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Friday Morning Throw Down | Road Bike Racing At 2:00 am | Cycling VLOG

October 24, 2019

Hello and good morning today is Sunday
August 27th and I’m in southern Connecticut and Susan and I are out for
a morning ride we we have been really lucky here in southern Connecticut this
week this last past week the weather has been phenomenal
we very much like autumn weather low humidity
overnight temps high 40s low 50s daytime temps mid 70s maybe a nine or 10
mile an hour wind so it’s just been a terrific period of time to be out riding
and it feels exactly like a late September type of day of course as I’m
recording this video the people down in Texas are getting their ass handed to
them with a hurricane down there feel sorry for those poke those folks but we are very fortunate here in
southern New England beautiful beautiful weather I was
looking back on some of my Strava history recently to get some sort of
notion about how long it’s been since I got by got back on the bike which is
coming up on two years now and during that time I’ve logged about well not
about over ten thousand miles of riding in two years so I think that’s a that’s
a pheromonal writing you know here she goes as you can see she really has no problem
zipping right along our average speed together is 1515 plus miles an hour a lot of that has to do with the fact that
Susan as I said is still a little inexperienced and she’s still a little
reluctant cautious about swinging around corners and taking turns
so she slows down quite a bit as she does that which is the smart thing to do
you know you’re right within your comfort level but every time you slow
down going around the corner and it’s going to knock down your average speed
for any particular ride hmm but the reason I was bringing up
Strava a little bit it’s just a second ago is that I’ve been following a few
people on Strava for probably a good year or two now kind of getting to know
them virtually but I’ve also met one or two people in person and some events
that Susan and I have attended your left and there’s this one woman that we
Suzanne I both fall in fact she’s an Old Saybrook very very strong writer my
estimates is that she’s probably not quite 50 years old probably in her mid
late 40s but a hell of a writer she rides a hen Arella
carbon fiber bike but about three weeks ago she started
doing a group ride on Friday mornings with a bunch of guys out of the Chester
Connecticut area and they called her Friday morning rides Friday morning
throwdown take a left-hand turn here
got to be careful through here in town and Sunday mornings see what other
people are doing this woman here doesn’t see me I’m gonna stop I’m gonna stop
we’re trying to take a left here but thank you this guy stuck out let me go
all right Susan and I are trying to make sure that
we stay closer together when we run to run through intersections like that so
that if I decided to go that I’m also making the decision for her and I want
her to be right behind me so that if I’ve got time to go she has time to go
know what I mean anyway getting back to the woman from
Old Saybrook that I follow on Strava she does these rides called
Friday morning throwdowns with a group of people from Chester and her last ride
not her last ride her previous race leads last Friday she did a ride and
these guys are nuts I mean they’re they’re probably really are racing is
what they’re doing they average 23 24 miles an hour in terms of their speed
so yeah they push it pretty good but two weeks ago they did a ride and they
started the ride at to a.m. and she was gonna go
they started there right at 2:00 a.m. they rode a hundred miles averaging 22
miles an hour oh my god that is really an amazing performance but they do tell
you they’d be say that riding in a group you do ride faster let someone take the
lead take the work for a while you ride their wheel
a draft behind them the thing that’s a little mind-boggling
to me in terms of that 100 mile ride at 22 miles an hour we’re talking two a.m.
we’re talking middle of the freaking night we’re talking back roads and dark
roads roads without street lamps when I first read that she had done that
saw the posting the activity that she posted I really thought you know you’ve
gone off the deep end lady that’s just plain dangerous riding in the dark net
speed on roads that you’re never really sure what the hell’s going to be either
coming around the corner or potholes bumps whatever but anyway I gave her
kudos obviously in a comet of my congratulations and respect for that
kind of ride it’s incredible

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  1. A person who I follow on STRAVA posted an activity with the title of Friday Morning Throw Down. Turns out FMTD is a road bike race on secondary roads held at 2:00 am!

  2. Weather looks amazing. Hope it continues. Susan is doing great, having someone more experienced like yourself to encourage and coach is a great help. It means your skills get better much faster.

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