Freestyle Ice Skating: Triangle / Barrel Roll Tutorial

October 3, 2019

Hey guys. The Triangle, also known as the Barrell Roll is one of the basic freestyle footwork tricks. A lot of you already requested this tutorial,
so let’s talk about it… Look at that brand new ice! I’m risking my life for this tutorial. I want to show the tracks on the untouched
surface. The core movement should be as simple as this. I’ll show you in both directions, but first
to right. Push your right leg to the front, then switch
to the other. Pull back the right leg, pull back the left. If you’re able to do it continously, you’re
done. Check the tracks. You can watch our usual animation from any
angle if you follow the link in the description. Note that even the basic movement is HEAVILY
dependent on your style. For example: the rotation for this side is
the fastest when I’m pulling back my leg. I do turn continuously, but but I like to
push myself more agressively at this point. At least when I’m turning right. Because when I’m doing it to the left, I prefer
another style. I like to step over a little bit (..instead
of making an aggressive push), and this creates a slight rhythm like a dance move. It’s more continuous. The variations are literaly endless. Feel free to add your own style. Some tips: You can switch between the 2 directions. You can perfectly transfer into a grapevine, because you arrive into the exact same position after the first half. The grapevine tutorial is here in case you’re
interested. Or you can add various steps, just experiment. Xeo Lifestyle also did a tutorial on a variation
where you step over with your front foot, you can check that out as well. Link in the description. And if the winter is over you can continue
practicing on roller skates too. Lastly I have some footage from my friend Patrick from Germany so you don’t only see my style. And that’s it, I believe it’s an easy trick,
and you can practice in crowded places too. Along with the grapevine we covered the 2
fundamental footwork tricks, of coure there are others, we’ll get to those later. Until that, see you!

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