Foal Eagle exercise: US and South Korea hold joint military drill amid North Korea tensions
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Foal Eagle exercise: US and South Korea hold joint military drill amid North Korea tensions

November 19, 2019

A large-scale landing drill as part of the
Foal Eagle exercise. South Korea and the United States in a joint military show on the coast
of the port city Pohang, 223 miles south of Seoul. The drill mobilised around 7,500 US
Marine Corps and 2,000 Navy personnel with around sixty aircraft and seven warships. This exercise was not designed to react to
any political situation. It’s not designed to send a message. This is something that
we have to do to be able to interoperate with our ally. Marines and navy sailors from South Korea
were heavily involved too. Hours after this latest part was staged, the two Koreas exchanged
fire off their west coast near a disputed border, but there has been no report on actual
clashes between the armed forces of the two sides. South Korean residents living in the
border islands were evacuated to air-raid shelters. And the fire exchanges come amid
heightened tensions surrounding the North after the U.N. Security Council condemned
Pyongyang for its mid-range missile launches last week.

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  1. One general called Gen McArthur may have taken one good reason and decision to destroy and decapitate the North Korean communist army retreating to its capital in that time. US government decided not to waste more soldiers' lives and limbs or for certain political reasons. NK recovered and build armies with nukes with the hateful spirit (USA is the enemy doctrined and preached thru NK life). How can you tame the dog with nukes? Maybe someone or some e-gadgets (sat/land/sea based) (presume) control or alter or deactivate or corrupt electronic guiding systems, creativity always play games. North Korea hates USA. USA and party hate/or dislike North Korea. Maybe perfect match for any diabolical analysis or strategies created by experts on any sides.

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