Free Bento Horse Brown or White

October 4, 2019

today we are going to get our first
bento horse for free I was shopping and I saw some resident wearing some
like there’s startup avatars they get to give you when you are when you join
SL you get to choose the avatar you want to look like
so with this avatar it comes with a bento horse and as you can see I’m just
riding that horse now so if you would like to get this bento horse all you
have to do is just going to avatar and then you select choose an avatar from
the menu if you’re in firestom and then you’re gonna select from these new
avatars in here so you’re gonna scroll all the way, some reason scrolling is
not working.okay working, so I have selected this guy here with a sword so you go back here this
guy with the sword Thomas and this girl for the girls if they want to get the
horse for the girls are you gonna select this avatar with the bow, so the one
with the sword is for the guys and the avatar is gonna transform to this guy
once you have selected it and you will be wearing the horse as you can see, and
everything is going to look bad. so you just have to be careful when you change so if you saved your have outfits and
everything, I should be able to go back like I’ve saved my outfit, I can wear it and I can replace all the stuff that has been
replaced so there you go it’s a quick way to without going
through the inventory and trying to wear everything this is a short cut like you
can save your outfits and just wear it as you like so going to the folder where
the horse has been saved you can recommend it just to take it off and put
it somewhere you where you can remember where you have the horse so I’m not just
gonna wear the stuff I need not gonna wear everything just there override
animation and the horse so you’d know other know the name for the avatars
Thomas and horse is Edgar so once you have this horse you wear it you
add it to the mesh so as you can see I did so, so we are gonna take it for the
ride here and see how this horse looks like and I’m at the sim called
the looking-glass is a cool sim I’ve seen I like to come here to enjoy the
view and everything here and there is a wonderful bridge I’m just
walking over as you can see I’m a bit laggy so it’s not supporting
me much to show you much around here so I’m gonna try to be careful keeps
lagging I want to test the horse for you and just show you out
runs keeps hitting the wall bumping everywhere not able to control
it on this lag you get the idea now it’s
working so as you can see the horse just goes
nicely because I’m wearing the override animation that comes with the
horse it doesn’t work when you wear your own AO so there you have it okay I’m
gonna go there someone is ,over there already going back there and this is for
the guys so that the female will be just a white horse but you have to ride with
the AO and the horse add it to your mesh so this is a nice horse you can get
for free and it’s bento so this is just an awesome thing that you can use and I
hope you have enjoyed this tutorial quick one to show you that you can get
free bento horse like this one and you can TP with it and do whatever you like
over it so as you can see it’s just a nice horse but it doesn’t really animate
the tail or anything just the normal animation just moves its feet and that’s
all so you just need to know it’s gonna add to give the complexity and
everything but it’s worth it if you like you enjoy riding horses and walking
around with one, I know that the head looks a bit weird when it just move the
head but what I can see this is a free one so you can enjoy it
thank you for watching

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