FurFuri Marathon | Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES | As seen on Nick
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FurFuri Marathon | Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES | As seen on Nick

August 21, 2019

Oh my god! I can run in the marathon but if I will start running the thief’s will start robbing people’s pockets. Then who will arrest them? Hey Chingam sir, even I can run in the marathon but my boxing gloves are torn. Brother, do you run with your hands? But I will have to go to buy new ones. I need the new boxing gloves by tomorrow or else how will I practice? Big brother, this is the matter of Furfurinagar’s reputation. Someone has to run in the marathon from Furfurinagar. If no one is interested then I myself will run for Furfurinagar. Hey Motu, you can’t run with your heavy stomach. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. I said that I am going to run, means I will run. Hey brother, if this sentence is said by Patlu or Chingam sir or me then it’s ok. But if you say such things then it feels like a road roller is talking to take part in a bike race. What are you all trying to say, that I can’t run? I will run and win too. Once I make a commitment then I don’t even listen to myself. Motu, haha!!! Haha!! Motu, in race? Haha!! Patlu, do I have horns on my head or a tail on my bum? Not at all. So do I have “antique” written on my face on which people are laughing? The real reason why people are laughing at you, is your fitness. They are thinking that how will Motu participate in Furfurinagar’s marathon with his huge stomach. This is a complete insult. I will take the revenge of this insult by proving myself. Come on, let’s go to Dr. Jhatka. Big brother, I want to lose weight, I want to run in the Furfurinagar’s marathon. Hey Motu, my friend, my brother, swear on my patients, you will lose weight. Come on, run on this treadmill for a year. One year! I don’t have that much time big brother. Ok I have increased the speed of this machine. Now run on it for one month. One Month!!! Even this is a long time big brother, decrease the time more. No, now neither can I increase the speed, nor can I decrease the time, yes. Who has time till a month? I will decrease the time to a day. Big Brother!! Stop it!! Help!! This machine is not stopping, somebody stop this. Motu, did you do something? Yes! I decreased the time from one month to one-day big brother. Motu!! Motu wait!! How should I stop Patlu? My legs are not in my control. Oh my god! Motu! Thank god you came, catch John, he has robbed a bank. Ok Chingam sir. Catch him!! Thief!! He is running away with my bag. Oh my god!! What is this? Thief makes noise, but why Motu is running away with the bag? Hey Motu! Stop in the name of law, stop, swear you on law. Instead of catching John the thief, you yourself is running away with the bag? What to do Chingam sir? My legs are not stopping, take your bag. Oh my god!! My leg!! Big brother, stop my legs. Now I can’t help you my friend, who told you to change the settings on the machine? Now the machine is set in you. I have no idea when it will stop. Go on running like this my brother. Wow! This air is amazing, now we don’t even need to spend money on electricity. Carry on Motu. Hey Patlu, do something. The race is tomorrow, what we will do there? Participate in the race, what else? But I am not able to stop. You don’t have to stop in the race, you have to run. But we need to stop at the starting line. Patlu, please do something. Don’t worry, I have an idea, but now let me sleep. Oh God!! Motu is in a hurry to run. Looks like Motu sir, has done a lot of practice in speed. Stop giving the speech, say action. Friends, brothers, sisters and audience. Leave the audience Mr. Mayor, my legs are not stopping. Please start the race right now. Ok, start the race. What’s wrong with him? How can he run so fast? Seems like, the fire is on his tale. Run!! Oh wow! This is amazing, my legs have stopped. Long live!! Oh my lord!! Motu has stopped before the finishing line, I guess his petrol is over. Hey Motu, what are you doing? Get up and run. Patlu, my legs are not working. I am not able to run. Hey Motu, my friend, my brother, you need to run now. I can’t run big brother. Motu, this is the matter of Furfuri nagar’s reputation. This is a matter of your own reputation. This is a matter of your friend’s reputation. But how should I run when my legs are not working? Now I can’t run on my head right. Come on, make it fast, I guess Motu is tired. Now this is a good chance for us. Motu, if your legs aren’t working, then run on your hands, but run. You need to win the race for Furfuri nagar’s pride. Ok, Patlu. Look, what is Motu made of? He is running on his hands. Long live!! With this, Motu sir has won the marathon race.

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  1. Haha police chigum think he can run faster than motu and he also thing he is the smart and powerful too

  2. You are not a very good idea for us and we will see you tomorrow morning at the vlogging camrea you are doing great

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