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  1. if I may quote Donald TRUMP : " it's not the horse racings fault, it's because the weak horse, or maybe it broke it's leg, or got an heart attack"

  2. If you want to convince this citizen, give me some statistics for the last 40 years both at Santa Anita and other tracks. Then compare them to dog tracks. 99% of these horses would of never of been breed if it wasn't for professional horse racing. Then if you are a horse owner, then maybe you got something to say, if you are not, then you are probably not educated on the subject. I am just a person who used to go to the track about once year up until about 20 years ago, and then have gone only once or twice. I got better things to do. It is a business and a sport. They need to keep the drugs out of the animals, and not race them when they are injured. Maybe the track is too hard, they redid the track, I don't know. PLEASE give some "real" statics from the past, otherwise it is just a few people who are throwing their beliefs on the rest of us thru the media. If you don't like it, then stay away from the tracks!

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