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  1. I would put The Horse Soldiers in there, but it was made a number of years later. I worked for The NEW doing Civil War Living History Interpretation at pretty much Every National Battlefield and at times we would break 1st person to use some of the great lines that were in these movies.

  2. The ex-Bedford Forrest trooper is played by Hank Worden, a skilled horseman as depicted here, who eight years later would play the memorable character Mose Harper in The Searchers.

  3. thanks: served with an awesome Cavalry commander but he went sideways founding the KKK…….Pax Christi

  4. So… ye've never ridden a horse before, eh? Well, here we've got some horses that have never been ridden. Y'can all learn together.

  5. The Late Mexican Actor Pedro Armendariz Sr. Did Indeed Speak Perfect American English In This 1948 Film Classic " Fort Apache". I Await Your Response.

  6. john wayne never had any military connection … he avoided any military contact …. like donald trump he remains a gutless wonder … deluded american fools can go to hell

  7. Hank Worden, the actor playing the trooper who rode with Forrest's cavalry, was actually raised on a cattle ranch in Montana. What's even more impressive is that he was educated at Stanford University and University of Nevada as an engineer. He toured the country in rodeos as a saddle bronc rider before he made his way into films. One story has it that during one ride, his horse landed atop him and broke his neck, but aside from a temporarily sore neck, Worden did not know of the break until x-rayed twenty years later.  There were A LOT of very talented people who ended up in Ford's pictures. And as someone who rides horses, I watched his performance and that of the other actors, and I can tell you that it takes a great degree of horse riding skill to act as buffoons as they do here without hurting themselves or the horses.

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