For 10 years, Braceville man has been writing books inspired by horse sanctuary
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For 10 years, Braceville man has been writing books inspired by horse sanctuary

August 17, 2019

A Braceville man’s been running what he calls a horse sanctuary for over 20 years. He rescues horses that’ve been abandoned. And as 27 First News reporter Tyler Trill says, these animals bring him a LOT more than just busy work. Quite a lifestyle change for Rick Steele. RICK STEELE, RESCUES HORSE: I WENT FROM WEARING FERRAGAMO SHOES AND ARMANI SUITS TO WHAT I’M WEARING NOW, BUT I DONT CARE AT. In 1995 Steele began rescuing horses, after working in sales at a major TV network. Over the years, he’s taken care of 9 horses at his Braceville home. He says he rescued 8 of them. Right now, he has five. RICK STEELE, RESCUES HORSE: IS IT EXPENSIVE? ABSOLUTELY. DO YOU HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE? NOT AT ALL. Steele wakes up early to feed the horses, lets them pasture, and then feeds them dinner. His whole day pretty much revolves around the horses. He’s even built a stable on his property, which took him 5 years to complete. RICK STEELE, RESCUES HORSE: THEY GET ME UP IN THE MORNING. I HURT, BUT I GET UP. THEY KEEP ME GOING. About 10 years ago, Steele began writing books, two of them are published. The books are focused around troubled young girls and the role horeses play in their lives. STEELE: I’VE HAD A LOT OF PEOPLE ASK ME WHERE I COME UP WITH THESE IDEAS. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I COME UP WITH THESE IDEAS WHEN I’M SHOVELING HORSE MANURE. Steele says he will soon leave Braceville–he’s going to move out west, but of course the horses will be going with him. STEELE: I GUESS I COULD MAYBE LOOK IN THAT CAMERA ASK THE PEOPLE WHAT DO YOUR CHILDREN MEAN TO YOU? THAT’S WHAT THEY MEAN TO ME. In Braceville, Tyler Trill WKBN 27 First News. [A36]11PM TZ 1A-VO You may think the wind and

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