Fun Jumping Exercises for Horses – For those small schooling areas –
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Fun Jumping Exercises for Horses – For those small schooling areas –

October 21, 2019

Do you have a small area or not too
many jumps? Today I’m gonna show you some jumping exercises you can do in a
cramped arena or area with few jumps. So, let’s get started. Hi there my name is
Laura welcome to another video if it’s your first time here thank you so much
for joining us and if you’re a regular visitor thank you so much for joining us
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don’t miss anything. So I’ve got three ways you can set up jumps in a cramped
area or small area or if you got a bigger area you can do that too a lot of
people they are kind of pressed for space when they’re out riding and
training so I thought I’d show you some of the ideas I had about how to use your
space better and if you have fewer jumps then you can use these exercises as well
so let’s get started on that first exercise is three jumps in a row sounds
pretty boring but you know you can make it it’s easy or it’s difficult as you
like you can set them up as bounces one two three bounces in row go jump one
jump when take off for the next jump land take off for the next jump distance
is between a bounce stride depending on the size of the horse and what you want
to get accomplished between eight and twelve feet eight feet if you’re riding
a small horse or pony if you want to make that more difficult
put those three jumps in a row but put them at angles so that you are instead
of jumping the jump at a 90-degree angle you are jumping the jaw a little bit of
an angle like this will come in handy if you are going into competitions where
you may have to jump jumps at an angle for example and it jump off or if you’re
even ting don’t want to get anytime fall those are the areas where you need to
practice jumping jumps at an angle three jumps in a row
you can also set them up so rather than having bounce strides you can have two
or three strides in between each jump so jump once tried to stride jump once try
to straight jump and same exercise rather than bouncing you can have them
one or two strides apart do you want them one stride apart that’s between 21
and 24 feet want them two strides apart that’s between 33 and 36 feet apart now
remember these are approximate distances and it depends on your horse what you’re
doing type of ground you’re riding on the type of jumps that you’re jumping
cuz verticals vs. officers a little different so those are just kind of rule
of thumb type distances you’re not sure your distances check it out if either
link below where you can find out what the distances should be three jumps in a
row you can have them as bounces and had the new one stride or two strides you
can have the minute straight line so you’re going from one to the other to
the other or you can have the minute curved or bending line if you’re looking
for more exercises that you can do with your horse take a look at these videos
here there are some excellent videos that you can watch course after you
finish watching this one jumping on curved a bending lines really tests your
technical ability to write a curve or corner also helps the horse to bend and
keep himself balanced as well what is your favorite exercise for jumping put
it in the comments below I’d love to hear about it another good way if you’re
tight for space to put your jumps up is on a circle so I’m gonna say that most
people have an area that’s about a 20 meter by 40 meter area your standard
dressage ring size so put a jump at letter C and a 20 meter circle so that’s
a KH just before hc’ just before and just after em and put through jumps on a
20 meter circle jump your jumps on your surface a great way for you to develop
your horse to make sure that he can jump jumps on a circle excellent exercise if
you’re going in the jumper ring to make sure that you can jump and turn and
excellent if you’re going into the hunter ring for those bending lines and
also if you’re doing the hunter handy hunter courses that’s a great way to set
up your jumps as if you were riding a little course so but one on the straight
line one on a diagonal and the other down the long side so you can make these
as easy or as difficult as you like you can do practice your rollback turns
through this exercise or stretch it out and make it like a hunter course so many
options for you don’t be afraid to try a different thing make sure you’re safe
and keep on track and keep an eye out for the type of footing you’re on if
it’s hilly and grassy and slippery be careful make sure that you are riding in
appropriate fashion for the footing that you’re on and the level of riding that
you’re riding sometimes you can just put the rather than making jumps put poles
on the ground and just practice your pattern sophix
9 foot rails straight line 9 foot rails then just put the poles on the ground
and right over your poles or put the poles on a W shape 90 degrees to each
other and practice your pattern practicing with poles on the ground
first is just as good a technical way for you as the rider and trainer to get
in tune with your horse and understand what you need to do to get the horse
around those jumps can’t do it with just poles on the ground don’t move to your
jumps keep the jumps low practice practice
these patterns with low jumps before you put them up to higher job
my name is Laura and if you’d like to win more ribbons at index or show
improve your writing and training and generally like other horsey related
stuff remember to stay tuned because there’s lots of videos here that you can
watch thanks now bye

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