbles back! [giggles] I just can’t imagine a better day for playing polo, can you? [giggles] I’ve got it! [whistles] I object! The rules explicitly state that the ball may not be engaged by unicorn magic! Don’t panic, I’ll get it down! …As soon as I figure out how! Perhaps I can be of assistance. [giggles] I’ve never had one get away from me before! Uh oh… Hey! Where are we? And they do all this work without any glory or reward. You don’t think they’re dangerous, do you? Woah! [laughs] This is great! Oh my! What have we done? [laughs] Wind Whistler! Quickly, we must do something! [laughs helplessly] This is no time for frivolity! These multicoloured protoplasmic organisms are ruining the ecology of this place! [laughs] ♫Gee, but it’s a thrill being somebody else♫ ♫Somebody other than me♫ ♫Instead of being stiff and stern♫ ♫I’m wild, I’m loose, I’m free!♫ ♫Gee, but it’s a joy being somebody else♫ ♫It makes you walk on air♫ ♫It lets you find the you inside♫ ♫You never dreamed♫ Well, when we fell into the dell, we kinda knocked over this barrel… But Fizzy took control and restored everything to normal. I did? I mean, how did I do that? Balance, what balance? What are you talking about? As I said! Everything is back to normal! [laughter] Hi Fizzy! [gasps] Oh! What are you doing? I’ve lost Ribbon… or is it Galaxy… oh… well, oh shoot, I don’t even remember where home base is! You’re playing hide and seek? Oh, do let me play too! For sure! We’ll start over! Olly-olly-oxen-free! Sweet Stuff wants to play! She said she’d be it! [laughs] What is it, Megan? I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s bad, I can sense that! Hey, what’s going on? [screams] Fizzy! This is no time for jokes! I didn’t mean it, Megan! It just happened!

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