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Folding Shave Horse PLANS

August 15, 2019

Shave Horse Spoon Mule Wooden bowl carving vice Leather stitch pony oh man I’m pretty excited I needed I
didn’t need a shave horse I just really wanted to shave horse I wanted to start
doing some I saw some spoon carving and other kinds of carving and I thought man
I really want to get into that but I don’t have a lot of room my my workspace
here is about a half a garage everything on that side that you guys can’t see his
storage normal garage stuff and then I got the other half from for all my
crafts and projects and woodworking so I really wanted to shape horse but I
needed something that I could put away and they would be small and lightweight
and not take up a lot of room so I scoured YouTube and I I think I watched
every single shave horse video that has ever been made and there was some great
ones great designs I mean they all work it’s just depends on what you know what
your you’re looking to what your needs are but like I said I needed something
really small and that I could put away and I found a bunch of guys after you
know making 2×4 based dimensional lumber based systems that’s what I wanted I
didn’t want spend a lot of money on it and then I also saw some guys who made
some collapsible ones where the legs folded so I went with that I didn’t use
their design I went with my own but I use that that idea so here’s the here’s
the base of the system made from two by fours and some pieces of plywood and
then some all-thread bolts for the hinges just that’s it
these are at a 15 degree angle and then this can work great as a
sawhorse or a work platform and here on the top I have cut notches and in these
little spacer blocks at a 45 degree angle and the reason for that
I want to go out and cut down some branches to make some spoons from some
green wood carving I can use this bitch to hold my work pieces while I cut them
off it holds it really well with this this notch and those having those
45-degree angles into the top there next part is you’re gonna be sitting on this
shaving wood you need a seat so I just made simple simple seat this is the top
is made from some thumb a floor mat I just bought some cheap floor mat cut it
to shape glued it on here and then that and there’s nothing holding it there
another than the back pressure so cuz if I’m you’re pushing forward it’s not
gonna slide off there I move around alright now next is the shave horse
itself and this is the upright and what I wanted because I don’t know I’m not an
expert at this that never carved a lot of wood but I wanted something that was
adjustable because I don’t know what size piece of wood I’m working with or
if my kids want to use it you know the shady horse that fits me perfect it’s
not gonna fit them so I wanted something was adjustable and this is the system I
came up with these are 3/8 inch steel rods that you get it I got my home depot
it was a big 3-foot piece and I cut a bunch of these at six inches tapered the
ends on my grinder and then just glued some pre-made knobs on the ends and it
worked out very good so I find that there’s a holes every three inches here
so I’ve got a bunch of adjustability forward and back take this first
and then I slide these in and that holds it and if that’s too low then I can come
up or down depending on what piece of wood I’m working with and then I also
use this on some other attachments that I’ll show you in a minute so that’s the
upright the head so this slides on here like this and again my D is the same
exact these are all interchangeable so it doesn’t matter where you I can either
have this flat here we go so I can have this one flat or I have also throw the
second hole that puts this headed at about a 12 degree angle here is the
lever arm and on this one I made it pretty wide again because I didn’t know
what kind of wood I might be working with in the future
I was just spoon carving I could use a really narrow one and that’d be good
enough but you know I don’t maybe someday I want to carve something else
so I made it a little bit wider so a little more write it up and then I have
three holes here and then five holes here so I’ve got a lot of adjustability
these are two two inches apart so I can come up two inches pretty quickly like
that and then on the head itself it’s wider than it is tall so if I need about
a half inch of adjustment this way I can just turn the head and that drops it
down a half an inch because the hole it’s not centered so I get my piece of
wood here and stick it in there and I got my axle
set close to the dumbhead and the reason for that is I get I amplify the pressure
by quite a lot it’s kind of like a pair of loppers you know though the handles
are really long and the blades are really small because you get a lot of
pressure well I barely have to push on the bottom
and I hit a ton of pressure at the top because if the if the axle is in the
middle and you push you put one pound of pressure you’re only going to get one
pound back here on the top but if the farther it away from that the center you
go the more that’s amplified so you get a lot of pressure I miss it and this
fits me just perfect I know a lot of the shape forces I saw the guys were leaning
way back you know and they’re basically using their foot to get that last bit of
pressure but here I don’t I don’t have that problem I can just relax just the
weight of my legs is pushing on it and it not going anywhere
so it feels real comfortable and I can work right up wherever I want and if I
want to if I’m doing something really really intricate like close to my face I
can raise the whole thing up and and that works out great all right I will
take this all up and then show you guys the spoon move mule attachment all right
so for the spoon mule I’m going to use the same upright that I used for the the
shape horse head but I have to turn it around I also have to bring up a little
closer oh that’s kind of the nice thing about you know reusing the same pieces
when it’s adjustable like this so easy just move the closer or up and down for
whatever you need then I grab the spoon in your head the same same keeper rods did they use
before I put through and that’s it on this head the mortise here is
actually really wide its way wider than you need for spoons but again I didn’t
know what I would be working with all the time and I wanted a lot of
adjustability so if I want it to be narrow I have some keepers that I put in
here and that makes my clanking a lot easier I don’t pull my legs way far
apart to get it to clamp very close so I’ll show you guys that I just want to
get and made these little like C shaped blocks and they what they do is just
bring the clamps closer together so if I want something that you know this is
like a half inch by half inch piece if I want to claim something that small I can
do some loose those little space blocks and that pulls it together
my legs are very comfortable they’re straight out in front of me and I just
have to put a little bit of side pressure and then it’s it’s clamps super
tight I can also I put several size or several holes up and down and then I
have the small keeper so I can go I can go way up here like this on this one and
the neat thing about this is that if I’m in a hurry
or I don’t want to change that bubble head I can actually use my spoon wheel
head to shave bark off of even larger larger pieces like this piece here I can
actually use the same arm and that is super tight and I’m barely putting any
pressure on there and then they don’t have to go change out to the shade horse
head if I don’t want to that’s really tight
and if I once I get it whittled down to an actual spoon shape I can just take my
whatever size keeper I need to adjust that that space and then I can do very
finds you know scoop out the spoon right here in front of me this is angled a
little bit so that whatever piece you’re working with has space underneath it now
the other nice thing about this head is that I can pull this completely out and
then on this side I can put in some supports that come out past the head and
I can move the whole head back and then if I was working on a very long handle
I could still work off the sides of the head but have some support under the
long handle so that something like this could be clamped on there and I could
work off of the edge here anyway so that’s the spoon wheel head and I will
show you the the bolt vise all right so there’s the full clamp I didn’t really
even set out to to make this but when I was looking up the shape horse videos I
saw another guy to make a big clamp for carving bowls and I thought well if
you’re gonna make spoons maybe bowls would be next so I just went ahead and
built the the whole head system for for that and this is what that looks like
it’s kind of bulky but this is what I came up with so this just sets down in
here and again I can I can adjust it up and down if I need to but right right
now just if it’s pretty good like just arm based on how how big the piece of
low is that I’m going to be working with good baby and then I have like this
small block wood and again that’s kind of the nice thing about this it just
depends on what kind of piece of wood you’re working with just like that so
now a little bit of downward pressure and I super-strong clamp and then if I
just want to roll this over and work on the other side super-strong clamp these
little blocks here I made in case I want to work up above the clamp because this
clamp hit can be in the way if these were all all the way down in the bottom
and I was working like with some downward pressure they might slip down
and then I can’t work here as well so I made these little blocks and they just
fit in there like that little bit of clamping pressure and then I can I can
gouge work whatever carve out of the bowl or anything I mean I could just if
I was giving some real fine carving or wood burning or whatever it’s all just
right here and then I can just take the pressure off pressure back on it’s good
to go alright I will show you the next attachment I made yeah awesome this is
you just keep piling all the attachments right so for this next attachment I
don’t have any carving tools I don’t even have I have one small draw knife
it’s about it’s super tiny it works great it can handle a lot of work but if
I had won a bigger draw knife or some carving tools and gouges I don’t have
any of that stuff so I thought you know I want to make those make them or buy
them but if I was going to make some handles I can use this but then I don’t
have any leather working tools to make a sheath for all the carving tools that I
want to make so I decided that I would make a shave bone or uh but that stitch
Pony is what they call it and so I made one of those so this this bench is
actually just amazing with all the things that you can come up with anyway
it’s on there and then I used to an old broken plant that I had to to make this
adjustable I don’t know if I’m gonna stick with this but what I did like
about it was that I got a I get a big throat workable area in here but my
pressure is up higher so a lot of guys were using like threaded nuts you know
wing nuts on a very broad but they’re they’re kind of losing clamping force
again the farther away from the jaws the less force you have but this puts the
force back up towards the valve that keeps the throat you know that much
lower so anyway I think I like this system I haven’t got to work with it yet
but I’m hoping then then it makes it quick quick and easy to adjust when I’m
clamping two pieces of leather to stitch them saddle stitch them together and
then I can just move it around and then drive it back again and it’s ready to go alright thanks for watching

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  1. You got that designers eye 🙂
    I also have looked at lots of you tube designs. This seems to be the one most worth building. All it is missing is pin holders on the leg under the seat, and a drink holder.
    And as your making videos you should attach a camera mount like this :
    Looking forward to a few more hobbies…..

  2. This is the best all around shave horse slash multi tool I have come across. Plans or how to video would be great. It seems you have thought this through very well. If the plans come available I would buy them. Thanks.

  3. I'm a vertically challenged wood & spoon carver with very limited work space & this would be a great solution for me. I really hope you make the plans available…I'd buy them in a heartbeat!

  4. Like you, I think I've watched every video out there on building a spoon mule. But my search was specific for one that is foldable and portable. When I saw yours I knew immediately I could quit looking. This is so genius. I built a spoon mule for myself last week from purchased plans. It's a very basic one, and I love it. I would like to build one for my son's girlfriend, but she doesn't have space for one like mine and she travels with her work. So the portable/foldable one is the first requirement. Hoping you find time to write out dimensions. I will gladly purchase any sort of plans available. Thanks.

  5. Your idea is not only very well thought out but appears to be one of the most useful horse's/mule's that I have ever seen. Like you
    I have watched countless videos and read many books that show basically a single use system. I would gladly purchase a set of detailed plans if available.

  6. Ok, I have to start off with this. This my friend is probably one of the best shave horse, spoon carving, bowl making, leather stitching horses I have ever seen. The leather stitching pony is the icing on the cake. I am like you short on room. Looking for options and am super pleased I ran across your video. Keep up the great work my friend. This is a very slick design that looks great and looks fully functional. Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to seeing more from your channel so we subbed you as well. Thanks again for sharing and keep up the fun work and videos.

  7. This is just what I've been looking for! Thanks! (bought the plans on Etsy). Any chance you'll post a pic or plans for the bowl vise part soon?

  8. Best set up I've seen on YouTube,if I was you I would build another one an put it for sale. I've did just like you an watched many videos but I also work in the welding an fabrication industry as a draftsman. So I can build this out what ever I want years ago I made my first foot vice for holding steel to grind it an I always made a ratchet lock system so I could put it under pressure an then get off it so I didn't need to continue to hold it in place. Hey add a work table to your system for staining an painting but also for other stuff a 4 FTC 8 ft table to comes in handy for out door cooking,lol an you can take it off an store it away. Great design son . An greatest design I've seen for spoon work . Build a shave horse an sell it then give them a picture of your addition set ups an sell dose separate also sell the plans .

  9. Excellent design. I ordered plans and am almost finished with the base. However, I encountered a problem with the upright (holds shaving head). Your plans say make it out of 2×6. I did but when I went to insert it into the base I found that it was too wide. The two, parallel 2x4s that form the base are only separated by a 1.5 inch spacer. The 2×6 is also 1.5 inch thick hence it doesn't fit into the gap in the base. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Otherwise, best design I've seen anywhere. Thanks

  10. Your plans say the head is made from a 2×6 but the dimensions show a platform 6.5 inches wide. Is there a mistake?

  11. Also, I'm having major problems drilling straight holes through the long pieces. Any advice on how do to this?

  12. I just purchased your plans and am very happy with them. I am a spoon carver and plan to use this when I travel to shows. I will be able to carve while at the show and that always brings people in to the booth. Thanks again and let me know when you have the plans for the stitching accessory and the bowl head so I can add them to my set.

  13. Have you ever tried positioning the Shaving horse vice head further forward? I'm almost done with mine I'm having issues with the foot pedal hitting the front legs

  14. Wow! Great design. This is exactly what I am looking for. Absolutely brilliant. By far the best setup I have seen. I love the versatility of it all. I usually don't comment on videos but I had to give you kudos.

  15. I bought your plans earlier today, and I am about halfway done with building my shave horse. I am doing it all mostly 2 x 4 because that is what I have sitting around, So I have had to make some adjustments, but it is coming along nicely. This is the best overall design I have seen. Thank you much for sharing this.

  16. This is incredible! I can’t wait to download these plans tomorrow! I hope I’m smart enough to figure out how to cut it all up and put it together right! Thank you for such a great video too!

  17. Hello, first comment on youtube. Been watching videos for years… this is the best design I’ve ever seen. I like your enthusiasm, your passion. I bought your plans, I’m half way through it and it feels really comfortable. Thank you for sharing, absolutely great work on the horse design.

  18. Thanks good design, I make my own handles for garden tools from time to time and something like this would make it a lot easier

  19. Wow! What a brilliant design of a shaving horse and you have explained it all perfectly. I never knew what my malady was until you described yourself as a 'collector of hobbies' and that fits perfectly. At 72 – it's been a life long issue so their may be no hope of you out growing it. Keep up the great work, keep dreaming, planning and playing. I think I will get your plans and follow your build. I, too, have watched mega amounts of shave horse videos, but this is the one I have been waiting for! Thanks, so much!

  20. This is one of my three top videos for design, practicality, and function around the common man's shop.  The other two are:  "The Ultimate Folding Sawhorse" / Shopdog and  "The Ultimate FOLDING Shave Horse" / Homesteading DownUnder.   WELL DONE SIR!  Thank you

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