Freestyle Ice Skating: Slalom Grapevine Tutorial

October 3, 2019

Hey guys! Finally the new season is here. I’ll start my uploads with this slalom grapevine
tutorial, actually can learn 2 variations in this video. Let’s see… These are both pretty easy and fun. You can order cones from the internet, I also
did that. Now, I’ll start with the classic one, which
requires pretty much the same grapevine as I did in my other tutorial, but in that video
I favored going in circles, now it’s a straight line. So we just change the last step of it. First you need to find out which is your preferred
direction. This seems so obvious but I still messed it
up because you need to arrive with your legs crossed to the first cone, which can be a
little bit confusing. So just take a second without the cones and
memorize which leg goes to the front at the first step. If grapevine is still new to you, check out
my other video for it. If you’re familiar with the turns already
then try swinging your arms and exaggerate the movement. Swing the arms first, then the body with a
little delay. This will help to you keep your balance when
going slowly plus I figured out it gives a tempo to the turns, which is very important
because you need to adjust these to fixed points on the ground. Ok, let’s use the cones now. The movement will repeat after every 4th cone. Additionally the second half of the grapevine
is symmetrical to the first half just backwards. So it’s pretty much just 2 different moves
you need to memorize. You arrive to the first cone with your legs
crossed. Start turning and notice how I go around the
cones this time. Okay? Around on one side. Then cross your legs again on your direction
and go around the cones again. This step needs some timing as you’re backwards
and probably don’t really see the cone. So that’s really it, once again if you don’t
understand the turns, I have a whole video for that with animation, etcetera. Here is the mirrored version if you’re stronger
side is the other one. It’s really fun to learn this extra variation,
make sure to try it out. The next version won’t be much harder. It’s the same straight grapevine, but you
only look in one direction the whole time. You start with your legs crossed again. Then stop the movement and switch your legs,
and take the second cone backwards. And that’s it, it’s repeating from this point. Just make sure you don’t get confused, you
need to start the movement again from the 3rd cone, with your legs crossed, which means
you don’t push your leg through here, but here instead. But I believe even if you do something else,
that’s good unless you hit the cone. Also adjust the distances as you like. So this was the slalom grapevine tutorial,
as we’re getting into the season you can expect more and more crazier stuff. See you soon, have a nice icy day!

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