FREE Yoga for horses video – Over 2,000,000 horses are receiving Yoga because of Holistic Horseworks
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FREE Yoga for horses video – Over 2,000,000 horses are receiving Yoga because of Holistic Horseworks

September 1, 2019

hi I’m April and this is a client if you see this little bit before the withers you have a lack of muscle in right here so you don’t have free use of the front end if you come down and you look and you see the horses that won’t really square up in the front end we always standing with one foot ahead of the other foot you have something that’s uncomfortable up here if you come back here you’ll see a little bit of raised backbone right here so it means this back muscle here is shorter and in spasm bringing these vertebrae together the spasming muscle shortens grabs the pelvic and tilts it and doesn’t allow freedom of the hind end so that you have something that’s uncomfortable up here and that gives you the horse that doesn’t want to square up in the hind so look at your horse and they’re always standing out there with one foot ahead of the other in the front enter the hind end then you have issues hot issues higher up if you have high lows and your front end it usually starts up here as well now we’re going to go into some basic yoga stretches that your horse should be able to do you should be able to come back all the way to the stifle practices with your horse every day until you can reach all the way back here they can only reach this far you know they’re really tight down with c6 and c7 are down this way all the way then they’re really tight me out of excess so do that on both sides and one side goes way further than the other side and you have something deep in c7 in the first rib aiming for all the way back down here just go as far as they can and hold have them hold that stretch as long as they can now we’re going to go into freeing up the CC 67 scapula withers and first ribs basically showed you did if they have one foot in front of the other and they choose to always stand like that you have issues in the front here at stress this is the next one I’m going to show you how to stretch the ribs and the shoulder scapula with our area pick your leg up just a couple little circle stretches in stretches all this area in the ribs and have a handler when you’re doing this you just want them to stand on this leg and not put weight on this just holding by the pastor off the ground she’s just got all her weight on this leg pushing this shoulder up dropping this shoulder out if you look all the way up by the withers you’ll see how low her shoulder is when she can comfortably stand like this no spasms in here and not pulling on you then you’re ready to cross the leg all the weights should be on this primary leg this leg should come over and just stand this opens the scapula to the wither you should be able to keep her here for a minimum of 60 seconds and it should be comfortable to the horse okay as you probably already know the back where we sit on the horse is more of a suspension bridge you want to be doing valley left and if you’re under hearing you’re scratching and you don’t lift up to hear something in your front end is freely or something in your pelvis is not loading freely so we went through how to free up the front end now we’re going to work on the hind end I like to start with tail poles which is an area that attractions this area and you want to do it for a minimum of two minutes you want the horse to be squaring up and pulling back again so you start with gentle pulling pressure until they’re ready for it and they pull back against you now make sure your horses are still running same angle that it comes off the croup you want to make sure that they’re squared up in the hind and if they don’t have one foot more in front than the other so I hold onto the end of the tail and I’m just going to be kind of gently rocking her from side to side until she decides to brace and square up and spread her hind legs if you notice her feet are now more far apart heavy sigh and then she’s ready for me to get rid of attraction so remember this is gonna be a minimum of two minutes do not let go quickly want to make sure when you let go that you come up gradually okay and that is what stretches out your lower lumbar and your so as muscles over tight and then spouts now we’re going to go into freeing up the pelvic and the buttock so that I remember only if your horse is safe to stand behind the area that I like there’s different but tucks for different reasons these put this area in spasm that’s not what I want to do on this mare I want to get her to teach her to roll her hind and under which is what she’s going to need to collect and free up the lower back area so it’s about seven inches out from the top of the tail you’ll find a little hard spot here just going to scratch and push and if they’re moving away from you you’re going too fast so just hold with pressure and you’re going to do this until you can roll her up almost to the withers so you’re going to ask for a little and hold I like to count to ten pass for a little more and hold and you’re going to keep asking and as you’ll notice her lower back is starting to raise and her rear ribs are starting to raise when you’re doing this make sure you keep her spine straight to the withers if they’re dipping down on one side you’re going to be pushing a little harder on that side because you want to make sure that you’re doing it with the whole spine and ribs straight what you’re looking for is all of these ribs lifting all the way up can you see that so when they’re doing all their front leg stretches and you’ve done the tail pulls in the butt tucks your last exercise is your belly lift you want to bring them up and hold I’m holding with pressure and I’m going to do the same series of five or I count for 10 seconds ask for a little bit more and hold with pressure ask for a little bit more so what you’re doing is the rear ribs need to raise and expand before these ribs can raise and expand there’s no reason for a horse’s top-line to drop this is an isometric where you go and pose if you’re gonna engage the hind end barrel-racing besides anything these ribs need to come up behind into collecting and grace this back needs to come up to support you so the front end and the Heinen can move freely that’s a big difference for a 16 year old plus when you get these ribs to lift and hold and stay and you’ve done your front legs you should be able to get them to expand into the weather so that’s the last step so she’s opening and expanding in here now I’m whole thing was about five pounds of pressure and that’s where her top line should be in stay with or without a writer no cor Yoga you find all this yoga interesting and you’d like to learn more I do have a DVD available to learn how to work on your horse yourself it’s on my website if you want to know why you should learn all this it’s because if one body part doesn’t move as well as the other body parts the horse is going to compensate they can’t move the left-front they’re going to overuse the right front of the BOA tendon or suspensory they throw back to that diagonal that hock that stifle seems to get sore and that’s your end result it started up here and it throws back to here so if you can catch them off do your yoga’s if the horse can’t do that stretch that is where your problem area is do all your yoga’s and you’ll have your horse for a really really long time half

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  1. Thank you:) I do some of this already but it was great to see you demonstrate the procedure and explain the why the how and the HOW LONG, very appreciated:D

  2. This sounds just like what my horse needs, but would these stretches be okay for me 20 year old arthritic horse? or might it hurt her?

  3. iPokey, if you go easy on these stretches and don't ask for much at first, your horse will probably be ok. I'd go lightly on these stretches, but I don't think it is going to hurt her. I do yoga to keep my back and body from hurting. If she acts like it is uncomfortable to stand on one leg for a long time, do the stretches in sets. The tail pull shouldn't hurt her, and carrot stretches shouldn't as well.

  4. Is this something you would recomend leaving to more experienced people? I don't want to do something incorrectly and hurt my pony or make him sore. Do these tech cause any major problems if done incorrectly?

  5. Excellent teaching technique! Loved your video and am ready for the DVD. I'm a physical therapist for humans and always have wanted to combine it with treating horses. Thank you for posting.

  6. @WindRunnerProduc
    She was my wonderful mare! Sadly I lost my sweet Dakota on February 15, 2012. I take great comfort in knowing how many horses and humans she has helped through this video! Paula Westeren

  7. thank you for posting this April, easy to follow and learn. I have two geldings with body issues, due to rehabilitation of their hoofs. One was from laminits, the other hoof neglect. they are both healing nicely, but this week my hoof practicioner suggest streatches , looking for ward to learning more from your DVD soon. thankyou so much.

  8. Thank you so much April, I have started to practise using these exercises, the only one I cannot master is the lifting by pressure on the hind quarters bringing the back, ribs and so on up. Also the tail pull she will pull back when going from side to side but nothing when going to centre.

  9. Success at last, it has taken a few weeks practise, finally managed to achieve the butt tuck and belly lift and all the other exercises have been going well, really seeing a change in her flexibility and top line, thank you so much. The only thing I am not sure about is she rests a back left while doing the tail pull?

  10. This is excellent! I can't wait to try it on my horses. They love their rubdowns, especially their legs, so it will be interesting to see their reaction. My OTTB actually purrs very softly, and his nose almost touches the ground during a massage. Yoga will definitely be a treat for him. Thanks!

  11. Hi April, Wonderful video, thank you for sharing!  I was wondering if you could comment on the You Tube video of a man doing yoga on his horse with the horse lying on his back.  I'm interesting in hearing your opinion of how this would affect the horse's spine and breathing along with any other comments you would care to make about it.  Here's a link to the video: The name of the "school" that does this is Doma India.  I found the video appalling based on what I know about horses, and considering the steps and repetition required to train a horse to do, what seems to me, to be complete unnatural.  Again, thank you for the video.  I run sled dogs and you've piqued my interest in how I might help my dogs with Yoga as you do your horses.  I've been practicing Yoga myself for 2 years and it's made an amazing difference to my 57 year old body 🙂  Thank you for your time,  Lisa

  12. Thank you for sharing,my horse has benefited from this from just one section,we are both very greatfull.many many thanks from us both!

  13. Thank you so much for these leasons. Thank you for sharing your what you have learned.
    Is there a way to test to see if my horses will kick when i do tail pull? Do you have a company fb page?
    Im getting ready to do a long ride in oregon. I feel this will help my herd as we cross the cascades

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