Forest School Taster Session – Collecting game
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Forest School Taster Session – Collecting game

October 31, 2019

Right then there is, I’m going to do the
first four in this and ask you to find something smooth, ask you to find something prickly,
something rough, something slimy. Now, I’m not going to do soft and hard ones from there.
I’m going to do instead something colourful and something special ok? And I’ll go through
that again something smooth, something rough, something prickly, something slimy, something
colourful and something special ok? Go in pairs, grab yourself and I’ll give you 10
minutes and we’re allowed to go as far as you like you’re adults and we’ll talk
about that in a minute and see what you find and put it in your box.
We found something special, I’ll get it out, special and something rough.
We’ve got a slug, slimy slug. Yes
Ooh and I’ve lost him Oh no he’s there
Smooth feather, we’ve got our rough pinecone Something special
Something special And our colourful blackberry flower. So we’ve
got… What have we got?
Everything We’ve got everything?
That’s it Yep, we’re all done
We’ve got everything Some things we don’t want you to collect, what
are they? They’re obvious aren’t they? Berries?
Berries would be one Mushrooms?
Mushrooms or toadstools, so we generally have a theme nil by mouth ok? And we’re very
conscious that children don’t put anything in their mouth. We would also I should have
said, possibly no living things. (laughter) I was thinking that.
Yeah? Because one of the activities we are going to do in a minute would probably harm
the living things so it depends on what it… if they’re slightly older and say actually
you can get a living thing but we need to take care of it and put it back and you’ll
know if they’re the kids or they are the ones that want to cut it up and see how many
pieces they can get it into (laugher)
But it’s a lovely little activity isn’t it?
Yes Kids love to collect, they don’t know the
woods, right? Let’s get them off exploring.

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