Fly Takes a Dive – Blue Water High Full Episode #4- Totes Amaze ❤️ – Teen TV Shows
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Fly Takes a Dive – Blue Water High Full Episode #4- Totes Amaze ❤️ – Teen TV Shows

August 30, 2019

Wait I love them fast or slow big or small even waves like this one Chopping it up Wait a guy would apply Little fly why is it always little fly blind midget flake itty wink why don’t people take me seriously You got a message to call hard why what now? Hi anyone at home mum dad you said urgent is anyone hurt is everything okay? Please go I’ll be right at the phone See you later Where are you going unless? This is winning this weekend. Oh, you’re right. You’re going higher. Yes, don’t get into any trouble while I’m away Come see three days What’s why Inside her family called huh, I can’t I’ll see you all in 30 minutes just so you know what that was about to tell you I had nothing to do with oh, you’re Right, thanks Right eye, then gorgeous beaches all the surf you want out of school for lunch and study periods for training pretty privileged life Right well somebody’s gotta live it a solo blue also feel It’s important for you to have some balance in your life to be a part of the community here Buy more socializing maybe by doing some community service About 80 hours throughout. Oh, yeah, when are we supposed to do that dad? We’re already pushed beyond I mean earth being training chores homework, but we hit a sir Yeah You are you also here to learn how to be part of a team and to give something back to the community that supports you so Rita It’ll be fun. I’ve done community stuff in my old school so map did suggest ins might be cool Maybe like helping at the National Park sure we got a free slot between midnight and 4:00 midnight and 4:00 But that’s just snoring practice time edge watch it We should check on fly Edge I maybe know how you and I can do this community serve and get some extra training. Yeah, yeah, I’m a local I’ve got contacts We put your body way you know they took my name off the message machine at home well duh that’s because you’re not there right no not while we’re on the subject of phone messages On the Left guys who are likely to call me on the right messages you have to give them Why are we your personal answering service can’t they just call you mobile I’ve given this number to people I’m not sure. I really want to talk to so why give it out to keep my options open? Now if Jason rings I’m home Marc Fisher. I’m out Derek’s like freak. Oh, I’ve left the country Just follow the chart, please Breathe Please bring birth to Sydney 3290 Kay oh Maybe they’ve had a bushfire how long did you live it in for like what you said to do that yeah two hours? The city was so hard to say farewell Don’t go anorexic on a speck Julie. I just picked down at lunch That’s all well ad reckon we could cook the roast in half the time at twice temperature Hello oh This is Anna’s grandmother horse mutter Thanks bye Sly why don’t you take a break and we’ll call you when they ring? Bye, I got for my boss you can have one of those if you like as soon as I get them working Thanks dad. No probs kiddo kiddo Juice You got a silver medal for sloppiness edge try sharing a room with Joey a message came through the voice amplifier Hepatitis that’s serious glandular fever and suspected hepatitis poor Nell and she’s doing her final exams I’ve better call them back the message said to wait. They won’t get the test results for the hepatitis until 9:00 tonight They said they’d call you after that hate these three-hour time difference to West Australia now fly you are not going to camp out underneath the phone all night Yeah It’s cheap rates at night. Call them anytime you like that’s a great idea Anna thanks Anna Here’s the telephone number of the hospital in the meantime Sit tight and try and get some sleep This is Fiona no Watson sister, I heard she’s in Ward 7. I was wondering yeah, yeah I’d love to speak to her if I’m allowed Thanks Now I’ve been so worried No coming home tomorrow, but That’s great Me. Yeah colors, I love it you Sure School zone Good everything’s cool The other kids They’re awesome There’s edge cool guy wicked freestyle Beks a local, race everyone and everything around here. Perry’s totally hot she’s even been in magazines Matt’s a brainiac. He knows heaps more than most teachers He’s really fun his Park Mary his monster, New Zealand. He’s like a professional surf film director and as my roommate She’s a champion kite boarder from Germany Chávez everywhere she’s pretty famous And Then there’s me you know youngest Smallest Maybe I should come home for a bit while you are sick No I suppose not Yeah I’d better let you get some sleep. Sorry. It was great talking to you nearly Let me see Night On hold Y-yes this okay, um yep great no there, but itís going home today. That’s a relief isn’t it I? I`ll charge the battery Hey bathrooms free if you want to get in ahead of Perry sorry I’m not no you go, thanks, I won’t be long We’ve got enough lifesavers for now big I’m sorry well yeah, it’s fine, I understand really Thank you for trying. Yep Maybe next year My family’s skin, and I run at the bill of two hundred and seventy four dollars such a cute Has anyone done that community service yet? Not yet I’m gonna try to surf lifesaving up forget it Harry. You like to say this thing. We surf school kids up for ourselves Wait commit or work hard anything. That’s surfing so that I can talk my way in Fine what would I know? Bato the face of Shiva dry Fly oh my god, no, I can do it Hi, I’m the Jovi advertise ease that’s – ok then thanks Can’t see you hosting a credit drink bottles kid sorry Excuse me Can you tell me where the manager is what I was wondering if that job he advertised was still got the one in the paper I Don’t think so look. Sorry we need someone who can actually you know pick things up You know I spent my whole life on a dairy farm Milking hurting all Healing Rain mucking out sheds I sold fruit and veg at the local market since I was five years old and Handle the cash I can drive a tractor fix a bailer and work in a flood Sorry Ben something like a checkout you to the service station would be a piece of pie I mean eh But you’ve never hauled a heifer out of it down I know no we don’t get a lot of heifers around here I I am the manager here, and I do have a job you might be interested You know we’ve got three assignments this weekend, we’ll forget about the cooking that’s all taken care off great and Now my community service is sorted what already? Would you volunteer the abattoir the surf lifesaving Club? Beck’s got me and her in as members just you an edge, um not exactly They wouldn’t take us, but you’re a local. You’ve got contacts embarrassing, huh? Sorry, okay everyone Guess what we are what? Members of the blue water surf lifesaving Club I got us in all of us, yep told you I could talk them into it back Oh No I see him I see him all right cheers mom thanks your legend okay. Bye hey Okay Anna we need to get the stuff off mums dishes and onto jellies plates. It smells so good Mom says you got to give us more nerdist next time and just how much notice does mummy I’ve got unis tonight, so you get the short version riot, act which is realize you’ve all left home there are no parents here to pick up after you no meals on wheels and no laundry service from mum I Know you’re competing, but you won’t have to look out for each other cause for this year Get used to it We’re all each other’s family Does anybody want to say anything you’re not really gonna throw out Beck’s mum’s pies aya Not if you save me some Hello candy Richard No, hi there Where have you been? nowhere. I like Julie no you were doing community service I’m trying to videophone on the Internet to Germany, but this stupid thing keeps crashing So far away from home Anna different language and customs and stuff You knocked home see I miss things Good like bread really German to me My school my friends mom and dad What happened to using a lifeboat and sitting in the tower meeting all the hotties Our first Saturday off since we get here Pete gets to go to a party and we’re doing this here instead of surfing out there Okay, obviously. We’re gonna prove ourselves to begin we made it in after all hey Beck I Wasn’t playing favorites Perry suggested that I give you all of that on probation Better get on with it your juniors will need this area for training pretty soon great, so You talked him into giving us cruddy jobs on probation Hey, Barry, wow what a negotiator at least? We got out put in the door? I don’t know what flies community services, but it has to be better than this Any money to sense my things to be in – yeah Ok I will come to pick it up around 3:00 This lady wants a full interior clean, okay? Okay, I press Start you should be in the George Luckily there was no serious damage, but it’s against surf school boards to take on a job without our approval We are responsible for your safety We need to know where you are what you are doing if you have money problems you come and talk to us Fly fly You’re a baby fly Watson a real pathetic baby. Oh I’ve ruined everything Saturday’s a busiest day for the carwash, and they can’t get it fixed till Monday. I just want to go home See Nell and the others in the farm you want to leave. I don’t fit in here. You don’t fit in here What about me a German Kate bought us? Yeah, but you can handle it everyone respects you I’m just like some annoying flea their backsides. You’re having a tough time fire, but tough times happen anywhere different than your home. I Have an idea what I better get you don’t leave Such okay place we got the rest of the day off guys. I need your help What’s going on we’re doing your geography check now Here’s you three thousand three hundred fourteen kilometers away from Margaret River Where stars and there’s Heath? Lucky Devils back home right now five hundred and ninety eight point four kilometers away in balanar and Perry Gold Coast six hundred and eighty four point eight kilometers edge melbourne 715 case that’s wrong. It’s 7:30. You can change it. Okay. There’s me down a king island, and then there’s a no time 16300 k’s away in hamburg am I gonna get a sign. You’re two blocks away I still want to sign The point is we are all away from home some of us further than others And we may not be your sisters Kate Nell or Josie or Liz Oh Jen, but we’re gonna be there That’s Bella understudies Substitutes. We’re your substitute family. Oh, this is too embarrassing Not as embarrassing as us picking up garbage with little yellow rubber gloves come on you guys always know how to handle things Great stuff everything up they stuff up all the toys for yourself, so you cost the car wash some money And you’re in the booth dip right. I just want to disappear. You know I’ve got an idea How we can fix this and call it community service at the same time whatever it is No, it’s good Amy out Good morning Without good morning when watching cars here this morning with half the proceeds going to the blue water start by setting cuts, and you’ll appeal Part of the community said look can you just get your hands on as many as possible and bring down Yeah, yeah, that’ll be really good. Okay Right dad’s bringing all the cars from the car lot and I’ve got all the kids I know from school putting pressure on their parents to come to I Reckon, you gonna clean up here today night. Oh Looking great guys ding good job Alright ready for the next Why you should learn to worry less Besides they are my old ones Fly come over here 182 dollars 40 in tips No It’s for all of us we voted it goes towards a debt for the damage and the rest of this Mystery dip pay me back when you turn pro surfer. Okay? How’d you find out there? Just text me the bill? That’s enough everyone come and get it cold right Okay, okay I’ve got some good news and what some even better news you guys did a fantastic job raising money for the club tonight Oh, yeah, one of my best days ever So we’re waiving probation you guys are now fully fledged members of the surf lifesaving Club So what’s the even better news George is letting you guys do a carwash Athan for the club every month Yeah, we did too good a job cuter stuffed it up no way I’ve done enough stuffing up for life I guess it’s always got to be someone who’s a baby of the family and because I’m the smallest I guess that’s me, but I can still get the biggest way and my bosses ways even waves like this one Yeah

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  1. Does anyone know who does the surfing for the girls and guys in the show? I assume most of them could not really surf.

  2. I am Polish and Italian but I am living in Germany and that's why it is funny too hear German in an Australian TV show

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