Freestyle Ice Skating: Pendulum Tutorial

October 10, 2019

Hey guys! We’re here in Budapest, collecting some materials
for a pendulum tutorial. Pendulum is self-taught for most of the people
here and I found least 3 ways to start doing it. This video is also a good opportunity to mention
some teams from Europe. But let’s start from the basics: Pendulum
is a trick where you pump with one leg on the ground, which is moving in circles; and
balancing plus adding some momentum with the other. You can do it forward and backwards. Since it’s really hard to keep your balance
and momentum we figured out some methods which will help you. First of all, the pumping. This one is really fun and could be a standalone
trick. Nothing more to say about it. Moving on, Jamie from BxFist came up with
a good idea to practice the swings by doing half pendulums, he is always facing the same direction. After each swing your legs change roles and
do the opposite. You’re pretty much like drawing an infinity
signs on the ice. This also helps deciding which way you are
more confortable in. And then for the full cycles: try pinning
down your skates after each swing and this will help maintaining your balance in your
early progression. When you finally decide to let it go, start
in smaller circles because it’s easier to stay in sync. Where do you get the initial momentum from? The most common way to start this is to gain
some momentum with both feet on ground and then just lift one up. My way is different, I do it from a little
stop, giving a slingshot to my leg and quickly rotate the other like that. And I’ve seen this too from Niklas from Blackbirds,
pinning one feet down, then later it enters the party. But of course these might not cover all, but
give you a hint to start. Some tips for some variations: My leg is bent
while doing the pendulum, but I’ve seen people doing with completely straight legs. Also it’s easier if you keep your arms straight
but not required, Joao from Ice Show definitely adds some style like that. It’s my habit now to document my progression
on different tricks. Have you noticed I’m doing it forward in these
clips. It is much easier in your first few days! Later I switched to backwards because it looks
cool. Just my opinion. So the variety is really huge here as you
can see and it seems everyone has their own style. Give this trick some time; it’s not an easy
one. And if you find out how not to get dizzy,
write down in a comment, I’m really curious. Until next time, see you!

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