Fresno State Jordan College Facility/Campus Farm Spotlight: Equine Unit
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Fresno State Jordan College Facility/Campus Farm Spotlight: Equine Unit

October 22, 2019

(Sara Larson) We have like five or six different student positions here. I take the herd health manager position, we have someone who does PR Relations and kind of working with the public, we have a
manager over the unit who does our maintenance and our work on the pastures, and our last student position here would be Maddy our rider – she takes care of
our working horses and making sure they all get trained for their positions. So
as heard health manager out here at Fresno State I take care of all the
horses out here. I go out every day and make sure that all of our horses are in
good health. During the summer time we make sure we fly spray them and take
care of all their needs, and other than that we all take turns feeding during
the day and riding horses. So in the equine program and all our equine
classes it’s not required that you have previous course experience. We get people from all different sorts of backgrounds. People who have done rodeo and worked
with horses their entire lives and people like me who have barely even
touched horses before they got here, and we take everyone and teach them how to
properly care and work with horses in a safe manner. (Amber Westfall) I’m a student manager out here at the quarter horse unit. My position entails a lot of different
things. One of the main things is PR and communications so I work a lot with the
community and I do my best to keep the ties with the industry and the community,
make sure that we’re well represented out here. I also do a lot of the
groundwork here as far as working with the horses, training, feedings, cleaning,
and things like that. Everything out here is definitely student-run. We are
extremely hands-on. We get to do just about everything out here from breeding,
to foaling out, to working with those babies to raising training and then
selling, so we’re there through the horses entire life. So one of the most
interesting things that I’ve gotten to do out here has actually been this year.
I’m a part of the AI class, so artificial insemination, so I work closely with Dr.
Fabio Iared, who is our repro specialist, and I’ve
learned to palpate mares, ultrasound mares, as well as actually inseminating
the mares, and that’s been a really, really fun experience for me. (Maddy Aycock) I am the head rider so I’m in charge of all of the exercising of the horses and
their exercise regime, taking care of them, tack upkeep. I’m here 7 days a week. I’m pretty much always around, even if it’s a small thing. I can always find
something to do to keep myself busy. Honestly it’s just fun though being out
here and spending time with the horses and getting to know them. I have things I
like about each of their personalities that the more time I spend with them the
more I get to know them the more I start to form a bond with them. I have horses
who I just adore and horses who maybe they’re not my favorite horse, but I
still have things I like about their personality and it’s just nice getting
to know them all my favorite thing to do would be riding, because I like riding
it’s fun and keeps me entertained I always like improving my skills as well
as getting the horses better so it’s nice because I get to improve myself as
well as them, and I can see their progress as well as mine

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