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Foal With Diarrhea – What To Do // Versatile Horsemanship

November 4, 2019

in today’s video we’re gonna show you
what we do with our foal who has a case of diarrhea as soon as I noticed this
little guy having loose stool I made it a point to contact my vet and he’s
acting exactly the same he’s very alert he’s very active he’s eating normal he’s
eating a lot actually and he’s sleeping normal everything is normal except for
the fact that he’s got watery poo so the vet said just as long as he’s acting
normal this should just go on for a few days this is very normal for foals that
are his age and she said that if he starts acting any different or doesn’t
want to eat to contact her immediately make sure takes temperature that sort of
thing so I am in contact I am in constant contact with my vet over this
stuff and I want to make sure that that he’s gonna be okay we’re gonna show you
the last couple of sessions and how we got him cleaned up and made him more
comfortable I guess this is a week two weeks old and
he is ten days old today this is something that is very common with foals
so I’ve been told I’ve not personally dealt with it myself before with a full
but basically what happens is when the mayor comes into their first heat cycle
the hormones kind of change and the foal ends up with with loose stool and
another thing that happens is the foals typically start eating their mother’s
poop and other horses poop and what that does is it changes things in their gut
and causes loose stool there as well I’m using a vino in relief body it’s crusted read on they’re coming really I did this is actually really good for him
because horses have a tendency to clamped on their tail if anything gets
underneath it and this is giving me the ability to really work on that and
basically what I do is has he’s clamping and I keep it there and then when he
released as I take my hand away this is very stuck I’m getting the one foot off
pretty good but the other side is still stuck I’m sorry so right there he’s clamping so I hold
and wait till he releases so this is you know one of the kids asked me today when
do you start training him well I started training up in the first second I
touched him luckily he’s not too big yet cuz this is gonna get difficult so it’s
nice fuel to do this kind of stuff with him now I just have warm water here and
a little bit of a V no body wash I’m hardly using any soap it’s mostly just
water and I’m going with the hair to try to get it to come off smoothly and
sit-ups I don’t want to scrub it and irritate the skin anymore he is 13 days old today good teeth and
he has teeth so we’ll do a video to show his cute little teeth I’m scrubbing that oh there you go oh
yeah I get him and it just really kind of mapped out I’m literally holding the lane adjacent
look at his feet legs I just got a tail okay I got a Jarrah desitin I’m going to
put this right in his butt crack and I’m gonna put EMT everywhere else cuz in
this crack he’s just kind of raw in there whoo like that’s cold in my body yep now I’m putting a despot opponent desitin is a diaper rash ointment and it
works great for well diaper rash on human babies so it’ll help with horse
babies too whoa oh honey Holden okay all right but
he’s doing so good okay now here’s the Andy this is gonna go on all the skin
and hair surrounding the bum and hopefully keep how I forgot how much I
liked to smell with this stuff and I’m gonna get it on the underside of
his tail as well because they don’t like the dock of his tail to get Turkey and
then panic coating his tail with it to keep from sticking to its okay okay
ready one two three hey weird he’s just sitting there with
poop hanging I was but little buddy you pooped big deal this little guy is three
and a half weeks old and we are officially done with the full
Heat diarrhea he’s had solid poop for oh I don’t know probably a week now and I
just wanted to show you kind of the end result here he’s missing some hair but
we did our best to keep the skin protected while he had diarrhea but gosh
there’s just really not much you can do about that so this will all grow back in
no time I’m happy to see that he has solid poops
now hello how’d you feel about that he’s like I
don’t know he’s checked he’s like he’s like trying to hold a fish like a big
fish and a really big fish you step on you a lot yeah but you know it’s good to
get it done now because what’s gonna happen in about a week based on how he’s
growing is and I might be able to hold him anymore
right so he’s getting big right but the nice thing is since we’re doing this
right now in handling him like this hopefully if we need to do this in a
week he’ll just know to give to the pressure
so because basically Jason was holding him and we made sure not to release him
until he was just standing there nice and quiet so that’s kind of the big
thing is we don’t want to we don’t want to screw up the training now and release
him when he’s fighting because then that’s just going to make that even
stronger in him later let me know if you’ve ever had to deal with a situation
like this I’d be really interested to hear your story if you want to continue
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if you want to find more videos about our fool’s journey you can go ahead and
check out our equine reproduction playlist and all of the videos from the
time we drop them off at the breeder through the birth to now is all listed
in that playlist so you can find out all the information about him there thanks
for watching bye I he’s actually kind of like trying to
hold in today’s video we are going to show
you what we do with our full who just happens to have a case of diarrhea this
is normal in foals his age this is he’s yeah

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  1. Poor baby. Oh good a happy "ending" and it's so refreshing to see spouses working on something together so well! Thank you for the education and entertainment! Have a great weekend!

  2. Same thing happened to the new baby where I ride.

    edit: I got to hang out with the filly today and she is becoming a lot more social. She enjoyed me petting her face. Her diarrhea is getting much better too. She'll be a very sweet mare. (she's currently 1 week old)

  3. I read that was foal heat, the mom goes through hormonal changes and causes it. A wash up and some Desitin on their bum.

  4. Lol…mom why do you have to clean the poop off his butt? LMAO. Too cute. Great topic and informative but once again the kids stole the show! And your hubby! Yay he's got teeth now….your hubs "he's biting me!"

  5. That baby looks like he's gonna be a smooth ride ! Beautiful gaits. No matter what kind of baby the bum cleaning never ends it seems. Horse mom life.

  6. I had something similar with a niece a while back! Took her straight to the bathroom to get showered off! Lol

    At what point will Manzer get his own grooming bucket? At what age do you start grooming horses? Also, what age are they when weaned? Sorry for all the questions!!! ???

  7. Poor thing ? I'm happy it's over thanks to your care as a mom ? His mom relies completely on you, she is so trusty. Small but already so strong to handle. I like the kitty meowing and wondering under mama's belly ?

  8. In Light Horse Clinic classes @ UNH, we would treat this with large doses of kaopectate. A&D Ointment is also good to use on chapped skin. What fun! 😉

  9. Hope the little guy's ok, very helpful and informative video, he's looking more handsome every day, he's gonna be a gorgeous stallion when he's older

  10. This foal has offered up a few challenges for you but it's important for people to know that things don't always go perfectly, that they should be on top of even the smallest things and be prepared for vet bills. You are a great example of a responsible horse owner, I have seen so many are not. And that goal is beyond cute!

  11. With your hubby being over him and holding him like that, do you think that'll make it easier for him to be trained to ride later?

  12. Poor baby Manzer, that must be so uncomfortable for the little guy. I can't get over how relaxed Nika is when you're tending to him – she has complete trust in you. As always, thanks for the video!

  13. For the whole story check out this playlist

  14. Another very informative video. So though Nika is still lactating she’s in heat again, poor girl, and hormones in the milk contributed to the foal’s diarrhea? He’s a cute little armful! Amazing how strong they are at less than 2 weeks old. Thanks for the great updates.

  15. Awwww Manzer! It's not fun huh( especially for us moms who have to clean up) such a good mommy Brandi ????

  16. Yes I have, it happened repeatedly. Because everything went into his mouth. But he is 35 now. Just love my Son even through the runs and projected vomit at my face.

  17. Poor honey, having the runs isn’t fun! He looks strong and healthy otherwise, though. It’s amazing how quickly they grow and develop.

  18. Little baby horsey, I did not know that could happen. So glad he´s fine now. And the little kitty running underneath the mom horse legs was also so , so, cute. ???

  19. And…the cat steals the show ! Your little guy is looking good! Takes the handling very well for such a youngster! You have a great partner there .

  20. I've had several foals that got the mare heat diarrhea and the poop didn't stick to their butts, so I didn't have to wash them. I love your videos, you do the same type of training that I do. You end up with a horse that will do anything you ask of them and they are a great companion.

  21. Hi Brandi, Watching this video was educational the care you put into your horses and foal. He is really coming on a treat, made me smile with its bald little bum and Jason's face when talking bout poop ! Nika is looking so well, got a lovely shine and her tail is beautiful Thank you for video love to family Mich xxx

  22. Hi, Brandy! Great to see you, hubby, horsey mom, and baby! The problem with loose stool like that is that it is very acidic and will eat into the body tissues before you know it, and it can be sore. Now mind you, I am only going by humans when I say this, lol! Using what you did will offer some protection and perhaps make subsequent stool easier to clean up. God knows it likely made his little bum feel better. I was glad when you said toward the end of the video that he is okay now. Love seeing mom and baby. My word, the little colt runs fast! I can see how the colt is getting bigger. We would likely just about pass out knowing how big he must be now, lol!

  23. Apologize if it was already asked and answered: why is the foals legs seem weak? Was he a premie? Will it get “normal” or will he always has a peculiar gait? Thanks.

  24. Does the foal eat the poop as a natural instinct to help build the immunity or is it a weird baby thing?

  25. It’s a miracle all the warm water and washing didn’t stimulate more Hershey squirts! Lol! Great job! ☮️??

  26. You two were so good! Thanks for sharing. He heard that cat meow, and heads up lickin lips,”what was that!?” Good job cleaning him up guys! Gotta do what cha gotta do!

  27. Sweet little baby lost the hair around his butt!! That had to have been a serious case of diarrhea. Ouch! I must say… he does offer us a lot to think about in relationship to foal care. I am glad that he is a good sport and seems to take things in stride. Good boy Manzer!

  28. What a beauty he is! He acts like a big toddler investigating his world. Loved the unsolicited comments of your children, and their laughter. Your husband did a great job holding him steady, he’s so strong. Both foal and hubby. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

  29. I wash the behinds with warm soapy water and then coat them with Vaseline. This allows any more diarrhea to not stick and burn his skin. Then I dose the foal with yogurt with active cultures from a large syringe. Usually clears up within 24 hours.

  30. I've found the cleanup isn't too bad for them because at that age it seems they love scratching and well, your kinda scratching their butt. Lol He is a good patient.

  31. Glad you cleaned up your foal .I just coat the rear end with vasoline and the tail with mineral oil.You can give him Keopectate to help with the squirts.Keep the rear coated with vasoline and he won't get the hair loss from scalding .

  32. The last time we had to clean hard crusted frozen diarrhea from our ponies tail I used Palmolive it worked really great with warm water

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